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    Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    I think he means that mission updates to Vanguard might take awhile to get to ArmA 3 stable build. What if it was somehow available through Steam Workshop? My english is too bad, thx for help. This is what I meant. 14) Commander order not localize on client machine. As Example, Commander - French interfaсe, I - russian interface. I need to learn French to understand orders. 15) May be add random time for start mission? 16) Some bug with start of mission 17) Icon disappears in the load process: 18) Problem with highlight player for order, click on left mouse button don't work, only placed in the frame: 19) Soldiers can revive only with medic role? Interface can't help with this question...
  2. pr9inichek

    Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    Yeah, and in my opinion u can add two or three slots per a team, but slots for players must lock after ending briefing phase. Because new players join the mission and can't play it. May be block DynGroups interface for commander or only block "Create" button for create group. Very many guys joined to server for playing in new vehicles. May be add experimental server and test balance on it. And big problem - update mission = wait update ArmA =( 9) It's Easter Eggs? 10) AAF Crewman have CSAT Helmet and haven't new AAF Crew Uniform ("U_Tank_green_F") 11) May be Add crew members of one vehicle to one group? 12) Sometimes after start briefing cursor run away from center of map 13) May be spawn crewman near heavy or medium vehicle?
  3. pr9inichek

    Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    We're working on it. Can you answer the rest of the other points
  4. pr9inichek

    Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    @zozo and Dev Team. Thx for this wonderful game mode and cool new features. Some suggestions: In my opinion, in next weeks you need publish hotfix for mission. 1) Dynamic groups not working = Spam on voice chat, broke team work 2) After briefing phase server need to be block for joining players. U can save 2 slots in each team for spectators 3) Spectators mode have bug (Post video about it in next week). In a nutshell, JIP can use your AI Soldier with keyboard. 4) Disable voice in global chat, only text 5) Player in commander role can't use side and group chat, only commander chat. Can't join group. 6) Commander chat can hear SQ Leaders and lone wolfs without group. 7) Add Stratis for Vanguard 8) Add Angara and Nyx for new location in Altis or Malden
  5. We need Official DEV Test Server for this "Vanguard" TDM multiplayer mode
  6. This In now diag_drawMode "Paths" or another has no effect https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/diag_drawMode @.kju "Currently A3 dev branch, diag.exe has no drawModes available:diag_list "drawMode" -> []" We tried to show that the command do not work, but this did not change anything. May be u know some guys who worked on this tools
  7. @Asheara Can you give us this tool for find more errors?
  8. Devs team big tanks for update Some suggestions and bugs: 1) Please add ability for attach IR Laser Pointer for MAAWS Mk4 Mod how is it done for Titans 2) 3) MAAWS Ammo (MRAWS_HEAT_F and MRAWS_HE_F) have too much initSpeed (350). In my opinion this value increase missile flight distance (about 5 600 meters). Please decrease this for value 1 000 - 1 100 meters (max range for optic). 4) Ammo for RPG-42 have some unrealistic effect. Please decrease missile flight distance for 600-700 meters 5) Hex colour for Repair Depot 6) Crew Helmet for Angara Crew
  9. pr9inichek

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    @oukej Hi, big thanks for you work!!! Can you please check this post - We VERY need this commands for diag. disableRendering diag_drawmode "NORMAL", "GEOMETRY", "VIEWGEOMETRY", "FIREGEOMETRY", "PATHS", "ROADWAY" And "AIWaypoints" or something for check brain of pilots, as example Hellcat pilot Some errors:
  10. Devs, please check this video
  11. pr9inichek

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Devs, thx for more interiors! Some issues and suggestions: M4 Scorcher: Commander Seat: 1) Can u change start view? Now: Need: 2) Display haven't sight, info about elevation, position relatively main gun. After change vision mode (NV, TI, etc) info don't change "WFOV DTV" Different info about Smoke (It's info about ammo for GMG) It's hard to make out the figures/words without zoom Lightbulb don't work :( Gunner Seat: 1) icon don't see 2) Elevation is Range (after press T in optic view), need to be fixed 3) Azimuth shows an incomprehensible meaning 4) COAX? What is mean, cause change gun on commander not change value in this string 5) Reload Mine Cluster - shot = Nothing change Reload Cluster Shells - shot = On display MINE value decrease one... Reload Smoke (White) - shot = CLUSTER value - 1 Reload Laser Guided - shot = SMOKE value - 1 Reload AT Mine Cluster - shot = LASER value - 1 6) In display we can see status of Main Gun & Main Turret, but picture have Commander Gun & Turret. Please remove it OR show status Commander gun too 7) Display can't show ORANGE Status of HitPoint 8) Bobcat driver display have some error
  12. pr9inichek

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    @Asheara and Dev Team thx for this Update. Please check suggestions and issues below: 1) Rename some hitpoints era_l_t_1_point = *hit_era_top_left_1_point era_l_t_2_point = *hit_era_top_left_2_point era_r_t_1_point = *hit_era_top_right_1_point era_r_t_2_point = *hit_era_top_right_2_point era_f_point = *hit_era_front_point era_l_1_point = *hit_era_left_1_point era_l_2_point = *hit_era_left_2_point era_r_1_point = *hit_era_right_1_point era_r_2_point = *hit_era_right_2_point 2) Destroy any hit = Destroy visual of Hull in vehicle Example: Fuel is down = Visual Hull is too 3) Destroing Commander Gun haven't visual effect... 4) Destroing Main Gun haven't block shot from it... 5) Destroing ENG haven't block the ability to move 6) AI can proper Damaged Gun 7) Very bad render for Fire ball :( 8) Crew automatic get out when Hull is down
  13. The names of the blocks are too small and should be centered. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127778 We can see part of foot a driver in T-100 Varsuk https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127779 Very bad shade from hands a driver of Offroad https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127780
  14. Hi guys. Some feedback: from .rpt Mission mp_whendiplomacyfails.chernarus: Number of roles (24) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (16) Arma 2\AddOns\missions\MPScenarios\MP_WhenDiplomacyFails.Chernarus\ Description.ext class Header { gameType = CTI; minPlayers = 1; maxPlayers = 16; }; Need *maxPlayers = 24; Arma 2\AddOns\warfare2\Scripts\Common\Config\Config_Barracks.sqf ... _u = _u + ["RU_Soldier_MG"]; _c = _c + [1750]; _t = _t + [5]; _p = _p + [6]; ... Need *_c = _c + [225 or 200]; https://imgur.com/GIcZMJR Cannot load sound errors: Error Undefined variable in expression: sidejoined Error in expression <f (BIS_WF_DebugMarkers && Side _team == sideJoined) then { [_team,_source,_desti> Error position: <sideJoined) then { [_team,_source,_desti> Error Undefined variable in expression: sidejoined File CA\Warfare2\Scripts\Server\Functions\Server_AITeamFastTravel.sqf, line 24 Error in expression <e]; if ((_camp getVariable "side") == sideJoined) then {if (!isNil {BIS_hint_c> Error position: <sideJoined) then {if (!isNil {BIS_hint_c> Error Undefined variable in expression: sidejoined File CA\Warfare2\Scripts\Server\Server_UpdateCamp.sqf, line 99 Some errors: Duplicate weapon ItemMap detected for USMC_Soldier_SL Duplicate weapon ItemCompass detected for USMC_Soldier_SL Duplicate weapon ItemWatch detected for USMC_Soldier_SL Duplicate weapon ItemRadio detected for USMC_Soldier_SL Localization errors: \Arma 2\AddOns\languagemissions\stringtable.xml <Key ID="str_hint_plane_04"> <English>Pull the landing gear up, select 'Gear Up' in the Action Menu or press %1.</English> <Russian>Уберите шасси, воспользовавшись командой 'Поднять закрылки' в меню действий или нажав %1.</Russian> </Key> *<Russian>Уберите шасси, воспользовавшись командой 'Убрать шасси' в меню действий или нажав %1.</Russian> <Key ID="str_retakeoff_conversation_m_1"> <English>OK Coops, you're airborne. Raise the gear, retract the flaps, gain some speed and altitude.</English> <Russian>Отлично, Купер. Вы в воздухе. Поднимайте шасси, закрылки назад, набирайте скорость и высоту.</Russian> </Key> *<Russian>Отлично, Купер. Вы в воздухе. Убирайте шасси и закрылки, набирайте скорость и высоту.</Russian> \Arma 2\Dta\languagecore\stringtable.xml <Key ID="str_usract_gear"> <Original>Gear</Original> <Russian>Шасси</Russian> </Key> *<Russian>Снаряжение</Russian>
  15. pr9inichek

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Amazing content, thx Devs!!! Some feedback: AMV-7 Marshall Driver: Need to change height of seat, for more view on ground Now - https://imgur.com/I1FwBvx Need - https://imgur.com/zMo0uId or smth that Hands and fingers is flickering. The rear view screen does not display the dimensions of the APC - https://imgur.com/POHZR9Z MFD does not stretch over the whole area - https://imgur.com/JbuZ0JC On display haven't information about Hull HitPoint - https://imgur.com/RXWW1O2 Orange status of HitPoint doesn't show, only White and Red - https://imgur.com/IMAemuQ Red status show on rear view screen - https://imgur.com/SwOHV2Z Suggestion: please divide circle into several parts (6 or 8 wheels) - as example: Strange stroke of letters before https://imgur.com/ieHmTs8 and after https://imgur.com/C2OOVg9 start engine. Visible leg through armor - https://imgur.com/lryusLt https://imgur.com/mwGrv9q Bad dead pos - https://imgur.com/TNtMRlW https://imgur.com/Joxv4mj Animate press to Horn. Gunner: MFD don't show status of HitPoints. (Test it vehicle player setHit ["vez", 1]; vehicle player setHit ["zbran", 1]; or vehicle player setHitPointDamage ["HitGun", 1]; vehicle player setHitPointDamage ["HitTurret", 1];) Doesn't show sight of Gun, only MG - https://imgur.com/KJ6Lsib Bad view: Now - https://imgur.com/RLfmAD4 , Need - https://imgur.com/ASrv3Fl Commander turret closes most of the species. Need to change location, as example - https://imgur.com/TDB5eqi Commander: Now - https://imgur.com/1AW27g0 Need - https://imgur.com/kbRD0LV MFD don't show how much APFSDS-T ammo, only GPR-T https://imgur.com/kBnptLy https://imgur.com/WW88ZQO After use NVG "WFOV DTV" https://imgur.com/LStM6Lb change to "WFOV NVS" https://imgur.com/WOEVZi7 Azimut, elevation level don't show on display After zooming picture not change. We don't know level of zoom ( CAM MAG 1.0x 5.0x 15.0x etc) MSE-3 Marid Most of same problems Commander: May be give us CSAT side Orange (Red) Thermal Vision - http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/targetcolours_4.jpg AFV-4 Gorgon Most of same problems Elevation level of Gun to strong, need to decrease for +40 (Now +60) - https://imgur.com/alWUgeg Driver: Bad seat position - https://imgur.com/InDinOu https://imgur.com/GEhDtvQ We don't see screen-wiper https://imgur.com/aaGfCgv https://imgur.com/aaGfCgv Commander: Bad seat and dead position - https://youtu.be/aHfq2sLLRNI The screen touches the bolts - https://imgur.com/TyAQI1R
  16. Sorry for my English. Wonderful missions, gradually finish one by one. Amazing soundtrack Devs, please check info under the spoiler:
  17. pr9inichek

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Sorry for my English. Suggestions: 1) Optics say "Goodbye" 2) Tower "Bye bye" 3) Main Turret is down 4) Tracks - Status Red 5) Diffirent colors for Termal modes for different factions (CSAT - Red, as example) 6) New AA Vehicle's
  18. pr9inichek

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    Sorry for my English. Suggestions: 1) Underwater vehicle for divers 2) Light Air Vehicle 3) WingSuit 4) New QuadBike
  19. Same problem U can't change texture NATO with "Edit Vehicle Appearance..." in Strider through 3den Editor https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126711 U can't change new textures with "Edit Vehicle Appearance..." in A-143 Buzzard through 3den Editor https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126712
  20. pr9inichek

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Hello guys, please check this information. 1) Errors on .rpt Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret' in 'C_IDAP_Van_02_transport_F' Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'C_IDAP_Van_02_transport_F' Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret' in 'C_IDAP_Van_02_transport_F' Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'C_IDAP_Van_02_transport_F' https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126642 2) Seats of Van have some bad positions https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126644 3) Strange animation "GetOut" 4) Strange AI Driver
  21. Sorry for my English. In .rpt after spawn some vehicles you have some errors. As example: Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret' in 'B_APC_Tracked_01_CRV_F' Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'B_APC_Tracked_01_CRV_F' If u execute this code for Bobcat - getAllHitPointsDamage vehicle player; u have some results: [["HitHull","HitFuel","HitEngine","HitLTrack","HitRTrack","","","","","HitTurret","HitGun","HitTurret","HitGun"], ["hull_hit","engine_hit","engine_hit","track_l_hit","track_r_hit","light_l","light_l","light_r","light_r","otochlaven","otochlaven","",""], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]] As u can see some hitpoints using czech names, some strange, some duplicate. This situation repeated in different vehicles. Tigris: [["HitHull","HitFuel","HitEngine","HitLTrack","HitRTrack","","","","","HitTurret","HitGun","HitTurret","HitGun"], ["hull_hit","engine_hit","engine_hit","track_l_hit","track_r_hit","light_l","light_l","light_r","light_r","main_turret_hit","main_gun_hit","commander_turret_hit","commander_gun_hit"], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]] Slammer's: [["HitHull","HitFuel","HitEngine","HitLTrack","HitRTrack","","","HitTurret","HitGun","HitTurret","HitGun"], ["hull_hit","engine_hit","engine_hit","track_l_hit","track_r_hit","light_l","light_r","main_turret_hit","main_gun_hit","commander_turret_hit","commander_gun_hit"], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]] etc In my opinion need to rename czech selections to english, and edit others. HitHull = hithull, not hull_hit HitFuel = hitfuel, not engine_hit HitEngine = hitengine, not engine_hit HitLTrack = hitltrack, not track_l_hit HitRTrack = hitrtrack, not track_r_hit HitTurret = hitturret, not main_turret_hit HitGun = hitgun, not main_gun_hit HitTurret = HitCTurret (hitcturret, not commander_turret_hit) HitGun = HitCGun (hitcgun, not commander_gun_hit) HitBody = HitHull (hithull, not karoserie) HitLFWheel = hitlfwheel, not wheel_1_1_steering HitLF2Wheel = hitlf2wheel, not wheel_1_2_steering HitLMWheel = hitlmwheel, not wheel_1_3_steering HitLBWheel = hitlbwheel, not wheel_1_4_steering HitRFWheel = hitrfwheel, not wheel_2_1_steering HitRF2Wheel= hitrf2wheel, not wheel_2_2_steering HitRMWheel = hitrmwheel, not wheel_2_3_steering HitRBWheel = hitrbwheel, not wheel_2_4_steering HitGlass1 = hitglass1, not glass1 HitGlass2 = hitglass2, not glass2 HitGlass3 = hitglass3, not glass3 HitGlass4 = hitglass4, not glass4 HitGlass5 = hitglass5, not glass5 HitGlass6 = hitglass6, not glass6 HitRGlass = hitrglass, not "" HitLGlass = hitlglass, not "" https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126642
  22. pr9inichek

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    To-201 Shikra have some damage after respawn https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126600 A-149 Gryphon problem with destroying FUEL vehicle player setHit ["HitFuelL", 1]; vehicle player setHit ["HitFuelR", 1]; vehicle player setHit ["HitFuel", 1]; This commands doesn't have effect U need use vehicle player setHit ["hitfuelx", 1]; In my opinion this situation happens cause problem with names of selections. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126601
  23. Wounded soldier plays healing animation twice (when lying on the ground) https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126591