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  1. I give up

    How to improve visibility range?

    Assuming the fog is not mission related (weather), you need to set Bloom to 0 (zero) for having a clean view.
  2. I give up

    How to improve visibility range?

    For visibility at that range you need to set Objects to Ultra.
  3. I give up

    Sound update ruined this game...

    There is no such thing. Headsets have some kind of virtualization effects provided by some dubious software that only contribute for a erroneous perception about directional and positional sound. No one (that knows the sound word meaning) will use such nonsense, even more for gaming. Also, I dont use a headset, I have headphones. For games I have a Asus Xonar as sound card and a Sennheiser HD 598 as headphones. Also I have a 5.1 Creative surround speaker system and that's why I know that ARMA 3 does not have support for 5.1 or/and even any configuration possible.
  4. I give up

    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Ok, I am convinced, Please make it like this, I presume these are the right ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaeiqAomz7g
  5. I give up

    Arma 3 2DEditor and you! Please leave feedback!

    3D editor is a valuable addiction. But, I hope we can keep 2D editor. As a matter of power saving.
  6. I give up

    FMOD in ARMA 3

    Please consider this option. I will pay it as DLC, if needed.
  7. I give up

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    I am sorry for sounding like a lunatic, but. I dont see where is the cpu bottleneck. I see a cpu and gpu bottleneck after some memory cache loaded (and it is more noticeable under higher graphics settings), but cpu bottleneck? I am sorry, I cant see it.
  8. I give up

    Sound update ruined this game...

    You have my support.
  9. I give up

    Funny & interesting videos

  10. Yes it is. You or your friend can host the server. Put a password on it and only you both will have access.
  11. I give up

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    If anything needs to be done about Syria, it should be "support Russia". Because this time they are on the rigtht side of the fight.
  12. I give up

    Why are life servers receiving so much hate?

    There is no such thing. Life is a mod, not vanilla. All this discussion about credits is just a non sense, Credits for mods? lawl. Btw, Life is receiving so much hate because it sucks and has nothing to do with ARMA.
  13. I give up

    Reporting a server for stealing content

    I had a similar issue on Life server, I was the Sheriff and some guy stole my deputy (which as was female), Not cool,
  14. I give up

    AMD CPU Bottleneck?

    Looks perfectly normal to me, the performance vs cpu speed, In this or some other game that it have "a true AI". Btw, which graphics card are you using? I see you are using 5280x1050. That's triple screen or what? GPU Vram usage?
  15. I give up

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    I am forced to post again because some useless wikipedia spam troll keeps posting and quoting out of context (not you). Yes mate, DDR4 can in fact improve performance with ARMA 3, under certain circumstances. DDR4 with Haswell will not bring significant improvements for ARMA. DDR4 with Skylake will bring noticeable improvements, mainly due to CPU memory controller which is the first one that can really take advantage from the higher frequencies of DDR4. Why? In first place because data rate in DDR4 has an improvement of 50%, when compared with DDR3. Data rate on DDR3 has a max of 2133 Mb/s and in DDR4 has a max of 3200 Mb/s. In second place because an i7 4470K it has a max memory bandwidth of 25 GB/s and an i7 6700K has a max memory bandwidth of 34.1 GB/s, this is basically a 50% increase when compared with Sandy Bridge. And in a game like ARMA 3 heavily dependent of memory performance can bring some improvements. And why is the can? For performance improvements we need to have at least 16 GB of RAM, here the game cache will mainly rely and it will be provided by the physical RAM and under this circumstances RAM performance is a crucial factor. If we have only 8 GB of RAM, at some point the game will start to cache using he Pagefile (virtual memory), at this point RAM ceases to be the main factor and the Hard Disk (where Pagefile is managed) starts to predominate. Under this situation (having 8 GB of RAM) is better to have a fast Hard DIsk than a fast RAM. Here the improvements from DDR4 are not noticiable, still there are some. All the rest are fairy tales from clueless wikipedia users.
  16. I give up

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Mate, anything that can fight the slavery concept of W10 will have my support. Still, this game is not dependent of what can be the outcome of these APIs. Here we are struggling with something above of those APIs.
  17. I give up

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    I am going post for the last time in this thread. I have opened it in the hope that we could have some clarification or even some improvements in game performance, but all I've got is useless spam. I could have named this thread Pagefile (virtual memory) because the subject applies in to both (physical and virtual), I have chose physical in the hope that could make it simpler. With that said, also want to say that I am perfectly aware (and documented) about of what is happening. 32 bit Breaking Barrier was indeed a revolutionary change and in fact it helped at that time. It helped with physical RAM (4 GB average at that time) and it helped to surpass the 3GB limitation of x86 systems since it is quite clear that due to ARMA architecture more than 3GB are needed in matters of cache or cached data. With ARMA 2 (OA) textures (shaders, lighting, shadows, etc) have a relative small size (because it s DirectX 9) and the impact of these on files cache size practically goes unnoticed. With such small size it can be managed without major issues. So the impact in performance was benefic. The issue is. With ARMA 3 and because it is DirectX 11 the same data is considerably larger consequently the cached files/cache used (virtual or physical) are/is considerably larger and with this size there is no way to manage such data properly under a x86 archicture, consequently the impact in performance is negative, sometimes really nasty. Just as example, Chernarus and Takistan (A2) together use less cache than Stratis alone. I am sure that game developers are aware of this, I guess thats why at some point they gave some support to Fred and his malloc, which for obvious reasons was condemned to fail. There is no way for this game (or any other) to deal with large blocks, at start it may be possible that we can see a performance increase, but after a short time of usage what we see is a drastic degradation in performance, for obvious reasons. Its up to developers, maybe they want to find an appropriate solution in matters of cached files for the current version, or maybe they just prefer to keep letting people complaining about CPU and GPU bottleneck Anyway, peace.
  18. I give up

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Obviously other games doesn't matter, but you have none. The question is you know why? If you dont, most likely, here is not the right place for you to learn. Anyway, everybody knows (I think) that high memory consumption increases computation time and vice versa. Unless ARMA 3 is different. It is? You tell me. Still, the reason of this thread is not only about RAM load, is mainly about its management (as the tittle of the thread indicates), Do you how it is being managed? If you do just tell me, i'll say thanks.
  19. I give up

    POLL: New Update - regarding new font and sound

    Blame me whatever you want, But the sound was much better in first days of A3 (and i can prove it). Peace.
  20. I give up

    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Again, AI is the best thing on ARMA 3 I cant wait to see it on Linux.
  21. I give up

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Mate, you've convinced me. I am going to uninstall and wait for ARMA 3 on Linux. Peace. best of luck.
  22. I give up

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    So far, I am failing to see where is the big, the acclaimed, the announced performance miracle provided by Vulkan. From what I can see is just an OpenGL v2016. Now, for AMD users Mantle could have been a useful and grateful api, Vulkan ..bah more OpenGL.. I guess Mr Bill Gates and its DX12 will be ruling the world. Well, I have no options, I am go to install a webcam in my toilet just to be sure that Mr Bill Gates knows what was my lunch.