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  1. Random question. I have an EoS zone based on a marker that will expand/contract over time. Is there any way to have the zone adjust the number of infantry in the zone based on the size of the marker?

    I know I can calculate that when I originally start the zone, with something like this:

    null = [["MarkerName"],[0,0,0],[((getmarkerSize "MarkerName" select 0)/10),0,100],[0,0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0,0],[2,1,500,INDEPENDENT,TRUE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;

    Though if I do that, I think that the number of infantry will never change and be based on the size of the marker when I made that first call. I want the number of infantry to adjust up or down, based on the size of the marker when the players cross spawn distance threshold. So, say for example the marker is 100m in size, the original call should calculate 10 infantry groups. But say the players go into the zone later and the marker is now 200m in size, I'd want there to be 20...

    Any way to make that work?

  2. Trying to create an object name by concatenating some text with a number that will increment based on a variable. So something like this:

    _objectName = "text" + _numVariable;

    I've tried to create a test object using createvehicle using this.

    _objectName = "I_UAV_02_F" createvehicle (getmarkerPos "center");

    Problem is, I can't use _objectName to createVehicle because _objectName now has quotes around it. I need to be able to watch for that vehicles destruction, so I'm not sure where to go next. Any ideas?

  3. Yeah, there will be some issues. There is a failure trigger in all of them tied to all players being unconscious at the same time which checks a variable set by BTC. Also, in some of the missions where the players can 'auto-revive' that's tied to BTC as well. You can try it, but there's probably a good bit of rework in the missions if you want to make them work with a different revive script.

  4. New Version Update!


    v 1.05

    - Episode 1: Added in a "Unit Scatter Distance" parameter to allow players to set initial unit scatter distance from 1 to 10 KM, default is 2.5KM

    - Episodes 1-3: Minor tweaks to AI settings.

    - Epilogue: Added in a new 'Epilogue' mission. The mission is very Alpha and still has some bugs in it, but I would love to get some feedback on where it stands so far. Don't have it published on Steam Workshop yet, but you can download direct from here.

    Latest Version Downloads:

    Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page

    Altis on Fire: Episode 1 on Steam Workshop

    Altis on Fire: Episode 2 on Steam Workshop

    Altis on Fire: Episode 3 on Steam Workshop

    Armaholic Link

  5. Looks like you're right kakadk. I don't know what's changed in the last few patches, but it now appears impossible to destroy bridges. I tried 20 demo charges and 10 satchels and it didn't even scratch any of the bridges. I also tried to force the bridges to full damage and while they were 'damaged' they didn't show any signs of it.

    I've updated that task to now require the players to mine each bridge with 3-4 mines to complete it.

    To get the latest info for Force Recon and the other Altis on Fire missions, check out the main Campaign thread I've created for all three of the Altis on Fire missions.

  6. New Version Update!


    v 1.04

    - Episode 1: Redesign of the 'drop' mechanism to create better randomization of drops.

    - Episode 2: Bug fix for the Kavala "Destroy Bridges" task. Now changed to "Mine Bridges". Must mine the 4 bridges with 3-4 mines each to complete task.

    - Episode 2: Added in a few basic crates at step off points to give the players some extra starting gear.

    - Episode 3: Minor tweaks to the AI levels.

    Latest Version Downloads:

    Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page

    Altis on Fire: Episode 1 on Steam Workshop

    Altis on Fire: Episode 2 on Steam Workshop

    Altis on Fire: Episode 3 on Steam Workshop

    Armaholic Link

  7. Heya, glad you like them! Bridges seem to act a bit weird. The best way we've found to knock them down consistently is to put one or two explosive satchels in the center of the span and it should knock it down. But we've seen it go down with one and sometimes it takes more. Definitely needs more bang than just a few charges though.

  8. New Version Update!


    v 1.03

    - Various minor bug fixes and tweaks across all three missions.

    Latest Version Downloads:

    Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page

    Altis on Fire: Episode 1 on Steam Workshop

    Altis on Fire: Episode 2 on Steam Workshop

    Altis on Fire: Episode 3 on Steam Workshop

    Armaholic Link

    I've also extended the video contest through the end of August! Make some videos of any Altis on Fire missions and post them here for a chance to win a copy of the A3 DLC bundle!

  9. I've created a simple script to move a player to a random point within 250m of where they died when they respawn, but I'm finding on occasion that they respawn right next to some enemy. Anyone have any idea of a simple way to tweak it so it'll check to make sure that there's no enemy near that point? The players are side EAST, so anyone not EAST should force it to check for a new spot. Here's the base script I have:

    _posCurrent = _this select 0;
    _posNeg = random(1);
    if (_posNeg > 0.5) then {_posNeg = 1} else {_posNeg = -1};
    _x = _posCurrent select 0;
    _y = _posCurrent select 1;
    _tmpPos = [_x+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),_y+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),0];
       while {surfaceiswater _tmpPos} do {
    _posNeg = random(1);
    if (_posNeg > 0.5) then {_posNeg = 1} else {_posNeg = -1};
    _tmpPos = [_x+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),_y+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),0];
    player setPos _tmpPos;

    Thanks in advance!

  10. This is relatively minor, but would make life easier. When you connect to a password protected server, it would be _so_ nice if you put in the server admin password in the password box that it automatically logged you in as admin.

    Right now you have to connect with the normal password, then do a #login <adminpassword> from the console. I know it's relatively minor, but seems like it would be an easy add that would save a step for admins.

  11. Trying to disable the automatic refueling at gas stations. You can fly a heli in over top of the pumps, land on the roof and it automatically refuels you. I found the following code and dumped it in my init.sqf, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

    // Empty all Fuel Stations
    {_x setFuelCargo 0;} forEach (nearestObjects [(getmarkerpos "center"), ["Land_FuelStation_Feed_F"], 12000]);  

    'center' is an empty dummy marker I placed in the center of the Altis map. I'm pretty sure that should work, but the birds can keep refueling even after that's run. Any ideas?

  12. I've done a 'sprint animation' loop pretty easily with something like this.

    while {true} do {
    _dir = [_unit,_target] call BIS_fnc_DirTo;
    _unit setdir _dir;
    _unit playMove "AmovPercMevaSnonWnonDf";
    sleep 0.6;

    The playmove will play the animation and the unit will sprint forward for the duration of the animation, which is only a bit over a half a second. The problem is, it looks kludgey as heck and the AI gets 'hung' up all the time on objects, and sometimes just glitches out and sprints in place.

  13. @grumpy - I think you're talking about making the civvies 'renegades' by adjusting their rating. That covers the penalty for the negative score, but then _everyone_ will try to kill the renegade.

    @Tajin - Excellent, I'll just add a similar eventHandler to the civilian units on creation. Thanks much for the direction!

  14. Because to setup proper behavior/movement scripts for them I have to have each unit in it's own group. And with the 144 / side limit, I quickly run out of groups when players are scattered across the map. I've tried a few different setups to allow for enough units to be spawned, and the only way I've really gotten things working is to split the units between EAST, INDIE, and CIV and make them all friendly to each other.

  15. Well, I've tried a bunch of different ways. The primary reason I did that was to allow players to get positive score on the MP scoreboard instead of negative if they take out someone in the civilian side. (They're all infected you see...)

    I've tried making the civilian units renegades, but then everyone attacks them (including other civilians). Basically I want EAST, INDIE and CIVILIAN to not attack each other, but attack WEST. I want WEST to get penalized only for killing other WEST units, no others. I was running with this in my init.sqf:

    east setfriend [independent,1];
    east setfriend [civilian,1];
    civilian setfriend [independent,1];
    civilian setfriend [east,1];
    independent setfriend [civilian,1];
    independent setfriend [east,1];
    west setfriend [civilian,0];
    west setfriend [east,0];
    west setfriend [independent,0];