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  1. http://a3esseker.info/ Enjoy!
  2. I for one would welcome such an option......"Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side"
  3. Sounds neat.....i like the fact you get to play each faction over the course of the Campaign....downloading now!
  4. This project is a revelation.....outstanding work megagoth.....
  5.  EO

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Glad to see your "epiphany moment" has been rewarded...... Pilgrimage........a perfect utilisation of terrain, churches and chapels......'dobra robota'
  6. Looking forward to hearing the results...... Good Luck to everyone involved.....:bounce3:
  7.  EO

    will trackir be supported

    Agreed...and quite frankly surprised that it's not implemented yet......most BI games incorporate TrackIR and for a space exploration game such as this it should be a no-brainer. There are a fair few games that fail that final piece of the jigsaw without TrackIR. I hope TOM doesn't suffer the same fate......:pray:
  8. @friznit2, @ChronicleDude.......thanks for the intel guys.......i was deep in the woods.....you guys have lead me to the clearing!:)
  9. Hey there Alive guys.....when i run the Sabotage mission, i receive a message on mission start along the lines of "there are 116 objectives in this opcom instance...try lowering to 80 for performance reasons".......any idea what this means and how i go about lowering the objective count?:confused: Thanks.
  10. Hi Hazey, Not sure if this is a brain-fade moment on my part....but does the mission support JIP?
  11. No bug, ZEUS is integrated into the mission.
  12. Thanks for the release....sounds great.
  13. Can't live without TrackIR....this makes the experience so much more enjoyable.....thank you for your work:thumbsup:
  14.  EO

    Show Off The RV4 Engine!

    100% http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=391451954 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=307475714
  15.  EO

    (sp) Nuclear Sunset

    Added Armaholic mirror....Big thank you to.....Big!:)
  16.  EO

    [SP] Nuclear Dawn

    Hi folks, just updated the mission to support 2 player COOP. Enjoy:)
  17. Yeah sorry tpw, shoulda provided more info in my original post....Yes, changing classnames to the UGV's produces NO traffic, I think the fact the vehicles are autonomous is the problem.....those civvies just can't hitch a ride!!:)
  18. Hi tpw, i replaced the classnames in the civcarlist with the CSAT UGV'S classnames, I ran the script along with tpw_core script....but no luck.... Any suggestions as to why i ain't getting a result:confused:
  19. First and foremost SP for my own self-indulgence!....but i would like COOP(4 players) as an option. ---------- Post added at 06:56 ---------- Previous post was at 06:47 ---------- Patrolling yes, and spawn when player in, despawn with player out sounds good.
  20. Hi everyone, having had no luck so far with this......:confused: Is there a ambient vehicle mod/script that is configurable so i can populate the area surrounding the player with one vehicle type. TPW's mod seemed most likely, but it seems to only cater for civilian vehicles. What i'm trying to achieve is for only CSAT autonomous vehicles to spawn around the player. Once again, any help from you caring, sharing people would be awesome:)
  21.  EO

    [SP] Nuclear Dawn

    Updated first post with mirror for Armaholic. Big thanks to.....Big!:)
  22. Hi tpw, can the tpw_cars script be modified to spawn only CSAT autonomous vehicles?
  23. @JShock, Wow...and like magic..it works.. As i know little to zero about coding and scripting....results like this blow my mind...i'd really to learn all that good stuff rather than copy/paste others knowledge. Thanks again JShock:)
  24. I am playing around with an idea that uses the autonomous vehicles patrolling an area using markers and a simple patrol script.....so far so good... What i'd like to achieve using the vehicle respawn module is once the original vehicles have been destroyed, the respawn module kicks in and makes the respawned vehicles continue to patrol the designated area. Hope this makes sense, and if possible any help would be great:)
  25. I will certainly try that out....thanks again JShock:notworthy: ---------- Post added at 20:25 ---------- Previous post was at 18:35 ---------- @JShock, Here's what i've done so far: Using Kronsky's UPS http://kronzky.info/ups/ I placed an autonomous vehicle , placed a marker named "alpha", placed a vehicle respawn module, synced the module to the vehicle. When i preview in editor, vehicle starts it's patrol, when i destroy it, the respawned vehicle doesn't move, I want the respawned vehicle to continue patrolling. I tried your suggestion with no luck:(