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    sql errors

    I've experienced the same issue with several topics, and (as far as I can see) it's releated to TAGS which are added to a topic!!! Although I can't debug the error messages (since it only shows the SQL query), I guess the table is corrupted or even gone.
  2. I really the idea of this mod, and although I wouldn't implement it as a cinema tool (I prefer milsim over RPG), I do think I'll be able to find other usages for it (introduction videos, training videos, scaring people during mission when suddenly a TV starts playing :P) I do have an idea to "solve" the loading issue: add a short loop video in the addon which will be played while everyone is loading (or multiple). eg. (just loop it for 3-5 seconds) Or add some fake commercials in a short video, like at the cinema ;) This way people will know it's loading, without being bored (they still see and hear something). Of course, using a static image as a placeholder would also help a lot (eg. "please wait while we find the tapes") Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the release!
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    I'm well aware of this, and I also remember the different versions which were available in A2. So that's why it's a feature request for on the back log ;) I don't need it right now, but would be nice to see it in the future when they have some spare time.
  4. Grezvany13

    Tanoa Lite - a possibility or a total No-Go?

    Although I will buy Apex, I do think that a lite version might be good for 1) not splitting the community We all know that the ARMA community is already segmented, which both is a curse and a blessing. Just look at the amount of players who play any of the zombie mods, RPG Life, milsim servers, etc. Adding another split in these groups, will only make sure that servers die out, and less people will play. Having a lite version of the Apex content (which allows people to at least SEE and play the content), will make sure that people won't be left behind if they don't want to, or simply can't buy the Apex expansion. This will keep the community closer together and less segmented. 2) more content Not only the "rich kids" make content for ARMA, and not allowing people to use maps and "hardware" in their missions and addons, means less content overall. 3) potential buyers get more teasing For all the people who don't want to buy the expansion, but are drawn in missions/server which require Apex, will be "stuck" with lower grahics, not useable content and annoying pop-ups (just like A2:CO ACR Lite, and the A3 DLC's). And this will tease them into buying the expansion, since the know there's good content (and for a bit of money with good graphics and all features). And don't tell me it's "technically not possible", because it is... The assets already contain multiple resolutions (and a free addon can have even lower ones), and the current DLC's already have all the mechanics in place to lock out players and spam them with pop-ups. Wouldn't you want to test drive a Ferrari before buying it, even when it has the wrong colour, missing leather interior and the V6 instead of the V8? The game remains the same, the gameplay remains the same, no one will notice except you, and in the end; it's still a $#*$& Ferrari!!! Uh... I meant ARMA.
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    Great to see that the almighty UH-60M Black Hawk will make it's return in ARMA3!!! One "minor" feature request (for the backlog of course): I would love to see the HH-60M Black Hawk, which is the medical version of the UH-60M. Simply a rename and a red cross on the side would already make it "medical", but having some medical equipment hanging on the back wall and the option to have 2 stretchers in the back would be fantastic. eg. And yes I know, I've watched Inside Combat Rescue way too many times ;)
  6. After following the project for some time, watching the videos with open mouth and hearing amazing things from closed beta testers (a shame I'm not one ;)), I do have a couple of questions about ALiVE: - I noticed the main focus was on multiplayer, due the persistance database and the great online tool for statistics. However is it also possible to create small COOP missions or even singleplayer missions with ALiVE? - Currently there are some great modules available, as far as I could see and hear, and I'm sure more will follow; is there already a list of confirmed list of modules we'll be able to use when it's released and even after? - How are these modules set up, and is it possible to create our own "addons"? Since I have some ideas which might be usefull for mission builders ;) - Will there be extensive documentation or even an API available for programmers both for game coding and online coding, like a PHP Developer myself? - I'm sure you'll say "When it's ready" ;) But can you give an indication of when we can expect an open beta or more? Last question; at the ALiVE website, some guys are beast when it comes to the amount of hours playing... Do you guys ever work? :P
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    ArmA 3: E-sport ready?

    I would like to start a discussion about ArmA 3 and e-sports (professional gaming), and how ArmA 3 might be able to become the next title which is played at LAN's and competitions. The reason of this post is that I had a great discussion within the clan I play at (Double Dutch Clan, Dutch multi-gaming clan with 650+ active members) and the E-sport sister Double Dutch Dragons. We discussed about different games and how they fit e-sports, and of course about the ArmA series. Especially after DayZ and the upcoming ArmA 3 this game got it's attention by a lot of players who normally play Call of Duty, Battlefield and other e-sport shooters. However, for some reason we all knew that, based on our experience with ArmA 2, that ArmA isn't really a game for competitive gaming; or are we wrong? The new ArmA 3 seems to become more "arcade" then before, but in a good way. Even though we still need 3 keyboards to have enough buttons for every single option and requires days of training to understand the basic machanics of the engine, it becomes easier to learn and it all starts to make sense, without having to worry about breaking your legs while crawling through a doorway. The new stance system, the better net-code and of course the power of community modding and mission making should make it possible to create a game which can be played by both milsim communities, but also e-sport groups! So, to start the discussion, I would like to know from you: - do you think ArmA 3 can be used for e-sports? - if not, how can both BIS and the community make it e-sports ready? - do you think you would play ArmA 3 as a competitive game? - would you watch live-streams / recordings of e-sport matches?
  8. Grezvany13

    ArmA 3: E-sport ready?

    I don't agree that hardware and settings are giving an advantage or disadvantage. I've seen a lot of players who want different hardware and settings because that's what they like to use. Some players would like to have their mouse DPI as high as possible (eg 6400 DPI) while others play at lower settings (eg 2000 DPI). Different people require different variables to be the best. Ofcourse, two equal players (or like you said clones) do require the exact same settings to be 100% fair; however no single person is the same, so everyone requires different settings. And gamers who really play at the higher levels, already have the right hardware and settings for their own advantages. I totally agree with the fact that the community needs to work out a "standard" for competitive gameplay, like rule sets (different gamemodes) and a mission framework or even addon. This shouldn't be too hard to do since everything already exists, but needs to be tested (a lot).
  9. Grezvany13

    ArmA 3: E-sport ready?

    Currently most vehicles are balanced throughout the factions, however I agree with you that infantery based matches would be more logical. I do think that a 4 vs 4 to 10 vs 10 would be the perfect setting, where as 16 vs 16 (or larger) would become too large for fast paced action (and even then it's slow compared to CoD and CS). Of course; e-sports is a very high step, especially from it's current state, but competitive gameplay shouldn't become a problem without many modifications. I never said ArmA should change gameplay just so it can be competitive; I only asked how either BIS or the community could create addons to make it more usable for competitive gameplay (eg scoreboard system, spectator slots, etc.) and creation of PVP/TVT missions which are balanced enough to make it fair for both teams. And the fact that you don't like watching other people playing computer games, doesn't mean others don't like it either... The fact that everything is possible with ArmA by mods and missions give me/us the idea to make it more competitive and even at e-sport level. I've been playing the OFP/ArmA series from the beginning, however I also play other games which I do use as a reference. As I already explained; the e-sport scene (at least in west Europe) is getting bored of fast-paced arcade shooters and is looking for a more tactical game, which ArmA is. The fact that it's not a mainstream game (with killstreaks and instant revives) makes it even more interesting for a lot of players. In the end; nothing about ArmA or it's gameplay needs to be modified, otherwise it wouldn't be the same game. However I do think that it's possible, with just a couple of additions (non-gameplay related) it would be a great game for competitive gaming and even e-sports. One of the maps which I played since the Alpha launch is a TDM at Agia Marina, made by Sacha Ligthart http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/tdnl_dm40_agia_marina_carnage_1_4.jpg (506 kB) It's small enough for fast-paced action, but still large enough to meet the "ArmA standard" of mid-range combat. And depending on the assets available the battleground could be larger or smaller.
  10. Grezvany13

    ArmA 3: E-sport ready?

    I think this is because of the terrible support of the developers (BF3 doesn't even have a battlerecorder...), and the missing marketing within Europe. If I look at South Korea, Japan and China, e-sports is a billion dollar/euro/pound business. In Europe, and a little better in the US, e-sports is considered "bad" because people don't understand it. For me; playing games for a profession (= making enough money for a living) is just like playing soccer or poker. It takes training and skill to do it, so why not getting rewarded for it. If you're too bad to play at that level, it doesn't mean you don't like watching it ;) I do agree that the gameplay should never be changed, since that's the core of the ArmA series; however I do think that adding features (like a battlerecorder or spectator mode) could help a lot. I'm aware of these tournaments, however a 3 hour game is not really doable at a 48-hour LAN-party (where you also need to sleep, eat and relax). To have a "real" competition usable for e-sports each match should take 30 minutes or less, be PVP/TVT and every map/gamemode should be 100% balanced. There are already some good PVP/TVT maps available, but at ArmA 2 I never felt it was ready for PVP/TVT. With ArmA 3 this is becoming better and better, so I hope that missionmakers will create more missions to support it. However, just like I said earlier, a battlerecorder or spectator mode would be great to monitor and/or record matches for competitive matches. I think the word arcade isn't the correct one, since it's getting more realistic at every patch. But the fact that it gets easier to learn and play, even when more features are available (eg 9 different stances, but only requires 1 key) does mean that BIS has been thinking about new players. This also means that it's faster (as in fluid and responsive) and by the end of the beta I hope we can expect real CQB without all the problems like in ArmA 2, where you couldn't walk sideways through a door opening or had to jump over a 15cm high log. And I agree that currently all e-sport games are very arcade-like, but I also know that the e-sport scene (at least in west Europe) would love to see a more serious game like ArmA. Less Run&Gun and more tactical. Any reason why you think that? To be honest; all of your points are also problems in current e-sport titles, so I don't see how this only effects ArmA. The fact that ArmA is different from arcade shooters (since a real milsim wouldn't be usable) also makes it more interesting. The fact that (team)tactics are more important then individual skills, and luck is almost nihil makes it perfect for e-sports. I do agree that ArmA is a lot slower, but that's why it's a game which would make a perfect candidate; most games are too fast. This is one of the changes that are needed to make it fully e-sports ready; either a battlerecorder or a spectator mode (which in some way is possible already) should be added. But for example Battlefield 3 don't have these, and it's still an e-sports title. Streaming will always be possible, just look at the amount of YT video's of ArmA 2, DayZ and other populair mods, and those are being watched thousands of times even though it's from a single persons perspective.
  11. Grezvany13

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Those variables should be placed at the vehicle configuration (inside the mod itself), so no wonder it doesn't work ;) You might try to use setVariable, but I'll have to test that myself too.
  12. Grezvany13

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Well, if it's possible with ACE it should be possible with vanilla ;) The script which is executed by ACE is: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/ace-mod2/repository/revisions/6cbdd43f954fb43ae0ade45d3d3a64c4a991ab3a/entry/Addons/sys_eject/jumpout.sqf It has some ACE and CBA specific functions and variables, but shouldn't be too hard to translate it to vanilla code. However, since I always use ACE (and suggest everyone does the same ;)) I prefer the ACE implementation over a "might break other scripts" version.
  13. Grezvany13

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Both features can be added easily: // enable the "jump out left/right" action ace_sys_eject_side = 1; // 1 = enable, 0 = disable (default) // enable sling rope ACE_canLift = 1; ACE_GeoLifterAttachment[] = {{0,0,0}}; // attachment position(s) ACE_MaxLoad = 5886; ACE_Weight = 5224; /* example from UH60M_EP1 */ Please note that both require ACE to work, however doesn't break if ACE is not activated. BTW just to say that I love these choppers! Keep up the good work, I can't wait for an update ;)
  14. See http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction to add items at the scroll menu.
  15. Grezvany13

    pramameter help

    In you init.sqf you'll the following: if (paramsArray select 0 == 1) then { _null = [] execVM "taw_vd\init.sqf"; }; // VDistance if (paramsArray select 1 == 1) then { _null = [] execVM "scripts\pilotCheck.sqf"; }; // PilotsOnly if (paramsArray select 2 == 1) then { _null = [] execVm "scripts\grenadeStop.sqf"; }; // SpawnProtection All the parameters are available from the paramsArray array and are in the same order as defined in description.ext (starting with 0)
  16. If you use ACE you can use the following line to knock out an (AI) unit: [ _unit , 9999 ] call ace_blackOutAll; // 9999 seconds blackout, needs EPI to revive Ofcourse you should also damage the unit. The rest; take a look at Patrol Ops, since it already has a method of creating dynamic tasks which can be adapted quite easily. And instead of using the MEDEVAC chopper, just take a regular Knighthawk / Blackhawk.
  17. Actually it's very simple ;) - Create your dialog as usual - make sure the viewarea is a RscPicture with: text = "#(argb,256,256,1)r2t(rendertarget0,1.0);" - handle the PiP feed and send it to the display - result: feed in display :D Some reading about the subject: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?129961-Render-to-Texture-Examples/page3 (from TOH forums, but applies to ArmA3 too)
  18. I guess "best practice" would be to use the standard format, with your own tag BEFORE. eg. TAG_U_B_CombarUniform_mcam This way you never have to worry about duplicate entries, unless someone else uses the same tag as you. And you can easily reconize custom items simply by the prefix.
  19. Grezvany13

    .ogv video ingame.

    An (working) example can be found here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19289 And I tried it myself and it works (simple 10 second video). I guess it might be related to the codecs you used for the video (both video and audio codec), so you might try to play with those.
  20. I'm afraid I have the same problem... - Created the GUI with the in-game GUIeditor - exported it to a .hpp file and created a class around it - included common definitions at description.ext (even included A3 core definitions) - executed ' _ok = createDialog "my_dialog"; ' at init.sqf - recieve "resource my_dialog not found" Nothing additional is added (like scripts or images), so either the generated scripts are incorrect or I did something wrong... (I guess the latter)
  21. One suggestion: create 3 presets which can be used, and the option to switch the presets. 1) default 2) left 3) right This way you can use the most optimal version, no matter your current location, surroundings and stance.
  22. Grezvany13

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    About the VA person/group; Could this be Alex Vestin? (from http://altis-quest.com/?p=62) He posted a comment with: He also has an avatar with 2 choppers: http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/7a656ff88fa3e9a9142ebd1551b08e54?s=500 So he might be a chopper pilot and recieves intel about the target... It's a longshot, but might be in the correct direction.
  23. Grezvany13

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    "Andartiko" is the name of the Greek resistance during WWII. However it was destroyed after the war by the English army and Greek goverment. source: http://libcom.org/history/articles/greece-resistance-andartiko-1941
  24. Grezvany13

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.