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  1. Altis: A-164 Wipeout A-143 Buzzard To-199 Neophron can't use the airfield near Selakano and Northwest for takeoff and landing If the players can put the aircraft on any band, hence the AI should it be able to? Just 2 of 3 aircraft can be planted on such roads, on which you yourself can not imagine. So I would like to at least airfields AI could put their cars P.S. Use Google Translate.
  2. pr9inichek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    In 2012 it's works =)
  3. Fixed: Airplanes controlled by AI had trouble taking off from most airfields on Altis Not fixed!!!
  4. pr9inichek

    Line Drawing

    I think it's broken now, need ticket about this issue!
  5. Do not run your computer and do not read the forum until you return from vacation. Relax! :803: :dance1: :partytime:
  6. pr9inichek

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    Are you trying to use Squad logo + Insignia? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unit_Insignia
  7. pr9inichek

    Arma 3 Warfare - Expressions of interest

    First, sorry for my poor english. Are you trying to play on Jammywarfare(Zerty edition) or OFPS Servers? Or Benny Warfare A3? Or you try to create Warfare from Vanilla A2, like a When Diplomacy Fails(3 Sides(24 Player Slots)) or Warfare (2 Sides(16 slots)) ? It's based on OFP, A1 Warfare, cause Author of it is Mike Melvin. I hear that Benny work of new Warfare for OFPS Server.
  8. pr9inichek

    Targeting improvements

    Some feedback: APC's - Gorgon,Marid,Marshall 1) Gunner can't see crosshairs 2) Commander can see wrong crosshair for gunner and crosshair not change after change type of gun Check screenshot(Titan crosshair wrong, it's for rockets for heli) 3) Driver doesn't know anything, which looks commander, which looks gunner Tracked APC's - Mora, Kamysh 1) Driver only can see which looks gunner, crosshairs wrong and doesn't changed after change type of gun 2) For Commander crosshairs change only for Titan missile on Kamysh, and this crosshair wrong. Tanks 1) Same issues
  9. pr9inichek

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    Some bugs: Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry Transport) 1) STEPS TO REPRODUCE Enter Y-32 as Passenger, Ride in back Set order for AI Get in Y-32 Xi'an He is sits on your head And one of seats still empty 2) Legs of pilot can saw throught pilot seat
  10. Place Y-32 Xi'an Place Qilin (Armed) to Cargo in Heli Start Mission as Pilot Y-32 Set order Gunner to Drop Vehicle Crash game...