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  1. 1.

    Can that happen? They do not exist. Maybe hide them and disable their simulation or something.


    Drivers in CARELESS moving at slow with the disembark waypoints for the HMGs to have the units not in the transport vehicle condition.


    For spotting this in the iniPlayerLocal.sqf

    player setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef", ("PARAM_CAMO_coef" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue )/ 10];
    player setUnitTrait ["audibleCoef", ("PARAM_Hear_coef" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue )/ 10];

    For flashlights:





    And politely speaking most of the above was found with a very simple google search. The others I have used personally. So maybe you could try helping yourself that way :scratchchin:

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  2. It might sound insane but maybe you can try:

    nameOfUnit1 action ["Eject",T1];
    nameOfUnit2 action ["Eject",T1];
    nameOfUnit3 action ["Eject",T1];
    nameOfUnit4 action ["Eject",T1];

    Have witnessed similar situations so I just placed different triggers with same conditions and with the sleep timer. As long as it works and it is simple I keep it. Pros might find such things funny but since it works and does not lag anything ... :thumbsup:


    And if the above does not work maybe these will:



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  3. 1- Try placing what you have in the init.sqf to the initPlayerLocal.sqf .

    2- Seems to be a known issue with the script that has not been fixed:


    Checked it out and it indeed has two lines of addAction seemingly doing the same thing. The thing is to change a script you have to have permissions and such, whereas the thread does not state we can alter it. Hence I did not research it any further. Best of luck with your project!

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  4. But if the unit dies in the trigger area it is already in the area so the trigger to fire is expected.


    Maybe I got confused. What are you trying to do exactly? If you could more details would help. Maybe a simple:

    NameOfUnit1 distance nameOfHelpingInvisibleHelipad < NumberOfMeters or NameOfUnit2 distance nameOfHelpingInvisibleHelipad < NumberOfMeters or ...

    could work so as not to stall your project.


    Edit: Or if you mean if he dies in the trigger a latter condition is fired although he is killed maybe this can help:


    ({_x in thisList && alive _x} count units test1)

    not tested so it could just show an error. 

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  5. Quote

    thanks mate the objectname must i put the name of the pic there or does it stay like that.

    Place the name of the Rugged TV and if it does not have a name you can give the TV one.


    Then the code you can put in the activation field of a trigger. In the condition place true . That should work. If you do not want a trigger you can try placing this instead of the objectname if you place the code in the Rugged TVs initisalization field.

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  6. Maybe there is something missing:


    _objectname setObjectTexture [0, "\img\pic1.jpg"];

    the \ . Also when opening the screen at about the buttom there is a path you can use to insert the image directly. In Arma in general even if an \ is / it will not find the files. Common in programming I believe.  Other sort of issues are file formats like being a .png and not a .jpg .

  7. 21 hours ago, Hery387 said:

    Hello, I am going to look at the scripts, but it is just awkward to need script in order to have normally working AI. And the Second option is not really possible, the AIs take like 10 seconds to hop in and no one wants to look at black screen for 10 seconds.

    Ten seconds is not too much if you show the mission name, needed details, maybe an image or a loading screen and such.

    Oh and you can just:

    NameOfUnit disableAI "MOVE";

    for the units the leader orders to disembark and when the convoy is moving you can

    NameOfUnit enableAI "MOVE";

    it again. Or even:


    NameOfUnit enableSimulation false;

    for as long as needed. Unless one of those units is the driver. If so you can try this on the other unit and see if anything changes. Or just have them start with simulation false and after a few seconds enable it again. Also the

     enableSentences false;

    can help to hide him giving orders.