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  1. That is the debug, you can disable it through the configure addons menu in game or in the userconfig file.
  2. B_Fox

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I'd like to see the reintroduction of Arma 2 modules such as: Ambient Animals Ambient Civilian Vehicles Ambient Civilians Town Generation Also the inclusion of female civilians New AI system with which can be switched off or on with in game modules. AI morale system: AI morale should affect how hard they fight, do they flee easily or die hard, if their weapons run dry do they run or surrender or save that one grenade for a fake surrender. Does the sight of a death of the squad leader cause them to panic and flee or take a morale hit but stand firm or the surrender of one cause a domino effect of the squad. I think all this will be a positive addition to gameplay especially SP people like myself. Again this cannot be stressed enough combined arms AI. AI which seek to work together not separate from each and should use all available weapons (e.g. rocket launchers, grenade launchers, grenades, HE tank shells, CAS, Bomb runs etc) before sacrificing themselves unless they are fanatics (which should fall under morale) and other AI improvements which the community has been begging for.
  3. More skins for RHS vehicles.
  4. B_Fox

    ChDKZ reArmed

    Just stumble on this mod on armaholic and I have to say it looks really nice.
  5. Mr @stburr91 I don't feel so good
  6. A lot of screenshots imo boils down to taste, what someone finds interesting and what they don't. A example is the zombie/post apocalyptic pics, pictures which portraits death and injury in a tragic and not in a run and gun kinda way. Another picture which I saw was one of WW2 dead body in a field it had a very somber feel and from what i could remember it was well contrasted and looked more like a EO pic. Very good posts from Rich_R & Road Runner.
  7. AAF mechanized squad returns afters a fight with FIA.
  8. I get so obsessive with this even on personal missions and in pictures I don't plan on posting. For me it's time period dependent and scenario dependent which depends on when and where the scenario takes place.I also categorize my pictures into realistic shots and model shots. Realistic shots being head height from my player position maybe behind a rock or leaning out of cover or set it up so it looks like it had a lul in combat or just before or after the storm. Model shots are more aerial to reflect a model picture which can have a squad plus of units in various poses and trying to capture a certain feeling whether it be chaotic or somber and multiple angles like actual model sets.
  9. B_Fox

    AI must have better autonomy.

    Exactly my point with the convoy waypoint, instead of having some one google a scripts and then having to copy paste it and all that drama, you can just put down a waypoint and be done. A good example of this is the RHS paradrop waypoint, no need to google a paradrop script just put a plane down and place the paradrop waypoint and you're done.
  10. B_Fox

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The only time i noticed convoys really working was in OFP/Arma Cold War Assault, but that being said why not just make a customization convoy way point? The user tells the way point how many vehicle are in the convoy, how fast the convoy should move if the convoy should stop if under fire and if so which vehicle should be excluded from the stop command.
  11. A bit of a weird request. Caskets, Coffins and Kafan shrouds (used to wrap the body, used in Islamic funerals) with and without flags of various factions or nations, with or without faces showing. Also bodies underneath rugs, blankets or anything of that nature.
  12. B_Fox

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    IMHO I would like to see a cold war environment since their is so much room for expansion it could be a game that starts from late 1940's early 1950s all the way to the 90s early 2000s and that would be such a unique thing since not a lot of games cover that time period and there was so many wars fought in such differing environments from the Middle East to East Asia then to Africa and to Central Europe.
  13. B_Fox

    AI must have better autonomy.

    I feel like AI development in Arma should been structured and layed out in a road map like the way they did with all the dlcs. Starting with the Infantry, then Ground vehicle then Air, and lastly sea even though the sea aspect of Arma has been largely ignored. Instead of being willy-nilly, just focus one branch at a time don't rush it, don't put some here, there, up and to the right and down and to the left.
  14. Yeah the Syrian's say it was out of ammo and that the poor fella was running to mobilise it because he saw the in coming missile.
  15. B_Fox

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Accidental road kill is what I'm trying to prevent, but in the case that you want to kill a friendly unit by running them over it can enable that via a script which disables the vehicles protective bubble. Do you have any suggestion on solving this problem.
  16. B_Fox

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I just had an idea (tell me if this was said before) why not make infantry invincible to neutral and friendly controlled AI vehicles, so if the infantry is struck with a vehicle they can just faze through or get pushed with or around the vehicle. This can ease the pain of mechanised infantry scenarios.
  17. Naval infantry sound cool since Altis and Startis are island nations and keeping in theme with the Russian military contract they can use BTR-80A and any other vehicle which fits your in game lore. Also I think the gaz tigr should also be used by the police to give them that extra edge when responding to threats.
  18. I hope you don't mind the question but have you ever thought about doing vehicle re-skins ?
  19. I have a question, if a unit has there own custom patches and roundels does that count as a private mod too ?
  20. B_Fox

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is a AI problem not RHS problem.
  21. Where We Are, There is Victory !
  22. Thanks for adding some Soviet cold war stuff, just what my arma 3 mod collection was missing.