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  1. I would love to see jellyfish though! 'You can find seven different underwater animals in the alpha right now.' Kind of sounds like there are more just not in the alpha (I hope so) PS. I'm a fan of your videos richie, keep them up! ---------- Post added at 15:34 ---------- Previous post was at 15:33 ---------- Thanks Evenor :D
  2. Sounds pretty sweet, any chance of a grid ref?
  3. So I've just set up all my sensors and loaded into the editor to get some results AMD FX 6100 MSI N560-GTXti Hawk 8gb ram The game recommends a mix of very high/high but I did this test on high settings. Here's the results GPU usage: %56 Core 1: 72% Core 2: 42% Core 3: 69% Core 4: 58% FPS: 15-35 (goes down badly when I move around, introduce AI) Is this low optimization or just my settings? I did view distance around 1.5k
  4. What does maxframesahead do?
  5. I'm also having the same problems... Surprisingly AMD FX 6100 at stock (stock cooler, can't OC) MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk (supposed to be 'super overclocked' lol) 8gb ripjaws I've got a question, if I have 6 cores can I dedicate all 6 to arma in the steam launch options, or only 4 allowing the other 2 for other things? EDIT: also how do I check my CPU core usage using Afterburner? I can only see the GPU usage settings...
  6. Yeah that's what I'm hoping for ;) I've just noticed the Alpha SITREP thread that's stickied, it mentions in there that they will post about 'content additions' and other things, so I guess that's pretty much the answer I wanted!
  7. I've been thinking, will more content be added throughout the alpha and all the way up to the final game, or will it be added at each stage? (beta and full game) Don't get me wrong, it's amazing what we've got to play with now - but can we expect a plane, another weapon or any other kind of asset anytime soon?
  8. Tell me something I don't know.. 'What there is at the time to try' so what about the other features and assets that they do eventually finish and need testing, do they add them into the alpha or wait until the beta/full game? That was the question. @MissionCreep Yeah I've seen some if the stuff that's been created which is great, but I'm more interested in the official stuff tbh EDIT: @ProfTournesol ahh thanks man
  9. Any update on that mission Jerry?
  10. Neus

    low FPS in multiplayer

    I have the exact same specs as you there man... I'm managing to play on high but with a few FPS drops every now and then (when I turn around, and in helos) Have you guys with 6 cores changed the CPU count in steam and had any better results?
  11. Ahh thanks for the update jerry. Interested to see this!
  12. When I first got into the game I went straight for the editor so I could sort out my vid settings and get a good stable FPS. I noticed that in the vid settings there is an auto detect system where presumably the engine detects your settings and selects the settings that should support your rig. Well, I did this and it recommended very high. But I get reallllly bad FPS, so I've had to lower that to high. And I still don't get a stable 30 FPS everywhere... Now I know its alpha before you say. But has anyone else had this issue, or is it just me?
  13. So has anyone managed to find this guy at the lighthouse restaurant? I can't seem to find it/him :(
  14. And I think high looks good, I can't imagine what ultra looks like! Thanks for the reply anyway, it kinda sucks but hey no. I'll report it
  15. Nice one man! Enjoy it
  16. Neus

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Just watched that before coming onto the forums. I wish they would have panned a little slower over the landscapes :( but still a great video anyway.
  17. Neus

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    I don't know about you guys, but I love the look of the doors... (Yes that's right) I really like the way that they open so smoothly and you don't have to walk around looking for the interaction position! Now we can do smooth and fast building breaches properly ;)
  18. Neus

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    I don't know how to put this in a suitable way but, I think my balls just dropped for the second time, along with my jaw.
  19. Well yeah if you change your local time it's going to change... Because the game comes out at different times depending on your time zone... So it figures it out based on your time zone
  20. Neus

    Altis and Stratis

    It was the only one out of the few that I used that could fit down the road :p But yeah I love flying that thing.
  21. Neus

    Altis and Stratis

    @Iroquois Pliskin There pretty cool vids man. I love landing the L-39 on the narrow road that goes through Shapur
  22. Check my post above ^^ It should be released 13:00 GMT (If I'm correct)
  23. Spotted by knecht-ruprecht - Alpha release countdown! https://store.bistudio.com/ 21 Hours 40 mins as of now
  24. It would be nice to have the F-35 (if I'm correct) that's seen in a few screenshots in the alpha.
  25. Neus

    Development Blog & Reveals

    And just imagine it with sound too... I've witnessed it