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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think its more of a AI problem than a problem with RHS.
  2. I was wondering if you could reskin the M99 vests in olive and black.
  3. Tonoan Rebel marksman with custom spray painted FN FAL shoots and kills a belgium paratrooper Mods: NIArsenal,Apex,FoxFrot camo pack,Bloodlust.
  4. Just a curious question after every thing is ported will you guy work on improving the quality of the textures or leave it as is ?
  5. B_Fox

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey awesome mod good work, I was wondering if you guys could consider adding older tanks like the T-64,T-55 and T-62 for GREF factions?
  6. B_Fox

    Funny & interesting videos

    Shooting to kill - how many men can do this? Lindybeige
  7. B_Fox

    Funny & interesting videos

    Afghan: The Soviet Experience (1989) Documentary on the Soviet-Afghan War
  8. B_Fox

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    I'll probably wait to see the reaction of the community before buying another ArmA game. But what about ArmA 2 if people don't like ArmA 3 or the direction ArmA is going why not just which back to ArmA 2 ?
  9. I'd like to see a Iraq-Iran war mod.