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  1. Yes. it is a bug also related with players. If we (as players) dive the mini sub with hatch open we (as players) also do not use (or need) the rebreather to survive under water.
  2. Since we are talking about bugs ... The AI does not use rebreather while inside mini sub, even with hatch open. :P https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/138904-arma-3-photography-no-images-over-100kb-pictures-only-no-comments/page-60#entry3007959
  3. I give up

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Nah,not even close, 5870 is a beast and has to be because the cost in 2009 was higher than a 380 in 2016. The capacity for overclocking (clocks and voltage) is just amazing. Runs all current games flawless and for ARMA 3 is the best since it have only 1GB of VRAM. The best AMD card for DX11.
  4. I give up

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I would like to make 2 suggestions. Taking as example some other games who have PP effects, why do you do not create some PP presets so we can choose. Right now we have default and custom. Having some PP presets pre-configured would be a nice addiction, I believe. Can you make the inserted values (numerical) in PP settings to be accepted when we click Ok? Right now the only way to change PP is moving the slide bar which is somehow frustrating when we are fine tuning. Make it like the other similar settings in game (like view distance for instance) where the inserted numerical value is accepted and saved when we click Ok. Thank you,
  5. I give up

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Same here. all white at night.
  6. I give up

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    if we could have the ground textures aka terrain color like it was before visual update, would be great. After today update is still toooo bright, affects every single island, but those who have less vegetation and/or less grass the ground just become white. All the rest is perfectly fine and awesome.
  7. I give up

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Honeslty mate, that's software related, not hardware as AMD is claiming to be. If mine old 5870 had 3 GB of Vram (instead of 1GB() would smoke easily the newest 380 series (on DX11). Wait, 5870 also does not have ACE.
  8. Hello fellow internauts. To me looks perfectly fine, in fact it looks better than fine, just looks superb. I apologise for the "bit laggy footage" but I am recording this with a Intel Celeron at 3.0 Ghz and with a ATI 5870 having 4 GB of DDR2 RAM, with all maxed, 5000 VD except textures because with 1 GB of VRAM the max I am allowed (by game settings ) is Very High, also recording with Lagarith Lossless. for obvious reasons I can't have stable 60 FPS. Still It's a dam nice job , keep it up dear developers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esfpwCao_rE&nohtml5=False
  9. Nvidia, if you are an ARMA 3 player. All the rest are fairy tales. In fact, you have convinced me with latest dev branch, Moving to Nvidia.
  10. I give up

    Is CSAT really that Over Powered?

    Short answer, No. The different levels, armour, skill, etc, are the same of Nato or FIA forces (when having similar gear). The only overpowered beast from CSAT is the freakin Gunship, can easily put down and without mercy a full geared F-18.
  11. Hello, fellow internauts. Obviously water reflections will have some impact on performance, when we set to awesome. Still if a 10 year old graphics card can afford it, I believe there is no issue here. The terrain is acting a bit weird, in some islands like Bozcaada or Chernarus, for instance, Is just too bright. In vanilla is ok. Now, think a bit forward, Tanoa expansion will be based in a tropical environment, can you imagine how it will look based on recent graphic improvements? I can, In fact I have contacted my lawyer to deal with divorce stuff, because I will marry my screen when that happens.
  12. I give up

    Arma 3 Development Compensation

    Yes, you can be rich with ARMA 3. Here you can see how. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/174588-legal-violations-by-a3l-arma-3-life/page-71#entry2933163 Just be aware about tax law enforcement marshals.
  13. I give up

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Basically. Due to DX11 architecture the driver is the "boss" and Nvidia made it working well, in fact Nvidia DX11 driver was already doing what is being done by DX12 itself, the main difference is that now with DX12 the driver have less or none importance. That's why AMD with DX12 is basically having the same performance of Nvidia with DX12. AMD never made a decent driver for DX11 (in comparison with Nvidia) and consequently AMD never was able to extract all the "juice" from DX11. DX12 do not relies on driver, API architecture is the "boss", that's why both brands are at same level, atm. Some reading that may help to understand. https://developer.nvidia.com/dx12-dos-and-donts
  14. I give up

    Arma Eau De Combat Question

    I am using the "eau" since 1989, when I was recruited. Love how "combat" smells.
  15. Memory is a bit of a complicated subject, I dont know if I can put this in way that everyone can understand, but I will try. In first place, memory is the place where the data is stored to be accessed by the CPU and consequently by the GPU. There 2 types of memory, Physical (RAM) and Virtual (Page File). Physical is the one that we have available provided by our memory (hardware modules). Virtual is the one provided by the Operative System. managed by the Hard Disk (and stored in Hard Disk) for when we need more memory than the Physical (memory modules) that we have available can provide. Just be aware that when the application starts to use virtual memory (page file) the performance is not even close from the one provided by the physical memory, no matter the architecture of the memory and/or hard drive, it is always worse. I am not going to explain why since is a bit complicated, but if you look at your Motherboard architecture you'll understand the differences between RAM and Hard Disk in matters of communication speed to the CPU. Now physical memory (RAM) performance. There are 2 factors, speed (frequency) and latency (known my CAS). Speed or frequency is the time that RAM takes to process the data, Latency is the time that RAM takes to send and receive in to CPU and vice versa. Means that a high frequency at higher latency does not provide by itself a better performance. I'll try to put this simple so everyone can understand. Let's say that you are playing a online game which has the netcode server side based. and you have a nice machine that can give to you 300 FPS, but you are playing in a server where you have a latency of 500 ms. You have a nice performance with game but when you join to that server you have lag (delay), why is that? Just because having the game a netcode server based you have to wait for your packets to travel in to server and then, after processed, the server will return the packet to you. This with a ping of 500 ms obviously cause delay (lag), and consequently inaccurate output no matter the performance of your local machine or the server itself. The same applies to RAM, when you have it running at higher frequencies theoretically it would give better performance but then when you have it also with higher latencies that maybe not true. just because, even the data can be processed faster, your CPU will take more time to receive it and send it back. Also this affects GPU performance because it is the third factor in the chain, let's say. That's why a DDR3 at 1600 CAS 7 provides basically the same performance of a at 3200 DDR4 CAS 15, despite the differences in architecture. Now Large Pages. Large Pages are applied only in to physical memory (RAM) and are only effective when your system has RAM enough and do not need to use Virtual Memory, otherwise it will be more like a placebo. For a game like ARMA 3 I will say that at least 16GB of RAM are needed to effectively use Large Pages, otherwise memory management will mainly rely on Virtual Memory (page file) which is provided by the Hard Disk (under this situation a fast SSD will help more than the fastest RAM). With Large Pages enabled basically we are increasing more than 1000 times the size of the data chunks that are being processed, refreshed and flushed (RAM) and accessed by the CPU and consequently by the GPU. In a game with ARMA 3 architecture which heavily relies on memory in matters of data (storage and processing) there is no way for the chunks of data with this size to be processed within acceptable timings. That's why after some time (when these chunks start to be refreshed/flushed) we have a degradation in performance, mainly because because the CPU (and consequently the GPU) are stopped waiting for the data. Hope it is clear for everyone.
  16. It happens to you and everyone who really plays this game, in fact I am pretty sure that's why developers have dropped the support in to Fred's malloc. Large pages can in fact improve performance in some situations, but applications that have an intensive memory usage (which is the case of ARMA 3) are prone to performance degradation when using large pages. This is known since the beginning of the times.