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    Mandatory Tutorial

    As a PC player, and playing Arma for over 15 years, it's not something new and definitely not console specific. And although I'm all up for some mandatary training in-game (like America's Army has/had), I don't think it's something that should be in the Arma series. Arma is more of a framework to play it the way you want, instead of forcing people into a specific way of playing. And Reforger is no exception. Looking at the different types of gamemodes for Arma 3, from serious milsim all up to roleplaying, there's a large amount of players who just want to jump on a server and play the game (KOTH is a good example). While communities (especially the more serious ones) have their own training sessions, Arma itself should just offer the basics so people can understand the game as a whole. The current Tutorial might be a bit lacking, but it's basically a simple WASD introduction and getting to know the basic features of the game. Nothing more than any other game out there. Should Reforger (and especially Arma 4) have a more detailed training course? Yes, I do think so. But it should not be mandatory. At least not for playing on public server or private servers where the admins don't really mind/care about the skillset of their playerbase. Communities can have their own rules, training and requirements; and that is still possible.
  2. Grezvany13

    Personnel Management System

    Based on my knowledge with such systems is that it will most sense when done web-based. Reason is that it will be easier to members to signup and check their own data, while leadership can manage everything included in the application. To make this easy; simply make a simple mod which tracks members on the server(s) and uses a database connection (Intercept, ExtDB3, etc.) to read/write data. How you handle the data and what you do with the data, is up to you. The benefit of web-based is that it's also easier to connect to Discord, TeamSpeak and other applications which have API's available. There are several larger communities which already have a tool like this and some are very successful with it.
  3. Grezvany13

    [BETA] Arma COMREF - Offline Wiki

    Still glitchy, but I blame the wiki contributors for that 🤣😘 And Soon™️ there will be more content available (which doesn't even exist on the wiki)
  4. Grezvany13

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    I don't think it's technically possible to add flipper models to the feet of a "random" unit and work perfectly in multiplayer. So it would require the models present in the unit model and a special config entry to show/hide them.
  5. Hello ACRE Team and ACRE users, I'm the (new) developer of the ILBE Assault Pack - Rewrite mod which currently is for TFAR only. However I'm working on full ACRE2 integration to ensure that also ACRE players can make use of this mod. At the moment I have a WIP version available where the ACRE antenna is changed by script (to modify its behavior) and the SATCOM antenna works exactly the same as the Spike Mast (through GSA scripts). Unfortunately the documentation for creating custom antenna's is rather limited and for 4NEC2 too technical (for a non-radio freak). But I'm aware that it's a work in progress and more information will be published soon™. I know that a lot of users already requested a working ACRE version of these backpacks, so let me ask back a question: If someone has the knowledge, time and will to help me out with this, I'll be forever grateful 😄
  6. ILBE Assault Pack - Rewrite This mod is a rewrite of the ILBE Assault Pack (TFAR) mod made by Raspu. With permission from Raspu I have rewritten several parts of the scripts and configs to make it fully working again. Major Changes Removed ACE 3 dependency Compatibility with both TFAR 0.9.x and 1.0.x Fixed several issues with SATCOM Installation Simply download the mod from the Steam Workshop, enable the mod in the Arma 3 Launcher under the "Mods" tab, and start playing! Requirements Required Mods CBA TFAR 0.9.x or TFAR 1.0.x BETA Optional Mods ACE 3 Contents MARPAT Woodland, Desert, Coyote and Ranger Green camouflage. Alpine, Arid, Black, MCT, MC, OCP and WD camouflage patterns by Bacon. 3 different antennas with different ranges (only for TFAR so far). Antennas can be interchanged with ACE Interaction system, or with Action Menu (scroll wheel) when ACE is not loaded. The different antennas give different ranges, and extending the Whip Antenna increases its range as well. Placeable RF-3080 sat antenna with ACE Interaction system, or with Action Menu (scroll wheel) when ACE is not loaded. If the player is near the RF-3080 antenna, the player has 4 times the TX/RX range (only for TFAR so far). Contributors Grezvany13: Main developer of the Rewrite version (configs and scripts) Raspu: Created the initial ILBE Assault Pack mod (models, textures and scripts) Bacon: Created additional textures for the ILBE AP (which are added in this mod with his permission) Bugs Known Bugs See Issues Known Issues Mods which extended on the original mod (like re-textures) are NOT compatible anymore. Item names are too long for the TFAR Hint UI in several cases Contributing Found a bug, have a great idea for a new feature, or want to help working on this mod; then come over to the GitHub repository. You can also join the Discord server for questions and feedback. If you have content available (like re-textures), and would like to have them included; simply join the Discord server and tell/show us what you have! Licenses Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) This mod contains models, textures and scripts by Raspu which are released under (APL-SA). It is ALLOWED to make a mod which extends this one (re-textures, config changes, etc.) It is NOT ALLOWED to re-upload this mod in parts or as a whole It is NOT ALLOWED to repack this mod in parts or as a whole It is NOT ALLOWED to use this mod on a monetized server
  7. I've been working on an ACRE2 version of this mod and it seems to work as it should (it actually changes the ACRE antenna), however due to limited knowledge about ACRE it uses the default configurations. Not to mention that I currently don't play with ACRE, so I can't test if the radios (with modified signals) actually work... Current "issues": - only works with the PRC117F - currently uses default antenna configs - SATCOM is working, but behaves like the spike Mast (so place, pickup and connect) - extended whip antenna is not working yet (backpack antenna does change, but not the ACRE antenna) - ... is untested with multiple people, so no idea if it actually works or changes anything I've posted the source on GitHub (https://github.com/Grezvany13/ILBE-Assault-Pack-Rewrite/tree/master-acre2) in case someone wants to take a look at it and provide changes/fixes (since some things are still WIP). Especially if you have knowledge about creating antenna configs (with 4NEC2) it would be a great help! When you have a community who uses ACRE and want to test it, feel free to contact me over Discord.
  8. Small update - Fixed an issue where no animation would be played while extending/retracting or changing an antenna.
  9. Small update - Added several new camo patterns (Alpine, Arid, Black, MCT, MC, OCP and WD) by Bacon
  10. I can (and most likely will) add the backpack without an antenna attached to the Arsenal, however since I can't modify the models it's not possible to remove the antenna connector from it (which sticks out on the top). Since I can't modify the models it's not possible for me to remove the antenna. Perhaps someone else made an ILBE backpack without antenna's which is available on the workshop. For ACRE2 the backpacks won't have an radio in them by default (since you'll need to add one yourself), and therefor the cargo size will be bigger, but the models will remain the same.
  11. Well, you can't magically make a SATCOM appear out of thin air 😉 At the moment I've set up the backpacks to be all available in Arsenal (except for the backpack without an antenna), and all antenna's are available as well. Just keep in mind that if have the Whip variant, you won't need another whip antenna in your inventory.
  12. The SATCOM is now also placed under "Equipment" (because it is), and should automatically show up there the moment you have a SATCOM in your inventory.
  13. I've created a GitHub Repository for people who would like to contribute on this mod, and for those who want to report bugs or request a feature. https://github.com/Grezvany13/ILBE-Assault-Pack-Rewrite
  14. 1. Transmit and Receive. Tx/Rx are common abbreviation in telecommunications. 2. At the moment all radios will get the 4x boost, although I might redo that so that only connected radios are affected (and handhelds can't connect to this system). link: thanks for spotting! I've changed it both here and on the Workshop. The current ACRE2 version only consists out of empty backpacks with antennas on top, but without any function. Which means that the antennas and SATCOM won't change the range of the used radios. This is however something I'm looking into. Although, if this isn't a main issue for ACRE2 users, I can add backpacks which simply have more space in them so that the backpack radios can fit in them (and more items) till I figured out how to script them correctly.
  15. Grezvany13

    The ACU Project

    Technically ID 2 is for the jacket, but it seems that the model config is incorrect, since also changing it with a custom config entry doesn't show any changes. This is done with: hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = { "#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,1,co)", // red shirt/pants "Camo1" 0 "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,1,0,1,co)", // green boots "Camo2" 1 "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,1,1,co)", // blue jacket "Camo3" 2 "#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,1,0,1,co)", // yellow rank "clan_sign" 3 "#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,0,1,1,co)", // fuchsia "clan" 4 "#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,0.5,0,1,co)" // orange "insignia" 5 }; It also seems that the clan image is not available. PS. Great work on this uniform, it looks amazing! It would be nice if we would be allowed to create (and publish) re-textures, since for some communities it became standard to use the Steam Workshop (even for custom mods). And even better if we would be able to modify more parts of the uniform, like name (right chest) and department (left chest) through hiddenSelectionTextures.
  16. Grezvany13

    Zeus stories thread

    I once played a mission which was part of a larger campaign (multiple sessions) where the objective was to gain trust and support from the locals. The objectives were simple; go to several villages and talk to the local leader, ask if they need something (supplies, help against the bad guys, etc.), and try to resolve their issues. One of the sub-objectives was to free some prisoners and return them to their home village. However, and even though our ROE was "only fire when fired upon", we killed one of the captives which managed to escape, grabbed a weapon and tried to shoot the bad guys as well. When we returned to the village with the remaining prisoners (and the dead body) we got negative rep from the local leader, but we remained neutral. A few missions later we got the objective to resolve a hostage situation; turned out that the brother of the dead prisoner went rogue and tried to "convince" others to group against us. To me, and the others participating in the missions/campaign, this was amazing. Being a good Zeus doesn't only mean you run a balanced game, but using a good story behind your objectives is way more important. The best description I ever heard about being a good Zeus is being like a Dungeon Master in a D&D game; "the game organizer and participant in charge of creating the details and challenges of a given adventure, while maintaining a realistic continuity of events."
  17. Grezvany13

    Unable to return to Zeus. Switch unit failing.

    Looking at the code of Achilles I can see that the module SHOULD place you back to the original unit after the current unit dies. However, and this is something which can be tested, it seems to only do so if the damage is applied to the head, body or "overall" (and not arms and legs), and only if it's fatal at that point. see: https://github.com/ArmaAchilles/Achilles/blob/master/%40AresModAchillesExpansion/addons/functions_f_achilles/functions/selectUnit/fn_switchUnit_start.sqf#L68-L83 I guess the EH should be set on "Killed" instead.
  18. As for the revive... this is just a single setting which you should be to find on the Wiki... The respawn rules are a bit more complicated and will require a custom RespawnTemplate. No idea how to script this, but I'm sure you'll be able to find some pointers in the core functions.
  19. Grezvany13

    Loading mods on server

    Actually there's a very simple method for that, without worrying of kicking people or requiring everyone to have the mod(s) installed. If the server only has the keys available, and not the mod itself enabled (so it's not in the startup parameters), then the mod is allowed to be used but not required. Although according to the mod page: This means that if you also want the mod to run on the server, ALL players are required to run the mod locally (not only admins).
  20. Grezvany13

    Loading mods on server

    No, unfortunately that's not possible with ArmA, even though a lot of people would like to see this (either download directly, or have a quick-link to Steam Workshop). Although, since it's an admin tool, it shouldn't be too hard to require admins to either subscribe for it on Steam. And if they don't, then the tool is not available to them (if it's an server-only mod).
  21. There are 3 different methods which I use to develop/test functions: 1) 4-Re method: Rewrite, Recompile, Restart, Retest. Although this is the slowest of all, it does ensure that your changes are 100% working in combination with other script, and is required if you made changes to multiple files and configs. 2) Test Mission: for relative small functions I use a simple test mission in which I can add the function/script and simply restart it in Eden without the need of recompiling my mod/addon and restarting the full game. 3) Console: for very simple scripts I simply copy&paste the code in the console (available when in-game (in Eden) and you press ESC) to see if it returns any errors and if the response is expected. It usually does require some modifications before/after testing with this, but at least you'll know the basic script is working.
  22. Grezvany13


    It's a know issue related to other mods with qoutes in their name, A fix is already issued and will be available in v0.0.6 see: https://github.com/oOKexOo/AresModAchillesExpansion/issues/43
  23. Grezvany13


    It seems that it will add a dependency of "achilles_data_f_achilles" when you add any of the H-Barriers or Sandbags (non-Tanoa) to your mission... See the full list in this config file data_f_achilles/config.cpp to see the items which are affected. I've created a support ticket regarding this, and will probably be fixed with the next version of Achilles. Until then there are only 2 possible workarounds: 1) Don't enable AresAchilles when you work on a (new) mission in Eden. 2) Remove the dependency from the .sqm file before using in a game session or submitting it to the server.
  24. Grezvany13


    Since it's not a bad idea to have the PATH option and it won't break anything (as far as I know), did I create a pull request for v0.0.6 So it might take some time before it's available, but at least you'll know it will be there in the (near) future :) see: https://github.com/oOKexOo/AresModAchillesExpansion/pull/46
  25. Grezvany13


    This is something out of scope for AresAchilles and is a (missing) feature of TFAR and/or ACRE. I did notice a feature in TFAR which should solve this (by attaching radio to the curator camera), but it doesn't seem to be by default. Dismounting is attached to 'V' by default in v0.0.5, however it can now be changed: https://github.com/oOKexOo/AresModAchillesExpansion/wiki/Key-Assignements