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  1. Neus

    Arma 3 Performance vs. Arma 2

    I've got the FX 6300 with the MSI N560GTX-Ti HAWK and can play fine on High - Very high settings
  2. Neus

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    It's been set as private for me not removed hmm
  3. Neus

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Seems the guy who mentioned this in another thread hasn't posted it here, new short video found through the ARG (sorry don't know who actually found this, apart from FibreGuy who mentioned it) http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=g6skEa17YAY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dg6skEa17YAY
  4. Neus

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    That image is sweet! Where did you find that!?
  5. Why not just post it here... The same people on that chat are the same people in this thread
  6. That must be what the win a copy of the game message might be about... And also if I'm correct didn't Jerry Hopper post something about getting into the alpha early through the ARG? EDIT: first link reads 'Alpha early access comp'
  7. Neus

    ARMA 3 - TrueSky Weather, Effects

    Yeah it would be nice to know if particle illuminations in then. Definitely not needed, but would be a sweet touch to aesthetics.
  8. Neus

    ARMA 3 - TrueSky Weather, Effects

    I can't wait! Another thing I'm interested in is the new lighting system they showed off in one of the demos where coloured lights illuminate surroundings, I hope this works the same way for the plane wings and collision lights ect... I think it would look so cool at night flying through the clouds with the lights lighting the end of the wing and also possibly a part of the cloud? Hmmm...
  9. Neus

    ARMA 3 - TrueSky Weather, Effects

    I really don't see a problem with the changing clouds, like Liquidpinky said its such a good feature to be able to fly above the clouds ect I really don't mind. Unless of course you want to show your friend that cloud that looks like a fish or something, but when you turn to show him its gone :p
  10. Neus

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Does overclocking the CPU really make a noticeable change in FPS for ArmA?
  11. Why do we have to sleep, why! Nice find guys. We're those all in the sub folders with more like SCRIPTS ect? EDIT: I can already see the mission where you have to capture a high value target who's on vacation, sitting on the sun lounger with a beer...
  12. Sweet. I take it that the incoming folder will keep filling up with images
  13. Sounds good to me. One last thing, the only file I can't seem to open or send is 1-scan1.txt Has anyone else had any luck?
  14. Is this the date that the alpha is set in then?
  15. Don't know if this is anything new, but in M-26_check_data.txt the date reads 24/05/2035_1835
  16. Nice find! Care to share? That 220m where the cursor is, is that altitude or distance from player.. @Thromp ahhh I've got it now, thanks man
  17. Hmm. What's .htaccess? But when did those 'few weeks start'? That message could have been there for a while now, unless it takes action from the first public image of it? Who knows...
  18. Yeah. rifle guide doesn't seem to send when it actually gives me the OK. Anyone else?
  19. Just like to say thank you to everyone who's helped with this! Too bad I suck at this kind of thing, but its interesting seeing whats at the next stage... and the way they've put this together is pretty damn amazing.
  20. Their profits are going to be through the roof with the amount of mojito-melteme's being ordered...
  21. pThanks man. I'm doing this off an iPad and its being such a bitch, it try's to autocorrect everything and will uppercase at the start of everything lol... Thanks! Guess we ave to meet him at the restaurant.
  22. Can you guide me to do this? I can't even read that one message in my inbox I don't know the command EDIT: know how to send, just not read. Also we can't send the guide.pdf or other PDF because the folder directory can't be accessed
  23. I have a feeling somebody's already beaten us to this. In the ls directory there is a file called s_map.jpg Stratis map? Wasn't that leaked a few days ago? We just need to open those PDFs now so we know what to do. EDIT: seems like I was right ^
  24. I figured that, it relates to the inbox message of creating a new account. Just don't know how.p Edit: how do you open another directory to view files?