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  1. Hey guys, haven't really been keeping up with anything new with the script to be honest. @Tank - My guess is that something is off with the rw2Param variable (on Line 51). The whole paramsArray setup confuses a lot of folks. Basically you need to make sure that the number for that parameter is equal to which parameter you setup in your description.ext file for the weather script. But remember since all these params are stored in an array, the first class/parameter you have in your description.ext is actually '0', the second would be '1', etc. For more details, check out the A3 Mission Params wiki. @Procles - In my testing I found that simulWeatherSync didn't need to be used during weather updates. All it does is sync the cloud levels to match with the weather (overcast) settings on the local client. While you can immediately adjust the cloud levels at between two values at mission start, once a mission is running the Arma engine takes a _long_ time to adjust cloud levels from one value to another and they will slowly transition from one to another at a set rate based off the overcast levels no matter what you try to do. So there was no benefit of using the simul command for updates after the initial setup. Remember that there is no true way to 'synchronize' weather exactly across all clients. The way around that is to give all the clients the same starting values and then tell them to and move to another set of values over a set amount of time. Since the individual clients all have the same weather engine running, they will have nearly identical weather, but it will never be exact. You may see rain start a few seconds before another client does, but it'll be close enough that it shouldn't be noticeable. Hopefully, someday, BI will figure out true weather synch across clients that and all these weather scripts can go away. :)
  2. meatball

    Editing In Game Model - I_UAV_02_F

    Excellent, thanks.
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows of any way to yank the rear prop off the I_UAV_02_F model in game with a script? Want to use it for a static objective, but without the prop and can't seem to figure it out. Also, and I'm pretty sure it's impossible, does anyone know if there's any (with scripting again) to increase the models scale to say 2x?
  4. I'm trying to do a few things with Naval mines, specifically the bottom one, "UnderwaterMineAB". Couple of questions. 1) I can't seem to spawn them using anything other than placing them in editor. I've tried things like "mine1= createVehicle ["UnderwaterMineAB",(getmarkerpos "mineLoc"),[],5,"NONE"];" but it just doesn't spawn anything. 2) Is there any way to set it so players (and only players, not AI) will set those mines off? 3) There any way to disable the "I see a mine!" automated message a player yells out? 4) Is there any way to change the texture/color of them? I've tried just messing with the base colors by doing "mine1 setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,0)"];", but it doesn't do anything to it. Any ideas?
  5. Man oh man, I just can't figure out how to adjust the number of groups that get respawned after caching to adjust based on the marker size at that time. I believe I've narrowed down the block I need to edit I think to this one in eos_core.sqf: // SPAWN PATROLS for "_counter" from 1 to _bGrps do { if (isnil "_bGrp") then {_bGrp=[];}; if (_cache) then { _cacheGrp=format ["PA%1",_counter]; _units=_eosActivated getvariable _cacheGrp; _bSize=[_units,_units]; _bMin=_bSize select 0; if (_debug)then{player sidechat format ["ID:%1,restore - %2",_cacheGrp,_units];}; }; if (_bMin > 0) then { _pos = [_mkr,true] call SHK_pos; _bGroup=[_pos,_bSize,_faction,_side] call EOS_fnc_spawngroup; 0 = [_bGroup,_mkr] call EOS_fnc_taskpatrol; _bGrp set [count _bGrp,_bGroup]; 0=[_bGroup,"INFskill"] call eos_fnc_grouphandlers; if (_debug) then {PLAYER SIDECHAT (format ["Spawned Patrol: %1",_counter]);0= [_mkr,_counter,"patrol",getpos (leader _bGroup)] call EOS_debug}; }; }; Basically I just want the respawning groups from the AAF Side to increase in number based on marker size (the marker will slowly get larger until the players wipe it out.) I know I just need to plug something in like this if (_side==INDEPENDENT) then {_groupsVariable = floor(_mkrX / 10);}; Anyone have any idea where I should plug that in and what that '_groupsVariable' should be? I've tried _bGrps and _counter with no luck.
  6. I know this is an older thread, but just wondering, couldn't you apply those textures to a model already ingame?
  7. Yeah, I went through KK's tutorial and most of the wiki's and came up with some basic idea on how to do most of it with the exception of adding in the variable. I can basically do exactly what I want with a hint using the following format, but can't figure out how to put that into the cutRsc text: hint format ["Region Owned: %1%2",controlledVariable,"%"];
  8. Trying to create an object name by concatenating some text with a number that will increment based on a variable. So something like this: _objectName = "text" + _numVariable; I've tried to create a test object using createvehicle using this. _objectName = "I_UAV_02_F" createvehicle (getmarkerPos "center"); Problem is, I can't use _objectName to createVehicle because _objectName now has quotes around it. I need to be able to watch for that vehicles destruction, so I'm not sure where to go next. Any ideas?
  9. Random question. I have an EoS zone based on a marker that will expand/contract over time. Is there any way to have the zone adjust the number of infantry in the zone based on the size of the marker? I know I can calculate that when I originally start the zone, with something like this: null = [["MarkerName"],[0,0,0],[((getmarkerSize "MarkerName" select 0)/10),0,100],[0,0,0],[0,0],[0,0],[0,0,0],[2,1,500,INDEPENDENT,TRUE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn; Though if I do that, I think that the number of infantry will never change and be based on the size of the marker when I made that first call. I want the number of infantry to adjust up or down, based on the size of the marker when the players cross spawn distance threshold. So, say for example the marker is 100m in size, the original call should calculate 10 infantry groups. But say the players go into the zone later and the marker is now 200m in size, I'd want there to be 20... Any way to make that work?
  10. I'll test some of those, but I don't really have a problem actually creating the object, it's a matter of returning the actual objects name after creation so I can use it in other functions to watch for the destruction of the object.
  11. Anyone know of any way to make an area marker flash / blink on the map screen? MP compatible if possible.
  12. Yeah, there will be some issues. There is a failure trigger in all of them tied to all players being unconscious at the same time which checks a variable set by BTC. Also, in some of the missions where the players can 'auto-revive' that's tied to BTC as well. You can try it, but there's probably a good bit of rework in the missions if you want to make them work with a different revive script.
  13. New Version Update! Changelog v 1.05 - Episode 1: Added in a "Unit Scatter Distance" parameter to allow players to set initial unit scatter distance from 1 to 10 KM, default is 2.5KM - Episodes 1-3: Minor tweaks to AI settings. - Epilogue: Added in a new 'Epilogue' mission. The mission is very Alpha and still has some bugs in it, but I would love to get some feedback on where it stands so far. Don't have it published on Steam Workshop yet, but you can download direct from here. Latest Version Downloads: Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page Altis on Fire: Episode 1 on Steam Workshop Altis on Fire: Episode 2 on Steam Workshop Altis on Fire: Episode 3 on Steam Workshop Armaholic Link
  14. I almost hate to ask this, because I feel like zombie related stuff is getting old hat, but I've been monkeying around with a mission idea that requires some sort of unarmed menace that will chase the players around and Zombies are just the easiest to deal with from the perspective of creating all new models/animations and such. I've looked at the few scripts that are out there and would like something a bit cleaner/more robust. I also don't want to use any types of addons or mods, and want the whole thing to be completely script based. Could someone let me know if doing any of the following is feasible through script? 1) Be completely script based, no addons/mods required. 2) Be multiplayer compatible, so anyone in the playableUnits array that is in range of one of these units will set it off to go after them. 3) Change the skin tone of the infected units to grey or something that looks off. 4) Have the units wander aimlessly until a player gets within range, then the unit may move to investigate, and if the player gets closer, it will start to chase them. 5) When the unit gets up close and personal, hit the player and do damage. I've got a real basic script I've started working up, but it's just not looking right, and I'm not even sure some of these things can be done completely through script. Plus I'm thinking a behavior type script running for every 'zombie' unit out there will just kill server/host FPS/resources. Before I put a ton of time into this, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or ideas...
  15. I'm doing an intro where the player is in a heli that gets shot down and I'd like to play and loop the old missile warning sound that used to be in A2 until they go down. Anyone know if that's still hidden anywhere?
  16. NOTE: This mission is now part of the "Altis on Fire" Campaign. Please check out the AoF campaign thread for more information and support! Altis Force Recon: West COOP 2-10 Players by Meatball Description: The invasion of Altis has begun! The 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion of the USMC 2nd Marine Division has been staged to support the larger invasion of Altis. The Force Recon Company of 2nd Recon Battalion has been sent in as the spearhead to create chaos, confusion and destruction throughout western Altis. Features: - Over 61 Missions/Sub Missions with randomized AI for long term replayability for 2 - 10 players! - Parameters available to change number of enemies (based on amount of players), enemy skill level, weather, time of day, and ambient Civilans - Headless Client support and auto detection. - Unlimited player revives, but player must be revived by other players. Installation: - Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder. Changelog: v 0.91 - No longer need to search through the huge task list to find task information when looking at your map. Simply click near the marker on your map and the task information will be displayed! - Tweaked VAS Box to limit available gear to Blufor equipment. - Added a Parameter to allow disabling of the VAS. Will limit roles to default loadouts. - Continued balancing of AI in an attempt to remove some of the AI load from the server. - Added in a few 'surprises' for players. - Tweaked the out of bounds triggers. - Few task and mission fixes. v0.9 - Headless Client Support and auto detection now built in! To use a Headless client, load up the mission, connect to the mission as an admin and then connect the Headless client. The HC should connect to the Civilian Headless Client Slot. NOTE: If the HC crashes/disconnects during mission, you will need to restart the mission and reconnect the HC for AI to work properly. - New 'Recon Engineer' role should be able to handle all of your repair needs. - Players will now air drop at the Central Altis step off point as opposed to just being teleported there. Remember to open your chute! - JIP players can now air drop on the rest of the team as opposed to having to grab a boat and try to meet up with the team. - Added in parameter to turn ambient Civilians on/off as I found they were actually causing a decent hit on larger game FPS counts. Default setting is Off. - Added in Zealot's Civilian Vehicle Spawn script to add randomly spawned civilian vehicles into towns & cities. - Multiple AI spawning/caching improvements to speed up spawn and caching speeds. -Added in a handful of new missions and random events to the mission. - Lots of task and mission fixes. - AI balancing adjustments. - Removed edits to the base loadouts for each role since VAS is available for players to loadout any way they wish. Known Issues: - Players will occasionally lose their ability to revive or be revived unless they disconnect/reconnect to the server. Bug reported to BTC Revive script writer, Giallustio. - If you hijack a vehicle from a defended area and drive outside of the caching range, the vehicle may despawn. Bug reported to AI Spawn Script Pack writer, spunFin. Credits & Thanks: - AI Spawn Script Pack by spunFIN - =BTC= Revive by Giallustio - Civilian Vehicle Spawn by Zealot - Headless Client Auto Detector by elec - MAD Ambient Life by MAD T (Based on TPW's Work) - Repetitive Cleanup Script by Aeroson - SHK Taskmaster Script by Shuko - SLP Spawning Script by Nomadd - Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) by Tonic Latest Version: - Armaholic Link (Thanks Big!) - Altis Force Recon: West
  17. Looks like you're right kakadk. I don't know what's changed in the last few patches, but it now appears impossible to destroy bridges. I tried 20 demo charges and 10 satchels and it didn't even scratch any of the bridges. I also tried to force the bridges to full damage and while they were 'damaged' they didn't show any signs of it. I've updated that task to now require the players to mine each bridge with 3-4 mines to complete it. To get the latest info for Force Recon and the other Altis on Fire missions, check out the main Campaign thread I've created for all three of the Altis on Fire missions.
  18. New Version Update! Changelog v 1.04 - Episode 1: Redesign of the 'drop' mechanism to create better randomization of drops. - Episode 2: Bug fix for the Kavala "Destroy Bridges" task. Now changed to "Mine Bridges". Must mine the 4 bridges with 3-4 mines each to complete task. - Episode 2: Added in a few basic crates at step off points to give the players some extra starting gear. - Episode 3: Minor tweaks to the AI levels. Latest Version Downloads: Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page Altis on Fire: Episode 1 on Steam Workshop Altis on Fire: Episode 2 on Steam Workshop Altis on Fire: Episode 3 on Steam Workshop Armaholic Link
  19. I've been digging, but don't see any way to do this. Is there any way to take a trigger created in the editor, and then using script move it to a new location (a marker or object) in script later in a mission?
  20. Dagnabbit, I tried that and it didn't work, but I must have had something wrong. That looks like it's working now. Thanks!
  21. Heya, glad you like them! Bridges seem to act a bit weird. The best way we've found to knock them down consistently is to put one or two explosive satchels in the center of the span and it should knock it down. But we've seen it go down with one and sometimes it takes more. Definitely needs more bang than just a few charges though.
  22. New Version Update! Changelog: v 1.03 - Various minor bug fixes and tweaks across all three missions. Latest Version Downloads: Make Arma, Not War Contest Entry Page Altis on Fire: Episode 1 on Steam Workshop Altis on Fire: Episode 2 on Steam Workshop Altis on Fire: Episode 3 on Steam Workshop Armaholic Link I've also extended the video contest through the end of August! Make some videos of any Altis on Fire missions and post them here for a chance to win a copy of the A3 DLC bundle!
  23. Excellent, I'll give it a shot!
  24. I've created a simple script to move a player to a random point within 250m of where they died when they respawn, but I'm finding on occasion that they respawn right next to some enemy. Anyone have any idea of a simple way to tweak it so it'll check to make sure that there's no enemy near that point? The players are side EAST, so anyone not EAST should force it to check for a new spot. Here's the base script I have: _posCurrent = _this select 0; _posNeg = random(1); if (_posNeg > 0.5) then {_posNeg = 1} else {_posNeg = -1}; _x = _posCurrent select 0; _y = _posCurrent select 1; _tmpPos = [_x+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),_y+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),0]; while {surfaceiswater _tmpPos} do { _posNeg = random(1); if (_posNeg > 0.5) then {_posNeg = 1} else {_posNeg = -1}; _tmpPos = [_x+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),_y+(_posNeg*(250+(random 250))),0]; }; player setPos _tmpPos; Thanks in advance!
  25. Still working fine for me. When you say you can't set the starting weather, where are you trying to set it? Did you make the proper entry into the description.ext file?