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    Zombie Script

    Here's what I threw together so far, but it still needs a ton of work. The animations don't seem to be working right and I can't seem to get the zombie to actually start sprinting when within the chase distance. I still need to figure out adding sounds and changing the zombie skin tone. If anyone has any suggestions/thoughts or any of those or any way to make the script better, let me know. // Zombie Init v 0.1 - By Meatball // Save file in root mission folder as 'zombieInit.sqf' // Call Script in AI Unit's Init field with the following: // nul = [this] execVM "zombieInit.sqf"; _zombieName = _this select 0; _viewDistance = 100; // Distance at which the zombie will do various animations, but not notice the player. _investigateDistance = 50; // Distance at which a zombie will start investigating/closing on player _chaseDistance = 25; // Distance at which a zombie will start chasing the player. _attackDistance = 2; // Distance at which a zombie will 'attack' player _attackDamage = 0.15; // Damage done every time a zombie hits player. _zombieName setdamage 0.9; while {(alive _zombieName)} do { // Find closest player out of all playableUnits _closestPlayer = playableUnits call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _closestDistance = _zombieName distance _closestPlayer; {_distCheck = _zombieName distance _x; if (_distCheck < _closestDistance) then {_closestPlayer = _x; _closestDistance = _distCheck; }; } foreach playableUnits; hint "1"; // Zombie is in 'view' distance. Will do random animations and walk around randomly. but does not see player while {((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) <= _viewDistance) && ((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) > _investigateDistance)} do { _randomMove = floor (random 3); switch (_randomMove) do { case 0: {_zombieName playaction "C7A_longWalk";_randPlayer = playableUnits call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;_zombieName domove (position _randPlayer);}; case 1: {_zombieName playaction "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Scared";}; case 2: {_zombieName playaction "AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_G03";}; }; hint "2"; sleep 5; }; // 'Randomly' towards the closest Player if within _investigateDistance while {((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) <= _investigateDistance) && ((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) > _chaseDistance)} do { _randomMove = floor (random 3); switch (_randomMove) do { case 0: {_zombieName playaction "C7A_longWalk";_zombieName domove (position _closestPlayer);}; case 1: {_zombieName playaction "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Scared2";}; case 2: {_zombieName playaction "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_AinPercMstpSnonWnonDnon";}; }; hint "3"; // Add random zombie sound sleep 2; }; // Run towards the closest Player if within _chaseDistance while {((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) <= _chaseDistance) && ((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) > _attackDistance)} do { _randomMove = floor (random 3); switch (_randomMove) do { case 0: {_zombieName playaction "SprintCivilBaseDF";_zombieName domove (position _closestPlayer);}; case 1: {_zombieName playaction "SprintCivilBaseDFl";_zombieName domove (position _closestPlayer);}; case 2: {_zombieName playaction "SprintCivilBaseDFr";_zombieName domove (position _closestPlayer);}; }; hint "4"; // Add random zombie sound sleep 1; }; // Attack player if within _attackDistance while {((_zombieName distance _closestPlayer) <= _attackDistance)} do { _turnDir = [_zombieName,_closestPlayer] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _zombieName setdir _turnDir; _zombieName playmove "AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_AinvPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_Putdown"; // Add attack sound(s) hint "5"; sleep 0.5; _closestPlayer setdamage ((damage _closestPlayer) + _attackDamage); sleep 0.5; }; sleep 1; }:
  2. Seems to be that building the houselist is the biggest issue on Altis to the point of it actually making the client hang and show as Not Responding for a good 20 seconds. I could probably split Altis up into Multiple zones and spawn the script multiple times I guess.
  3. Hey Banga, I'm really liking this script, but it really puts a hurting on the server when it runs. I'd like have random loot for a MP misison on all of Altis, but when I start it up, it just chokes for a good 60 seconds, then finally starts sweeping the island and populating the buildings from west to east (which takes another 30-60 seconds). Also, is there any way to force it to only spawn near players so it doesn't load up the map with thousands of items that no player is near? I think just having all those extra items in game will kill the server/host machine.
  4. Just wondering if anyone else that's submitted an entry into the contest is finding people aren't supporting entries b/c the process is a bit convoluted. In my case, I put in my entry in for the MP game mode category about a week ago and have about 22 supporters as of this time. Some of those are friends I directed to the site, but others are just normal supporters. While I'm happy there's 22 people supporting it, when I start to think about conversion rates, I wonder if there's something a bit too complicated with the process. - There's been almost 1200 views of the main thread for the missions(s)/entry. - There's been over 1400 views of the for the entry. - There's been 362 visitors and is 271 subscribers to Episode 1 of the entry on Steam Workshop. - There's been 51 visitors and 100 subscribers to Episode 2 of the entry on Steam Workshop. - There's been 309 visitors and 297 subscribers to Episode 3 of the entry on Steam Workshop. - There's been another 474 downloads of the Mission Pack over at Armaholic. So, while it's not particularly scientific, if you add everything up, that's over 3700 'views' of Altis on Fire through the forum, YouTube or Steam Workshop, 1142 'players' that have downloaded the mission through Armaholic/Steam Workshop, and with all those folks, only 22 people have gone through the time to go over and click on a supporters button. Most of the feedback I've been getting has been good and folks seem to be enjoying it, I'm just surprised at how low the conversion rate is between the amount of people that have downloaded/tried the entry and have actually supported it. It's not just mine either. The top rated SP entry that is published on steam workshop, Whole Lotta Altis has 200 supporters, yet there's over 26,000 steam workshop subscribers while the top rated MP entry that is published on Steam Workshop, Falcon 4 to Arma 3, has 64 supporters, with 490 subscribers on Steam Workshop. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Is there any way to remove the "Scenario" take from a mission published to Steam Workshop? I've uploaded a few of my missions, and Steam Workshop is adding on the "Scenario" tag to the missions which then allows the game to be loaded from the Scenario menu in game. Problem is, it loads it as a Single Player game which borks up stuff if the mission is built to be multiplayer only. There's nowhere in the Steam Workshop UI to remove it in the Steam interface, and even though you see 'Scenario' as one of the tags when you publish the mission from A3, but if you 'Edit Tags', there's no way to remove Scenario as a tag. This has led to multiple comments on my missions where people had issues with the missions because A3 tried to load it in SP mode. Can you guys please fix that?
  6. I'm working on a script for a mission that will iterate multiple times and dynamically create and place AI in random locations. I'm just not able to figure out how to assign those units a variable name that I can watch for triggers, etc. In a really simplified form, the script looks something like this: aiUnit = 0; while {true} do { aiUnit = aiUnit + 1; _newAI = format ["aiUnit%1",aiUnit]; _aiSpawned = _group createunit [_unitType,_position]; sleep 300; }; The question is, what's the simplest way that I can use the _newAI variable to reference the _aiSpawned unit? For example, I'd like the first unit created by the script to be able to be referenced by the variable name "aiUnit1" so I can then do things like create a trigger watching for "!alive aiUnit1". Any ideas, or is there a better way to do this?
  7. The episodes can be played solo, but they're really built to be played Multiplayer and are hard to play without some friends along for the mission.
  8. Before I get in trouble, after reading the rules and this thread, I believe a contest for the A3 DLC Bundle I've spun up isn't against the rules of the contest in any way for my MP entry to the contest. Can someone from BI verify that?
  9. You know you want to... For more information, check out the main thread.
  10. I've decided to give away a copy of the Arma 3 DLC Bundle for the coolest Altis on Fire gameplay video! Check out the following post for more details!
  11. To kick up some excitement about my Altis on Fire entry, I've decided to run a simple little contest, and the winner will win a copy of the Arma 3 DLC Bundle! The rules are simple: Record a gameplay video of you and your friends playing any of the Altis on Fire episodes / missions. Publish that gameplay video up on YouTube, make sure you include 'Altis on Fire' in the title. Post a link to your YouTube video in this thread. All videos must be posted here in the thread by the end of August (August 31, 2014 - Midnight GMT.) At that point we'll list all the videos, and let folks vote on the best one. Voting will last for two weeks and whoever gets the most votes by September 14th @ Midnight GMT, I'll buy them a copy of the Arma III DLC bundle on Steam and gift it to them. That's all there is to it...If you already have the A3 DLC bundle I'll buy you any other game on Steam (worth $25 USD or under) and gift it to you. You'll of course have to have Steam and need to (at least temporarily) friend me on Steam so I can purchase and then gift the DLC bundle/game to you. So fire up those recordings and let's see some cool Altis on Fire gameplay vids!
  12. I noticed a small glitch with the missions when downloaded through Steam Workshop. If you subscribe to the mission and then launch the mission from the "Scenarios" menu, it appears that the game tries to launch the game as a Single Player mission and shoves AI into all the other player slots, which can cause some problems. The AoF missions are designed to be played COOP/Multiplayer with 2-10 players. Regardless of whether you downloaded the pbo's or subscribed through Steam Workshop, you should always launch the missions through the Multiplayer Menu and set them up that way. I see a lot of people are downloading through both Armaholic and Steam Workshop, would love to hear about what you guys have been able to do with the missions or even some gameplay vids if you're enjoying them!
  13. meatball

    Problems with Steam Workshop?

    I've figured out the 'error'. Partially my fault, partially the way Steam Workshop is handling multiplayer submissions. I did not have a single player selected as 'player' because my missions are multiplayer/coop missions and are built to be launched through the Multiplayer menu. Unfortunately, anything you download through Steam workshop is tossed into the players "Scenarios' folder, which may cause problems if the missions are not built to be played by a Single Player. BI/Steam, can you please set it up so COOP/Multiplayer missions published to Steam workshop actually launch as a Multiplayer server/game? I think I got a few negative votes because people tried to load the missions through the Scenario menu and it threw an error as it loaded in single player mode....
  14. Anyone else noticing something off with Steam Workshop all of a sudden? I've published a few multiplayer missions and some subscribers are suddenly saying it's showing up in their SP scenario menu, and they're getting a "No player selected" warning at startup. The mission is a MP mission, and I've had people download it over the last week and play it without a problem. Just seeing the comments about the error popping up over the last 24 hours and I hadn't updated anything in 3 days. I did just try to republish, hoping that would fix it, but not sure what the deal is.
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    All my Altis on Fire missions use it as well. ---------- Post added at 04:58 ---------- Previous post was at 04:56 ---------- Has anyone figured out a way to hand off a variable to SHK_Taskmaster_add for the Task Name? Writing up a script that will dynamically create tasks, so I'll need to generate the task name in script.
  16. Pretty sure that's a limitation of the cloud/simul engine they're using.
  17. The script is built to allow you to set the original weather. Try partly/mostly cloudy as starting weather. Starting perfectly clear will take a while for you to start seeing clouds.
  18. Clouds will change dynamically to keep up with changes in overcast. It's been a while, but I did a lot of testing/experimenting (there's some old threads around somewhere about it), and overcast/clouds actually act strangely. The rate at which overcast will change will vary based on your starting overcast and whether it's going up or down, there is not a linear rate of change across the entire spectrum. So for example, going from 0 to 1 will increase at a much faster rate than going from 0.8 to 1. I'll be honest though, I haven't monkeyed around much with this script in a while, and I know there's some new weather related functionality built into the game. Reason why I haven't messed with the script lately is that it works :) If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  19. meatball


    I wonder if you can put an entry into more than one category. This almost sounds like a Total Mod too :)
  20. Yes, it's set to transition from the current weather to the new weather over 20 minutes and it doesn't switch all of a sudden. I've been using it in all my missions (check out my sig and try any of the Altis on Fire missions to see them in action) and they work pretty good in my mind. :)
  21. Cycle time for weather is a possible change every 20 minutes, and if you'd like, you can adjust that by tweaking the sleep values in the 'while {true} loop at the end of the script. Every 20 minutes a weather pattern will be chosen to move to from the current. Each weather pattern has specific patterns that it can move to. For example, if you look at the weather templates, say the current weather pattern is "Partly Cloudy", there's 3 possible patterns it can change to from that, Partly Sunny, Partly Cloudy (Again), and Mostly Cloudy.
  22. Really depends on what you want to do. If you want it to just be Heavy Fog through the entire mission, then I'd probably just not use the script and use the built in weather controls in the mission editor. If you do use the script, regardless what the initial weather is, it will update every so often. If you don't mind it changing, but always want it to start with Dense Fog when that's chosen, just change the "case 3:" line on line 130 to read: case 3: {rw2_Current_Weather = 7;};
  23. Hey mck. Sorry for the delay in responding. I'd almost bet that it has to do with the 'rw2Param' value in the main script and that it does not have the correct parameter number to match your parameters array. Unless you have the class initialWeatherParam as your first parameter in your class Params in your description.ext, you need to change that value in the weather script so it matches the correct one. ---------- Post added at 03:46 ---------- Previous post was at 03:44 ---------- For those of you that are following this thread I'd appreciate your support in my "Altis on Fire" entry to the Make Arma, Not War contest. If you wouldn't mind, head on over to the contest page and support it if you like it! Thanks!
  24. meatball

    [MP | COOP 02 - 10] Force Recon

    Please support "Altis on Fire" in the Make Arma, Not War contest! Force Recon is now included in the AoF pack!
  25. This mission has been integrated into the "Altis on Fire" campaign mission pack. Please check them out!