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  1. Do the Users.txt file, and go to the link. That's how to create an account, I just haven't figured out how... Anyone?
  2. Yeah me too, I can only manage to use the cat command and read the .txt files in the ln /home/igor directory
  3. So how many have you have created accounts then? :p unfortunately I'm on the iPad and can't really do anything Actually just realized I can do it. Anyone care to give the commands?
  4. Have you guys ever considered background/ambient sound whilst transmitting over the radio? So gunfire/explosions going on in the background while someone's transmitting a message... Just a thought.
  5. Something that comes to mind when watching the gamescom demonstration is the diving showcase, where the player gets out of the water before silently taking out the enemy and taking his clothes. What the demo didn't show was the player submerging from the ocean and stepping onto land... They skipped to when the player was fully submerged. In A2 when you get near the shore your player freezes and a clunky/ugly animation brings him a few feet in front and onto land. What can we expect from A3? Will the transition of ocean to land/land to ocean be a lot smoother than before?
  6. It would look a bit funny if they did that penguin walk kind of thing for the animation though haha. Maybe the character lifts his knees and feet higher than usual, uses more stamina and is slightly slower?
  7. Was it TOH that the door opened when you got in/out of the helo?
  8. Do you think this information he's postings relevant to the alpha? Will we see these things that he's blogging about ect? Because he's posting real time, yet the game is set some time in the near future... Hmm
  9. Hmm I don't think so, the date reads 25th of February of the incident - yet he's been posting up until now..
  10. Wow I had a derp moment indeed. I was thinking GMT-2 obviously haha! @KeefehB so that's it then? Sounds good. We deffo need to go looking for that in the ocean!
  11. Probably is GMT+2 then... Hope it's something good!
  12. Sounds good. Any news on what it will be and where to find it?
  13. I hope this is true. I wonder what time zone? Altis time zone?
  14. @john I hope so! Anyway I've just thought, it must have been changed considering how much underwater operations have been emphasised @nomofica, in the diving showcase, Jay talks about how a helo flys above the water overhead and drops off enemy's... Now surely they wouldn't use a clunky animation for this. Hopefully using the ragdol/physics the player will fall into the water naturally and more fluid.
  15. I've just watched the f-18 mission from battlefield 3 again, and would really love something similar implemented to the laser and targeting system used in that. With the new addition of the cameras ect being added, I'm sure the community will come up with something.
  16. I suppose come Tuesday we will find out... I really don't mind the animation, just as long as its not as slow and clunky as A2. @covert I know what you mean. The worst is when you shoot someone as theyre getting out of a vehicle, and they get out fine but suddenly drop dead as soon as the anim ends...
  17. Yeah that's what I'm thinking, I'm interested to know whether it will be similar to the way Grand Theft Auto 4's worked, with the help of the new physics.
  18. Neus

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    I'm slightly confused, for recommended specs it states the Nvidia GeForce GTS 560? I thought the GTS series only went up to 460? Or do they mean the GTX 560?
  19. Hey guys. I'm interested in getting into the modification scene in preparation for A3, and for my first mod I've got an idea I want to work on. The idea is a simple cockpit enhancement mod, that involves player animations (initial idea is for the character to push buttons ect) but for now I just want to be able to do a simple wave left or right animation to wingmen. Is this possible though, for animations in aircraft / the static animation of the character in the sitting animation to be altered? The way I've thought about doing this is having three animations used, 1 - the static sitting down anim, 2 - left wave, 3 - right wave. The normal static anim would be played, however whenever the player presses the right/left wave bind, the static anim is switched with the correct wave anim, and then when that finishes the normal static and is played again. This of course is all in my head, and I have no educated way of approaching this as it will be my first mod... Any suggestions, comments or directions? Thank you for reading!