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  1. slim_pikins

    Important question about Track IR5/Oculus RIft...

    I would have to agree, I cant play without my trackir now, I even find myself moving my head while watching other peoples vids :huh:
  2. I sometimes get the same thing, my x55 will work with no problems but if i reconfigure while in game (its ok on the main screen) it stops working my CH peddles also but not the trackir. After the setup 6 month's'ish ago I haven't reconfigured so have not been bothered by it but after checking it is still doing it I wonder if its an arma profile thing rather than a warthog profile, I have copied my profile files from a previous install of arma have you?
  3. No shit Sherlock? ...... Sorry I'll err get my coat. ;)
  4. slim_pikins

    Analog collective and X55 Throttle

    X55 works with the analog collective in arma, bad calibration gave me same symptoms as you, I narrowed it down to the power in the usb ports not being sufficient so I moved them to separately powered usb ports and switched the silly led's off and its never skipped a beat since. Don't know why you would want a throttle to click at 50% though it would just annoy me ;-)
  5. Hang on let me work this out Arma 3 - £35 DLC bundle - £16 1040 hours played - 0.04 pence per hour (so far) BI continuing with 2 more years of support @OP no I do not feel its a donation, I just fail to see the argument "its not value for money" it costs me more for the electricity to run my rig than to play my goto game, which is going down in price with each hour I play.
  6. slim_pikins

    [End game] is the new revive function portable?

    Just how I like em ;)
  7. slim_pikins

    [End game] is the new revive function portable?

    Hi Zipper5 I noticed in the thread you mention "non-incapacitated players see an icon hovering over the incapacitated unit" is the icon apart of the difficulty levels or it possible to remove the icon manually?
  8. Respect to you guys and your stance on that and the open source license, I cant tell you how much my community and I have been waiting for ACE3. Just Fecking Awesome!!
  9. slim_pikins

    Who else would like to see more drones?

    You may want to put your ideas in the thread the devs started to get ideas from the community (dam I've turned into "that guy") http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168197-UAVs-Feedback-and-wishes Personally the only drone'ish (and I use the term loosely) thing I like is one that comes out of a 203GL, like Ace's huntir round the rest don't do it for me.
  10. slim_pikins

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Nice many thanks, do you know when you might be planning the next release?
  11. slim_pikins

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I to have tested this with a squad of AI on one side of a hesco and not 2m away on the other side 3 guys shouting obscenity about the AI's mom for about 5 min, with no reaction at all they did not hear our chat. Slim
  12. slim_pikins

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    They would have to abide by BIS T's & C's when it came to monetizing, which means not stealing other peoples mods and clamming them as your own.
  13. slim_pikins

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Well I hope BIS can do it along these lines :)
  14. slim_pikins

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    That is my question answered :cool: in Arma 3, thank you BIS!
  15. AN2 with .50 cals in the wings ;-) A safety for my weapon
  16. slim_pikins

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    I do not think that for Arma3 we will see much more improvements with performance than we did with arma2 (which were massive btw when you look at the difference in the released game and the final iteration) DX12 isn't going to make a difference, but Arma 4 now that has the potential, the question for me is a business one 'is it financially viable to re-write the engine?' or 'is it financial suicide not to rebuild the engine?' Once people see what can be done with this 600% increase in graphics potential that developers are talking about are they going settle for less?
  17. slim_pikins

    Jet DLC?

    Id settle for a AN2 with 50 cals on the wings ;-) in all seriousness I would like to see a change to the flight model like the heli dlc and a few transport/civilian planes, Im not so keen on attack aircraft unless as someone mentioned they overhaul of the weapons systems and make it a lot more involved. p.s. Please Mr BIS make a AN2 with 50cals :cool:
  18. slim_pikins

    Running Arma 3 in Windows under KVM?

    All virtual tech has a hardware overhead to translate between the OS and the hyperviser (hypervisers are kernals based off unix just like linux), although I have not used the hyperviser you are talking about I call 'it' on a 20-30% increase in fact 'any' increase in windows or linux performance its just not the way virtual tech works. There is always that few percent of resources that are not available to the guest OS which would be if you didn't have the virtual layer. Virtual tech is good for administration and running multiple OS instances that would not otherwise use the full potential of the hardware not performance. Also it would make such a huge impact in the virtual market, being able to run 30% more servers in a enterprise environment would send shock waves through M$, oracle and VMWare, 30% off my capex and opex? I WISH! Word is also that you should chose your chip and OS to achieve the outcome you desire not just because you can ;-)
  19. slim_pikins

    Show Off The RV4 Engine!

    lol I see what you did there *sigh*
  20. slim_pikins

    Let's talk about the artillery computer

    Many thanks Dr, do you know if there is any plans in the pipe line to rework the official arty model?
  21. slim_pikins

    Let's talk about the artillery computer

    I dont think that the arty computer is bad "it does what it says on the tin" and it does it well but the rest of your post goes into the detail of why I don't like using the artillery computer, it has no skill to it and I like the challenge that was done with the ACE arty system and the interaction with your team mates relying on a FO for close support and not wiping out your squad, but that is just me.
  22. slim_pikins

    Disable DLC Preview Content?

    That's a novel idea buy the content your missions are using or don't use the content, I cant argue with that logic ;-)
  23. slim_pikins

    Let's talk about the artillery computer

    I disagree with your option to me the current arty system is like having an aim bot, it should take training, skill, knowledge and maths yes maths (how else will you calculate the rotation of the earth while the shell is in the air) to fire a shell form a field gun.
  24. slim_pikins

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    A grey area for me is if they are using your mods on a server and the server is free to access BUT they charge for the "red Apache" your content is used as per the license free to all users but the mod they own is sold, where would you stand then, and as you mentioned what if you only found out about it after you have agreed to let them use it. Or the moder that wants to get back at a community they have fallen out with and taking back the permission to use the mod. BI could end up with a PR nightmare dammed if they do dammed if they don't