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  1. Please support "Altis on Fire" in the Make Arma, Not War contest! New Version Update! Changelog: v 1.0 - Zeus is now integrated into all three missions! The missions will still work fine without someone filling the role of Zeus, but it's now supported for those that want to use it. - The Virtual AmmoBox (VAS) has been removed the Force Recon mission due to popular request. - Minor tweaks to AI and some small bugfixes. Latest Version Downloads: Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page Armaholic Link
  2. Did you look in the .rpt file? Just because the script doesn't throw an error doesn't mean one doesn't get logged in the server/client rpt file(s).
  3. Was messing around with adding Zeus into some of my missions and we ran into something strange last night. If a player takes the Zeus slot, disconnects, and then reconnects and tries to come back in and take Zeus again, they just get a Mission Failed message and can't seem to get back into Zeus. Any ideas?
  4. meatball

    Manipulate preplaced objects?

    How would one force any AI created by scripts (EoS/CoS, AI Spawn Script Pack, etc) to be controllable by Zeus since they are generally not in mission at start for you to synch with the module. I'm guessing you might be able to add something into the script, but then if the Zeus slot is not being controlled, would it screw up anything?
  5. meatball

    Zeus with mods, how do I do it?

    Yeah, I think the problem was addon related. Slightly unrelated question. Say I want Zeus to basically be able to do everything without any restriction, any idea of what the minimum set of addons I should use?
  6. meatball

    Zeus with mods, how do I do it?

    Well then, there are no actual mods that spawn anything in my missions. There are scripts like AI Spawn Script Pack or EoS that spawn units on the server/headless client, but that's it. The only mods that are running on the server are the A3 Map Pack/Addon Pack, CBA, ACRE and ASM. Wonder if it's ACRE related since that spawns new radio classes...
  7. meatball

    Zeus with mods, how do I do it?

    At least in my case I have the Zeus Gamemaster module Default Addons set to "Addons present in the scenario" and it still drops out of the mission. Do you know if the addons/mods have to be _exactly_ the same on client/server? I do know for example most of us use STHud, but I don't have that running on the dedicated server, and I have Arma Server Monitor (ASM) running on the server, but none of the clients of course have it running.
  8. meatball

    Zeus with mods, how do I do it?

    Be interested in hearing any way to do this as well. I'd like to add Zeus support into my missions that have a few mods as well, and I can load it up fine from the editor, but if I put it on a dedicated server and try to load in with some friends, the mission lets us through the role selection screen and then just drops out of the mission and loads the next mission in the list.
  9. For those of you that may still be following the thread, I'm primarily watching the Altis on Fire Campaign thread going forward. That being said, I'm looking to work up a new version and hoping to add in Zeus support for Force Recon and the other missions in the Altis on Fire campaign for anyone that wants to add a little extra to their missions. Has anyone found any other issues or problems that I should fix in the next version?
  10. I'm working up a new version and hoping to add in Zeus support for anyone that wants to add a little extra to their missions. Has anyone found any other issues or problems that I should fix in the next version?
  11. meatball

    Mission will not preview...?

    Make sure you have logging turned on (it is by default) as well, try to run the mission and then check the .rpt file. The .rpt almost always has the details of what's going on. Just track down any errors you're seeing in that file.
  12. @surf - Neo wrote the bulk of the snow scripting and I just made some tweaks to it. Unfortunately the snow is a bear to deal with because it uses particle effects as opposed to regular weather commands. You should be able to use the version of the script with snow it it to just make it snow continuously by just setting the initial weather pattern to snow and disabling all the code related to updating weather and sending that info out. Though to be honest, after all the work, I just never really felt the snow worked right, there were too many caveats and things that didn't work right (including the crashes) that just really killed the immersion of snow. @gavC - This whole thread and my script is specifically for setting the weather through script :) Try it out, and it might do what you need.
  13. So, the mission pack has been out for about a week and I was wondering if anyone has run into any major bugs/issues with them yet? I may make some tweaks / change some scripts up in the near future, but I've got nothing major planned unless I hear about some serious issues.
  14. Man...sometimes it seems so hard do the simplest things. I just want there to be no 'automatic' audio or chat calls out of enemies, directions, regroup calls, anything. I've currently got all of the following in my init.sqf enableSentences false; 0 fadeRadio 0; enableRadio false; player disableConversation true; player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; Even with all that, people just won't shuttup :) Is there any way to just keep people completely quiet?
  15. meatball

    Shuttup (Players) Already!

    Wouldn't it just be easier to have a single command that just disables all communication from player and/or AI. Whether it be radio, voice, subtitle, whatever?
  16. Altis On Fire: 3 Mission Campaign COOP 2-10 Players by Meatball Latest Version Download: Armaholic Link For those of you not following the the "Make Arma Not War" contest forums, I've recently published a new campaign, "Altis on Fire" for the contest. Official Thread is over on the Contest Forum if you want to check out more information, or have any feedback. Hope folks enjoy the missions!
  17. Yeah, it's probably conflicting with the mapSelector.sqf that pulls up the closest task information from clicks on the map. There's a single trigger in the mission that watches for the map to be open and then runs mapSelector.sqf. You can probably disable that, or tweak things to make it work if you want.
  18. We've found that when we drop in you can just as easily open the chute high and get some good distance while floating down if you don't want to land direct center. Also, there should be empty civilian vehicles in just about every town, so if you you're not finding vehicles, just look a bit more in towns and they should be there. I'm likely pulling VAS from the next version due to a lot of people requesting that I pull it out, so you should be able to add whatever packs/crates you want i fyou edit the pbo. To disable the intro you just need to comment out the intro section in the init.sqf.
  19. Yeah, I saw it. I need to pull down that mission and see how they handled it. Maybe work it into the next update.
  20. So at a high level, I'm looking to create a script that when a player to opens up their map (which I can watch for with a repeatable trigger that launches the script when it sees visibleMap true) and 'clicks' anywhere on it, it does the following: Calculate the distance between that click and a series of markers in an array Returns which marker is the closest to the map click. Once the closest marker has been determined, then match that up to a task that is related to that marker. Open up the Task list and show that task without the player having to scroll through the list manually. Repeat the process if the mouse is clicked at another location on the map. Edit: Old Script/Code removed, see updated below. I've got the first few steps worked out, but I could be going about this the completely wrong way, and if someone has an idea on how to handle this, any thoughts or ideas on how to start tackling controlling the GUI/menus on the map through script, I'd appreciate any help. ---------- Post added at 05:11 ---------- Previous post was at 03:13 ---------- Alright, so I've got something 'working', but it's not the best at the moment. Basically you can open up the map and it will check your mouse clicks against the list of task markers. If any are within 500m of your click, it'll display the task information as a hint. The hint is ugly as sin, and I'd really like to figure out a way to actually pull up the task description/info in the Task menu that's available in the top left of the map screen. At the very least, I need to clean up the hint output. I've created a quick proof of concept mission and the script is below. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I'd love to hear them... // mapSelector Script by Meatball // v 0.1 // This script allows your players to 'click' on their map and pull up the task // information for the task marker closest to their click location without having to // manually pull up the task list. // // This script setup _may_ interfere with other scripts that you may have that // spawn or create actions based on single mouse clicks on the map and you may need // to adjust the script(s) and trigger(s) accordingly. // Setup: // 1) Copy this script to your root folder of your mission. // // 2) Create an in game trigger with the following setting: // Shape: Whatever you want // Timer: Countdown or Timeout works, just set all values to 0 // Name: mapSelector // Text: Map Selector Trigger // Type and Activation : None // Repeatedly // Present // Condition: visibleMap // On Act.: nul = execVM "mapSelector.sqf"; // // 3) Next, in the 'markerNames' array below, put in the names of all the markers related to your tasks. // Note: Your marker names _must_ match the task name exactly for the related markers/task or the script will not work. // For example: If you have a task named 'task1', the marker related to that task must also be named 'task1'. // markerNames = ["task1","task2","task3"]; // Set list of Marker names to check against. markerNum = count markerNames; // Count the number of markers in the list closestMarkName = "dummy"; // Set dummy values for the closest marker and closest distance closestMarkDist = 1000000; // Continuously check for mouse clicks while the map is open. while {visibleMap} do { onMapSingleClick { // Create temporary marker to use for comparison to markers in array. _tmpMark = createMarkerLocal ["tmpClick",_pos]; // Loop through each marker in markerNames array and check distance between it and the mouse click. for [{_i=0},{_i<markerNum},{_i=_i+1}] do { distBT = (getmarkerpos "tmpClick") distance (getmarkerpos (markerNames select _i)); // If the distance between this marker and closer than the current closest, set it to be the closest. if (distBT <= closestMarkDist) then { closestMarkName = (markerNames select _i); closestMarkDist = distBT; }; }; // Check to make sure that mouse click is at least within 500m of any marker before displaying Task info. if (closestMarkDist <= 500) then { _tmpTaskArray = closestMarkName call BIS_fnc_taskDescription; _tmpTaskDesc = _tmpTaskArray select 0; _tmpTaskDesc2 = _tmpTaskDesc select 0; _tmpTaskTitle = _tmpTaskArray select 1; _tmpTaskTitle2 = _tmpTaskTitle select 0; hint format ["%1\n\n%2",_tmpTaskTitle2,_tmpTaskDesc2]; }; // Reset marker info/variables for next click. deletemarkerlocal "tmpClick"; closestMarkName = "dummy"; closestMarkDist = 1000000; }; };
  21. I'll keep watching both, but I think eventually it'll be better to have the comments on all three of the missions in one place.
  22. VAS is only available in one mission, Force Recon, and I put it in because the players can go after 60+ objectives, so the least I could do is give them what gear they want. That being said, it is locked down to only supply the side specific weapons, and there's a parameter to disable it completely if you'd rather run without it. Though I can easily pull it out if folks really think it ruins the mission. I've tried to keep the params down to a minimum, with a few extra ones thrown in here and there to allow the players to mix things up (like removing all NVG's in Rock and a Hard Place). I've also tested Psycho's script, and it is great, but I've used BTC for a while now and a lot of the missions have hooks I've put right into BTC revive to kick off other scripts and such, so at this point I'm going to stick with it. Keep the ideas coming though, and appreciate you giving it a shot!
  23. Everybody might just want to mosey on over and check out this post. Hope you all enjoy!
  24. Yeah, I have a new version coming out shortly. I've removed snow completely and have the black screen bug fixed. Just trying to work out a few more things. Hopefully within the next week or so you should see a new version drop :)
  25. Yeah, neither of those will work. What I'm doing is taking one big array of markers, splitting it in half into 2 separate arrays, and then trying to feed those two separate arrays to two separate EoS calls. This way I can randomize what units are spawning in each area. Here's an example of what I'm doing. strZonesA = ["strZone_0","strZone_1","strZone_2","strZone_3","strZone_4","strZone_5","strZone_6","strZone_7","strZone_8","strZone_9"]; strZonesB = []; for [{_i=0}, {_i<5}, {_i=_i+1}] do { _tmpZone = strZonesA call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; strZonesB = strZonesB + [_tmpZone]; strZonesA = strZonesA - [_tmpZone]; }; // Strong Zones - Blue null = [[strZonesA],[3,1,90],[3,3,80],[2,3,70],[1,50],[2,90],[0,0,0],[1,1,400,WEST,TRUE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn; sleep 1; // Strong Zones - Red null = [[strZonesB],[3,1,90],[3,3,80],[2,3,70],[1,50],[2,90],[0,0,0],[0,1,400,EAST,TRUE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;