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  1. I've decided to continue with the mod as a first project to gain experience, why not. ;)

    @antoineflemming yeah you're right. I've cleaned up the first post and have decided to leave the vanilla NVG's as they are as the GPNVG's will have a larger field of view as you say.

    The next step now is to start modeling. I will be documenting my progress here but as this is my first modification, it may take some time. As always all comments and feedback are appreciated as it will help me acquire the best and most realistic experience achievable in game.


    EDIT: in case anybody reading this is wondering, I will be using the images here http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1398836_TNVC_Reviews_the_L_3_GPNVG_18_Panoramic_NVG.html as my main reference.

  2. image.jpg

    Welcome to my first Arma 3 modification (my first altogether actually). I'm going to be creating the quad eye L-3 GPNVG-18's. The idea is that when the NVG's are turned on, your field of view will increase representing the quad eye pieces that cover a larger field of view than the standard NVG's.

    My intention is to use the same animation that the standard Arma 3 NVG's use when they are turned on and move into position.

    Here you can see a few mockup images I've put together using I games screens with photoshop, to get a look at what they might look like when used in game. For the first image I've increased the FOV in game by using the - key bind. The second image uses the standard FOV.

    The next step is to start modeling the NVG's, which I will be documenting my progress in this thread. All comments are appreciated as I will be taking on all the feedback I recieve to create the best and most realistic experience possible.

    Thank you for reading, Neus.

  3. I took a look at the other big wreck. This must be the one from the E3 showcase, it still has its stern. I wonder what kind of boat this is?

    @Liquidpinky Nice Idea, night diving is awesome. It´s a shame that the Underwatergun can´t attach flashlights...

    I'd rather have the flashlight on the head, as when your swimming you don't have your gun held up

  4. The very same wreck can be found Noth of the Fishing boat on 016/027, just a bit to the north (should be like 016/029), but it is tiltet on the side, and it still has got it's backside, unlike the one in your Video. So, it's a bit bigger.

    Just found this one, and it's a lot cooler than the other big one! it's dead centre of the grid 016/028 :)

  5. Okay thanks. I'm not actually sure if I've got the problem these guys are having, my GPU uses around 60% and my CPU stays around 35% (thats the problem. I think?). I have the AMD FX 6100. Would be nice to know if my rigs just not good enough, or if I've just got to wait for updates.


  6. I'm confused as to how CPU and arma work together, I have an AMD 6100 with '6 cores', I know not all 6 are used for the game as I've used afterburner, but why kid of percentages should I be looking for on each core/overall? Can somebody give me a brief rundown... Thanks.

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