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    In Greece Easter is on the 2nd of May but for other countries it is about a month ahead. Due to that the release will happen earlier. Easter Egg Hunting even if indoors. Go Go Go!

    Included so far :

    30 different Easter egg textures

    1 Static Easter egg which is custom texture applicable

    4 different bowls and baskets for the eggs
    6 different bunnies including chocolate and artistic ones
    2 broken egg parts that are custom texture applicable
    2 base for the eggs
    3 Easter decorations

    1 Shelf Furniture for Easter Eggs


    Installation how to :

    If downloading the file directly just swipe it in the launcher addon section. All done!

    QA :

    Q: How often will updates come out?
    A: If able we will add a Pickable Easter egg that can be painted. Suggestions also welcome.

    Q: Has this addon been tested?
    A: Many times in the editor.

    Q: Has this addon been signed?
    A: Yes it has been signed.

    Q: Where can I find the items in the editor?
    A: The classnames are such that using the term Easter will show all items.


    Website Sublink: here .

    Steam Link: here .

    Direct Download Link: here .


    Gallery :












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  2. When you douple click on it in the editor I believe there is a path that leads to the ship's .paa texture. You should be able to locate that change it and call it from your path. If the location of the .paa file is not there right click on the ship and config viewer. The path should be there. But don't change the .paa vanilla texture. Add yours in the mission file and call it from there.


    In order to have the texture accesible you should have Arma 3 Tools, the .pbo extracted and the P drive mounted. It is not simple if you have not tried it before. 

  3. You gotta check with another video so as to see if the video is to blame too. 

    And the 24 cutText why the 24? First time I saw that one.

    Also waitUntil { scriptDone _video }; which is the _video script? I believe that should be the name of the script like this:

    intro_video = [] execVM "intro.sqf";    
    waitUntil {scriptDone intro_video};

    Hope the above helps. Have not released a mission for like 8 months or so. Can't concentrate enough so I just make some addonish content.

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    Included in the pack:

    30 Different T-Shirt textures
    2 Wearable Cowboy Hats
    1 3D Logo for the A3C


    Q: How often will updates come out?
    A: It depends on two main factors. The amount of free time we have got and on the suggestions or self chosen textures that will be added. Some textures are more difficult than others.

    Q: How can I suggest a T-Shirt texture?
    A: Either directly in our Contact link of our website or via the Steam thread or Comments section or through the Arma 3 forums thread. The options have been mentioned from the fastest to the slowest method. Please do not suggest images with copyright or inappropriate ones.

    Q: Has this addon been tested?
    A: Many times actually in the editor.

    Q: Has this addon been signed?
    A: It has indeed. The key for servers is also included in the file. If something is missing please let me know.

    Installation how to:

    If downloading the file directly just extract the addon and insert it in your Arma 3 directory. After that just load the addon via the Arma 3 launcher. If you cannot see the addon just swipe it in the launcher addon section. All done!


    Website Link: here.

    Steam Link: here.

    Direct Download Link: here.


    Showcase Gallery:




















    All feedback is appreciated. Also in this addon there is plenty of room for suggestions including T-Shirt Logos, no copyright Icons and sketches. 

    Please do not hesitate to suggest appropriate icons and sketches. If a suggestion goes unanswered please post it again because we most likely have somehow missed it. Thanks!

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  5. Quote


    The problem in germany is that the leftys in the politics want to abolish the german military and want to form a EU-army.

    Also they work against proper equipment and training for our forces which leads to widespread unhappyness in the army when they need to go to battle with sub-par equipment or need to request american CSAR-helicopters because the german army does have CSAR-personnel, but no suited helicopters...



    Don't think an EU army will ever be created. Not even the NATO one does its job. Our borders are being breached sometimes every day by fighter jets and NATO does nothing. Cyprus is still not free too after all those years. Well apart from  the WWII events Germany and Turkey politically tend to be friendly. That way no consequences for Turkey were implemented after them sending armies of illegal immigrants at our borders. You must have heard of that. Germany I believe sent help too. 20 police officers at Ebro if I am not mistaken. Wow... So an EU army would never really do anything. Not even in small matters do they react. Especially now that UK is gone from the EU. The UK fleet that were not allowing refuges to board their ships at the Smyrni disaster. Also I was not talking about seeing a German and cursing him or anything but no working with a German and such would not be good. Although it is true that many people from Greece have gone to Germany to work. Judging nations according to what their politicians do is totally wrong in general by the way but when the people are the ones hurting you that cannot be forgotten. Whole villages were executed just like that. We will not forget that no matter what happens. Oh and we bought some submarines from Germany too. They could not float. After years of repairs they were finally operational. But then our awesome politicians had forgotten to buy the needed torpedoes. Such acts are common from the politicians around here. We could even buy SU fighter jets from Russia and in return we would be pay in food but yet they said no. Gladly the Americans send us everything they do not need any more but as for us to buy spare parts afterwards. And the news are like what a generous act from our allies. Lol not even our borders are safe and we say yeah to the head of NATO. And our Russian bought army equipment cannot be repairs due to the embargo forced by NATO. Crazy times.


    In any case that is not what the thread is about. Yes too much speaking and such does make it boring for the majority of players and I would seriously not play such a mission. If I wanted such a thing I would watch a movie. Also a tree view of the campaign is indeed essential. It tends to change while the campaign is created but still a basis is needed. And as for making the campaign making it into one file makes it hard to update it maybe. For example if I want to change a mission I would have to upload the whole campaign. And there might be issues when testing. That is why I make a collection when on a campaign. But yes only if its one file will you be able to make in-game player choices that will affect the story and not the finale alone. 


    Last but not least you can start writing the story and post it here with a spoiler warning if that is what is keeping you. So as for suggestions and such.

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  6. @padi Anti military and anti war messages are not the same. Every country should have a military while some much more than others. If Greece had no military for example our most friendly neighbors would have torn us apart real good. While thanks to our most kind eastern neighbors they would have erased us from the face of the earth. Well Germany and the military are sure to have heavy criticism due to all the events surrounding WWII. Cannot really have an opinion since I do not know many Germans but your are the grandsons of the people who slaughtered millions of people. Many relatives of ours died because of your not so far away ancestors. So that is why all the criticism takes place. And it is not about who you were in war with. With the Italians we have been in war too but we are nowadays friendly. Since we did not slaughter them and they did not slaughter us. But yes a story showing the affects of battle and not like the, in my opinion, boring Laws of War campaign which I chose not to suffer would be really nice. 


    @A. Ares Nicely said. Too early to say but due to my studies most likely I will be in an artillery or engineering department.


    @pierremgi Truth be told it was much more harsh back in the day. WWI and II battles were really intense and had thousands of people dying in minutes if not seconds. Nowadays its more like small groups of combatants, air, tanks and drones. Many soldiers never actually are on the battlefield. They just take people out while kilometers away. And yes Laws of War was boring. Although still wars are no good due to the huge amount of loses. 

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  7. Quote

    As Patton said: No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

    Yeah but still people die from both sides. Saying I am going to go there and slaughter all is Rambo and Hollywood. You understand that high chances are you will sacrifice in the end so as for others to continue with their lives and your country to be free. I am not saying let us all go die. Naturally you are going to war to take down your enemy but many soldiers die while trying. Those guys are not losers and deep down they gave much more than the ones who stayed alive did. Or if you are talking about their skills in battle the person taking down 100 hostiles can get killed in the end while the one having shot 1 or 2 hostiles can make it out alive. That is why each year we honor the ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice so as for us to be free here today. It is the least we can do and our worth wont be shown unless we have the chance to defend our country and do the same thing. Go to war without letting fear of death drive us out. 



    First everything goes well, the player character is a war hero and gets to the KSK, but then the negative sides kick in and it goes downhill.


    A nice idea showing that people being so fond of going to war maybe don't understand what war is actually like. Yeah the movies, the games, the funerals with the flags look so good but they hide a huge amount of sadness and destruction. And wars go by while the pain does not. Somethings not even time can heal. Yeah that could be a nice campaign but some people might go against the story. 

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  8. Well your story seems just fine and should be able to make a campaign. As an anti war message if I have understood correctly. To be honest I would personally not like the story so much but if the missions were cool I should have played it. I would not like the story because such a death is no happy occurrence. I would prefer him going to end his life in battle fighting for his country no matter his condition. And why did it haunt him? Such things you think about before going into battle. That is how war is like in real life. No respawn and such. That fact I even stress in the air gun shooting range. Real war is no Cod and saying hey lets go to battle is never good when being on the offensive. Even on the defensive the only thing keeping you is that not many people have the chance to offer their life for their country. That is a great honor and the best way to end your life. Still in war lives get lost and many people end up being in a lot of pain. If that is what you are trying to stress yeah I get it. Although the exact ending I cannot guess. 

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  9. Well when starting a campaign or a mission creation, on my end at least, writing the plot in short in paper is needed. After that you check what Arma 3 can do and what resources you have and then you alter your story. For example I would really like to see hundreds of units battling in the field but that would end in hundreds of toasted computers. You want a campaign that will battle such obstacles, when able, via a group effort but you don't say any sort of details. So saying lets make something great with no basis cannot bring people together. Besides people making campaigns and missions want to make them as great as possible so the motivation lets make something great is not helpful either. That is why we kinda torture ourselves at times to make one simple thing and continue our mission creation. Just resaying what @froggyluv said in more detail. And a group saving a whole country well those guys have to have some sort of motivation to do it and the story is not just about the campaign introduction. Players should be able to criticize their characters choices and when able even decide themselves. But in many cases the players just want to fight in cool environments so they don't always read the story. For instance if I start a campaign with a 5 minute introduction most players will quit before even starting the mission. And optimization is really important. You have to create amazing environments while knowing that many people do not have super computers. Especially useful when you don't have one either so you know how hard it is not to be able to play a mission due to optimization. Lets say you played all 9 missions and the last one is so cool full of units but it lags so the whole experience is ruined. 

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  10. Just to point out that when making a campaign we do not create everything from zero. That would take ages. We take content from addons, scripts from scripters, features from either addon makers or scripters, audio effects and music from mostly youtube guys and piece all of them together to create a campaign. Gladly many generous people are out there that place no copyright rights on their products so we can use them. We tend to anyways credit them but many guys don't even ask for that. And for bugs and glitches we use the forums and such. Expert scripters give us the opportunity to add amazing effects and such without having to spend years for training. So the method you mentioned is already happening for most if not all big campaigns. And you must be talking about a specific style campaign and not just a good one. Because good can be very different. Other people like the world war eras, other the current, other aliens. Different opinions different campaigns.

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  11. I really truly know what you mean                                                                                  :smash:

    If you have changed one of the weapons included here:




    Christmas textures for the MX SW 6.5mm, the MXC 6.5mm, the ACPC and the Vermin .45ACP
    Christmas textures for the MK 20 Plain, the MK 20 GL, the TRG 20, the RPG32 and the P07




    I can give you the needed config.

  12. Trial and error when using mods. Enable and disable them at will. But if you have no custom script running and only an addon can be the issue, does any other mission you play lag? Which mission lagged? That used what addon? Maybe posting the addons you use might help since somebody else might have faced a similar issue. 


    Also are trigger the only thing you have in your mission? Maybe modules from addons or something.

  13. Almost at the v1.0 release of the Christmas Pack! This time the Christmas table has all the lights on since:






    Version 0.92 to 0.99:

    Added 4 Christmas plates
    Added 4 Christmas cups
    Added Christmas utensils
    Added 1 Christmas Wine Bottle
    Added 1 Christmas Wine Screw
    Added 1 Christmas Wine Cork
    Added 1 Christmas Wine Glass 



    Chances are the v1.0 update will come today! We shall see till local night time........

  14. New Friday new update! Version 0.90 has made its appearance just in time since Christmas is really close!




    Version 0.80 to 0.90:

    Fixed Reindeers objects not being able to be moved via script.
    Fixed some classnames for practical reasons.
    Added 1 Christmas tree
    Added 1 Wearable Christmas sweater
    Added 4 Christmas penguins
    Added a Throwable snowball
    Added a Trowable explosive snowball
    Added 3 Christmas balls
    Added Christmas texture for the TRG 20



    After much troubling and error battling new features have also been added along with the new objects and wearables! Hope you like the new additions!!!

    Please don't forget to leave a like on the steam page!

  15. Christmas Pack updated to Version V0.80! Christmas Grandma style Sweaters are here! Among other things!!!




    Version 0.64 to 0.80:

    Fixed Sleighs and Sleds objects not being able to be moved via scripts
    Added 4 Christmas Sweaters
    Added Christmas texture for the MK20 plain
    Added Christmas texture for the MK20 GL
    Added Christmas texture for the P07




    Also please support the Christmas Pack on steam. Every like, subscription or even favorite helps!!!

  16. Due to a request today we shall have two updates! Christmas Pack updated to Version v0.64 !




    Version 0.62 to 0.64:

    Added a Wearable Christmas hat



    A HUGE thanks to Aplion for helping us outweigh the waves of errors that we came against! Many weeks we had battled the make the hat attach to head situation but only after a lot of help were we able to overcome the difficulties. THANKS!!!

  17. Christmas Pack updated to Version v0.62 . Part of the update is due to cool feedback ideas!




    Version 0.55 to 0.62:

    Fixed being able to walk through the big gifts.
    Added 2 Christmas sleighs
    Added 4 Christmas reindeers
    Added 4 Christmas polar bears
    Added Christmas texture for the MX SW 6.5mm
    Added Christmas texture for the MXC 6.5mm
    Added Christmas texture for the Vermin .45ACP



    Suggestions and feedback is always welcome along with steam views, likes and favorites!

    We are trying to run fast while being super careful at the same time so please report any possible missed glitches 🏃‍♂️

  18. Hey guys have been trying to make a hat stick to a units head for quite some time with zero results. It is weird since I have used supposedly working samples. Here is the error:




    Once the hat finally reaches the guys head it will be ready. My model.cfg:


    class CfgSkeletons
    class Default
    isDiscrete = 1;
    skeletonInherit = "";
    skeletonBones[] = {};
    class OFP2_ManSkeleton
    isDiscrete = 0;
    skeletonInherit = "";
    skeletonBones[] =
    //Head skeleton in hierarchy
    //New facial features
    //Left upper side
    //Right upper side
    //Left lower side
    //Right lower side
    // location of pivot points (local axes) for hierarchical animation
    pivotsModel="A3\anims_f\data\skeleton\SkeletonPivo ts.p3d";
    class CfgModels
    class Default
    sections[] = {};
    skeletonName = "";
    class ArmaMan : Default
    htMin = 60; // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds)
    htMax = 1800; // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds)
    afMax = 30; // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius)
    mfMax = 0; // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius)
    mFact = 1; // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)).
    tBody = 37; // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius)
    sections[] =
    "osobnost","Head_Injury","Body_Injury","l_leg_inju ry","l_arm_injury","r_arm_injury","r_leg_injury"," injury_body", "injury_legs", "injury_hands","num1","num2","num3",
    skeletonName = "OFP2_ManSkeleton";
    class HatStars            : ArmaMan {};


    The config.cpp:

    class CfgPatches 
    class Christmas_Hat_Stars {
    units[] = {};
    weapons[] = {"Christmas_Hat_Stars"};
    requiredVersion = 0.1;
    requiredAddons[] = {};
    class cfgWeapons {
    class ItemCore;	
    class HeadgearItem;
    class Christmas_Hat_Stars : ItemCore {
    scope = 2;
    author = "";
    weaponPoolAvailable = 1;
    displayName = "Christmas Hat Stars";
    picture = "\Christmas_Wearables\icons\Pinguin.paa";
    model = "\Christmas_Wearables\objects\HatStars.p3d";
    class ItemInfo : HeadgearItem {
    mass = 10;
    uniformModel = "\Christmas_Wearables\objects\HatStars.p3d";
    modelSides[] = {3, 1};
    class HitpointsProtectionInfo 
    				class Head 
    					hitpointName = "HitHead";
    					armor = 18;
    					passThrough = 0.500000;



    And the file as a whole: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3x9j5i4lu8k0mm4/Christmas_Wearables.rar?dl=0


    I know I might have to increase the size a bit but that is doable. Tha attach to head thing seems undoable :turn: