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  1. Yep. An improvement like this would really enhance take on helicopters since the sea and river graphics are a drawback in the game. And that if you consider that in many places you can literally walk or land on rivers like nothing is happening. It is really annoying especially when enemies can also cross these rivers.

  2. Personally I can do nothing more than agree with you and add some more suggestions to this thread. I would really like to fly, for example, a Chinook which is a known helicopter with many capabilities. It would be a unique flight experience that could be accompanied by some military type missions such as troop transportation which would provide a perfect multiplayer environment for those who add arma 3 or take on helicopters rearmed to their game-play. And one more ,Agusta, hello would be nice. The AW139 which could serve for different kinds of missions, military and commercial.

  3. Halo to all. I have recently "played" operation, samrakent sth topgun. I started this special mission being on foot with a helicopter besides me and a fellow, I believe, soldier walking around me. After a minute or so he started walking away from me. During this time of me watching this AI no instructions were given to me as for this man but there was a checkpoint of some kind which wrote investigate and destroy, or something like that. Well I got on board my hello and flew there. There I saw a wounded soldier and another one standing. I got closer and although those guys were wearing the same uniform as me they started shooting at the chopper. Strange. So I shot them with some missiles and they were killed. Very nice. But then nothing happened although I got out of my chopper and I shut it down!?!?!?

    Then I flew towards the guy that I saw before, and guess what he was doing. Yep he just kept on walking and walking like a lost tourist of some kind.......?????.......

    But that's not all. What is the point of other AI helicopters flying, shooting each other and me apparently? I did not get it. Who are these guys?

    Also, and sorry for tiring you, why is there a non flyable air zone, which if you breach, the hello is destroyed?

    What on earth is that thing?

    What am I supposed to do?

    Thank you for your time.

    Every bit of help will be appreciated.

  4. Just one short question. Is there a site in which someone can download the missions made by the programming experts, take on helicopters players? I know that you can download some from the forum but isn't there a more specific place to search in? It would be far more easier than opening all the threads with a relative title. Is there another way here? Thanks in advance.

  5. Well, to start with all these upgrades help you by unlocking private contracts in the career mode which are profitable missions for gaining money and experience. If I recall correctly the private contract in which you pursue some speed boats requires the FLIR and the camera.

    Furthermore, the FLIR helps you in multiplayer missions such as Seattle evac in which the copilot locates the survivors by using the FLIR. Without it, it is extremely difficult to accomplish this mission. (it is already equipped in multiplayer missions)

    Last but not least, you mentioned that your mirrors work? Mine never work....

    Sorry for not being very helpful but can you tell me how exactly you made the mirrors work? Should I change the so called mo too?

    Thanks no matter what.....

  6. To tell you the truth I am facing the same problem of money shortage. I however haven't sold the heavy helicopter but I am gathering money by replaying the private contracts. It is a bit boring and the profits ain't much but there doesn't seem to be another way of gaining money. And I have indeed tried to alter the saved profile but it is, unfortunately, coded script unlike some other games and simulators. But there is another problem. I am not aware if the helipad base can have more than three choppers. The heavy construction, which you cannot sell, the light and a medium. Sorry that I can't help more.......

  7. Hallo to everyone. I have tried playing the myltiplayer mission desert hawks multiple times but i face the same problem again and again. After i deliver the crate back to the base and the game assigns a new task of escorting a heavy military helicopter, even though i try to keep up with the other chopper it is impossible since my top speed in my medium helicopter doesn't exceed 235 km/h and the heavy helicopter reaches a speed of i believe 280 km/h. The distance between me and the heavy helicopter reaches 5 km!!!!! And after a while the game politely informs me that i have failed my objective. I believe that there is a bug here but in case that everything is normal, what is it that i do so wrong? Thanks in advance.....

  8. I have recently visited a multiplayer server and tried to play operation cutthroat. My problem there was that when i took a helicopter as a pilot i could not shoot whether i was piloting the light or the medium helicopters. What i would like to know is if there is anything wrong with the scenario or if it is normally not possible for the pilot to shoot and if not, then who can shoot? Only the copilot? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance......