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  1. I give up

    Just came back to A3 - Disappointed

    You people can complain whatever you want but one thing I can assure, Arma is unique and ARMA 3 still is the best game out there. About personal beliefs, nothing we can do, not even a game.
  2. Honeslty, the game is already very demanding about graphics subject, why do you want more? Do you have a Nasa Setup?
  3. It is perfect. Please keep it.
  4. I give up

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    I am fatigued.
  5. I give up

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    I am serious. That's enough to make it a serious game.
  6. I give up

    Someone wrote a thesis on ARMA 3

    I am imagining myself as a female, playing as Sheriff's girlfriend in some Life server still being forced to use a male avatar, that's indeed a nasty situation. But hey, there's still some games with female avatars, Second Life for instance.
  7. I give up

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    Yes, it was scientifically tested.
  8. I have to agree. Atacama heat is just too much.
  9. I give up

    I have been a good boy.

    Not really, I am here for vodka, all the rest is secondary.
  10. I give up

    I have been a good boy.

    1. Done. 2. Done. 3. A bottle of Absolut 100
  11. The "weapon sway" is a bit exaggerated, mainly when we are firing from crouched position with full stamina and not "fatigued". But I dont see it as a bad thing, this way is forcing the players to think better before engaging, is forcing the need of strategies, is forcing to play as a team, is forcing the use of more weapons to engage instead of a simple "bullet" and is forcing to have some advantage (numerical, strategic or positional) before engaging, not having it the chances for success are low, as it should be. Without the above ARMA 3 is just one more shooter (like many out there) where you can run and shoot destroying an entire enemy squad just because you are an amazing lone wolf. So, I like the way it is. This is ARMA.
  12. I give up

    Someone wrote a thesis on ARMA 3

    Female death battalions, gay formations (btw, when you say gay formations are you referring to male or female?), hell, it looks that you want to turn this subject in to a discrimination issue and that is not correct. If you look at ARMA 3 (vanilla) we are supposed to play as Nato Forces, now point me one force that belongs to Nato that have female soldiers in combat situations, there is none and that's why we do not have female soldier models. Like i've said the only reason for female models is Life Modification, but then we also should have babies in game because is there where everything starts. Now, since Life is a modification why do you do not create a modification with some female models and monetize with some Life server? That's how it should be done, requesting female models in vanilla just does not make sense, according to game concept.
  13. I give up

    Someone wrote a thesis on ARMA 3

    And that's because CS has female models? Obviously not since do not have. The only people really worried about this subject are those who play Life, since most likely they want Life to become reality or vice versa. If BIS want to enforce Life and such then I agree that female models should be added, otherwise this subject is a no subject. Also about thesis, Ive read it and I could see that is not about Amed Assaut series, it is about ARMA 3, with that said if I was part of committee I would score as Pass with Major Revisions.
  14. I give up

    Someone wrote a thesis on ARMA 3

    Dont be worried mate. thesis in general are just a load of bs. I have made one.
  15. I give up

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    Totally correct. But who cares about AI when you have the awesome Life
  16. I give up

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    You little girl stop complaining we just need this to be applied in all MP server.
  17. I give up

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    Or even better. Make it detected by battleye, if someone try join MP with it disabled it will be a goodbye.
  18. I give up

    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    It is better, no doubts. Now please can you (BIS) remove from game the options that allow to disable fatigue and stamina? In order to make the game equal for everybody.
  19. I give up

    Duel Install

    Probably you mean dual. If you mean duel here you have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKfn5wAp_U4 If you mean dual then I dont see how is possible to have 2 separated installations with a unique game key and if you are running ARMA 3 through Steam i dont really see how this can be possible. If is possible than we have a major security breach and pirates will say thanks. Anyway, what ARMA 3 has do to with DayZ?
  20. I give up

    My experience in buying Arma 3 Special Edition

    The cat is included or not?
  21. I give up

    AI discussion [Any Branch]

    AI in ARMA 3 is the best. Sure, there are some issues, but not really related with AI, more related with colisions, terrain, buildings, etc. Show me some other game where you can do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKxKyXICc2M
  22. I give up

    A3 futuristic

    I am sorry but you guys are wrong, In fact there is a futuristic vehicle/weapon ready for the most advanced warfare scenarios. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsMe4ySST34
  23. I give up

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    Yes. Stiil, the fire is not a bad idea, also.
  24. I give up

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    What the hell !! 8000 for a 7 year old car ?? Someone tricked the guy.
  25. I give up

    What's wrong with the official MP Missions?

    This. Why? Because ARMA is not about PvP. ARMA is all about COOP and was exactly COOP that made this game a success. The main difference from ARMA 2 to ARMA 3 is that with 2 and OA there was nice and skilled mission makers building these COOP missions (remember Domination?), in fact BIS itself was supporting and helping them with these missions for ARMA 2. With ARMA 3 these people went way they just gave up, dont know if it was because BIS decided to support some other type missions or something else, I know they are not here anymore and consequently everyone is losing. For PvP there are some other games aimed exactly for this game type with which BIS should not be worried trying to compete. Bring back COOP, bring back those people. If not, BIS should start to make decent COOP missions.