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  1. Well, you'll have subheadings under Tasks, Briefings, etc. I just want to pull up one of the subjects that was created under the Briefing section.
  2. Ah, perfect! Also been messing around with randomizing the arrays that I hand EoS, but it doesn't look like you can pass an array. There any way to make something like this work? markerArrary = ["EOSinf_1","EOSinf_2"]; null = [[markerArray],[2,1],[0,0],[0,0],[0],[0],[0,0],[0,0,250,EAST,TRUE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;
  3. Yeah, I've been trying that as well, but having trouble figuring out the syntax.
  4. Old thread, and I'm not sure if you're still following this post Larrow, but do you know of any more documentation on processDiaryLink? Not much on the biki and I'm looking for a way to simply force open the Briefing -> Situation diary note when a mission starts and dumps you into the briefing screen.
  5. I apologize in advance for asking a questions that I'm sure has already been answered in 80+ pages, but a few thread searches and 15 minutes of digging through the thread and I didn't find anything. Simple question, is there a way to turn off the counting of units that are cached per zone, as in if the players leave and then come back later, the zone respawns the original amount of AI in the zone, and not the count of what was left when the zone despawns?
  6. meatball

    Objects on table

    Yeah, what Grumpy said will work, but it can lead to some weird things. For example in one mission I set some files on a table and put set both of them to enableSimulation false. Worked great until the building fell down from arty fire. Table and files were fine, just floating 10 feet up in the air.
  7. meatball

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Alright, so I'm looking for some ideas/suggestions using the Ambient Combat script. I'm using it in a few missions to create a zone of combat around the players, and for the most part it works great, but what I'm finding to be a problem is if the players hop in a vehicle and start driving, they basically outpace the AC script and never see any AI. They're basically moving so fast that as stuff spawns within a range about them, it's relatively quickly past the delete distance (or so far that the players would never interact with the AI). So, has anyone come up with a good way to use Ambient Combat in situations where it won't overload players if they're travelling on foot and won't make the mission a 'ghost town' if they're travelling fast by vehicle? I'm almost thinking that there's not really any way to 'fix' it and it's just a limitation of the way the script spawns/despawns around the player.
  8. Ran into a strange problem recently and not sure if it's mod/addon/mission related, but some players are randomly finding that their bullets don't actually fire and they can't throw a grenade. It's not happening to everyone in the mission and sometimes the player can restart A3, come back in mission and it works fine. Anyone ran into anything like this?
  9. That wouldn't be it, as they're my missions on my own dedi server. :) I see nothing in the client or server rpt logs that shows any errors that I can find. It just randomly pops up when some people connect, and out of 8 people it might hit 1 person. Wish I had more info to go on, but there's nothing else I can think of.
  10. Thanks! I've not run into that, maybe because I've not played super long missions and run into it. Right now I'm really waiting to see what BI does with their 'Client/Server' weather synch setup. I believe I'll be able to just rip out all the client synch pieces and just have this script run and rotate weather on the server if they ever get it working.
  11. meatball

    disable respawn timer

    Make the respawn timer 0?
  12. meatball

    Shuttup (Players) Already!

    Ah, that's great, but I was hoping to do it through scripting if at all possible. I hate making addon requirements for my missions if they can be avoided.
  13. Hey, with the new jets, could one simply add the classnames to the proper faction _ACHPool in UnitPools.sqf, or will fixed wing not spawn correctly if used in those arrays?
  14. I think they need to do some work overall on explosives to be honest. One RPG-42 rocket can take down a building that it takes 4-5 explosive charges...kinda silly.
  15. That did the trick and to test it out I ran this in my init.sqf: //ACRE-radios if (isClass(configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "acre_main")) then {acreRunning = 1} else {acreRunning = 0}; Variables are reflecting correct whether it's running or not. Thanks!
  16. Apologize if this has been asked previously, but I couldn't find anything in my cursory search. Is there any way to add a check into a mission init.sqf to see if ACRE is running? I'd like to swap out default radios for players to the 148's if ACRE is running, but if it's not, I don't want people to get hit with missing object errors. A simple if (ACRE is running on this client) then {add 148}; in the init.sqf could do the trick, just not sure if that 'ACRE is running' check is even possible.
  17. Been doing a lot of experiments with EoS and I'm loving it so far. Makes a lot of stuff much easier. Only thing I think could use a bit of work is AI vehicle pathing. AI driving is just awful and I see more wrecked vehicles or vehicles being driven on rims than I do good cars :) Small price to pay for a great script though.
  18. I'm working on the Altis map, in the Quarry to the south of Pyrgos. On the north side of the quarry there is a 'Concrete Mixing Shed' and a 'Factory Conveyor Belt (Slope)' that I'd like the players to destroy. I've tried all the tricks I know including linking a trigger directly to the object ID and setting the trigger to go off on Not Present. Also tried setting up gamelogic right next to the ID's to assign a variable name to them using 'nearestobject' or 'nearestbuilding' and then watching that ID for !alive. GL init tried both this: mixer = nearestobjects [this, ["Land_cmp_Shed_dam_F"],20]; and this: mixer = nearestbuilding this; Trigger: !alive mixer Nothing seems to recognize when these two buildings/objects go down. Any ideas?
  19. @F2k - Normally, grouping triggers with a building works in the short term, but any time there is a patch it breaks, because the trigger is actually attached to the object ID and object ID's change from patch to patch. Apparently that will no longer be the case with 1.14 and onward though. Regardless, that method does not seem to work with those two buildings/objects for some reason, and maybe they're broken. @Grumpy - I'll give that a shot, but I'm starting to think it's just easier to plop down some sort of object, and let the players destroy that. ---------- Post added at 16:08 ---------- Previous post was at 15:43 ---------- Alright, looks like I got it, it might have just been a syntax issue. I set up a gameLogic object named mixGL next to the mixing tower with this in the init: mixer = nearestObject [mixGL,"Land_cmp_Shed_F"]; And then setup a trigger to watch for '!alive mixer' and it worked. Also ran across this great little resource to find building/object class names. I always knew about the assets page, but didn't know it included all the buildings as well, great stuff.
  20. Waypoints? Not sure I follow you. How could waypoints be used to fire a trigger showing when a building is destroyed?
  21. Hmm....Anyone know if it's possible to make the markers flash?
  22. Dark, were you ever able to get this to work? I was trying to get the same thing to work with no luck as well. I'd like to have different points spawn specific vehicles. I can set up the array myself and reference in the addaction call, but I get a "There was an error and no vehicles could be fetched!" hint. Reading the config, I _think_ you need to set VVS_Premade_List to true, but even with that I get the error. Secondary question. Has anyone figured out a way to set a time limit on how often vehicles can be spawned? Or maybe some sort of finite numbers of each type?
  23. Awesome! I'll have to dig in the script because I wonder if there's any way to just completely pull that vehicle out of the check after that point. Great that it won't despawn while players are in it/driving, but wouldn't it still possibly despawn the if the players all pile out for some reason? Once players get in a vehicle, it should stay in game till they wreck it or it gets blown up, and then normal cleanup scripts should be able to deal with it.
  24. I'd highly suggest you check out Shuko's Taskmaster 2. Once you figure out the syntax it just works without a hassle.