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  1. Quote

    15 Best Things to Do in Lefkada (Greece) :

    Well Porti Katsiki being in place number 1 is not that good of a choice but the rest are some amazing options!



    Criminal rates have gone up everywhere it seems, but not in our village it has to be said.. 😊

    The good thing about villages is that the criminal has to take the chance of getting killed into consideration. Shotguns have no rumor of being polite :thumbsup:


    In a city in Greece you can call the police. Well it might come or it might not. Even if it does and you have defended yourself you will be imprisoned and the criminal will walk away. In the best case scenario the police will arrive too late and after years they will identify the criminal. Due to the criminal being 80 or 90 years old however till he is found he will not go to prison due to age. And yes exceptions exist. The police will catch him and place him in jail for three life times punishment. Well in 5-10 years he will be out of jail. The really bad criminals however will get 10 times life sentence! That means in 25 years he will be able to get out of prison for a day or two and guess what some never return! Why return when there is no chance of getting out? If you however say a bad word to a politician then the police will arrive in a matter of seconds or minutes and arrest you and make you go to jail and pay a fine. Lol ... this is no police. Those guys are the governments mercenaries....

  2. Quote

    I was watching some videos of Leukas with my wife today and there were a lot of very good memories !


    Yeah that is how we mostly go on vacations too. By watching videos :smile_o:



    I haven't been to Greece since the late 70's. I went for a sail around the islands for a few days, but spent most of my time on the mainland. It is a lovely place to visit, not sure I could live there though, because being a brit, I just ain't used to that 'heat'..


    Dude how are you used to all that rain? Lol ...

    Well you can come again. Some places are still visitable. You just have to take extra care because more and more places have sky-rocketing criminal rates.



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  3. Lefkada is surely a wonderful place   :sun:


    I especially remember the crystal clear beach where it is shallow for a loooooong walk. Cannot recall the name sadly.

    Although the Porto Goat (Porto Katsiki) beach I did not really like. Way too many people for so little space. And it is way too deep. If anything happens to you it is a game over with no respawn. Wonder why it is that famous anyways :scratchchin:


    Those caves on the pictures however .... we did not visit those. Maybe next time! If there is a next time.

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  4. Quote


    No, this line


    The video can be stopped in variety of ways:


    The function is called or spawned again with another video, for example "\a3\missions_f_exp\video\exp_m04_v02.ogv"


    Thought if the screen was different it would not have an impact on the first screen. The BIS_fnc_playVideo function seems to have issues. 

  5. Looking for the icons that show with the hold action function. Through searching i have only found this one:




    through an example but could not find any other. Even tried through the functions viewer but there is no ui_f there. Also tried in the games files but nothing there either.


    So does anybody know where the names and icons of those ... icons are please?

  6. Thanks to all for the replies!


    The BIS_fnc_playVideo function does not only play the same video on screens tv01 and tv02 but also on the nearby screen tv03 without being called! Seems like the function applies on all screens for some reason.

    Fixed that with BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject since the 3rd screen is no longer used. It is the one being used first. Now:



    Spawn both codes. (not tested)

    Sadly do not know how to do that. My latest scripting achievement due to campaign needs is the use of VARIABLES :yay:with many limits .... lol.




    Hello there John !


    Might be something else , because it should work as i see here in these images ,

    here is a script :



    Downloaded the file but it cannot be opened. It is for the 2D editor. And in the .sqf file alone it is really complicating.




    Or something like this 

    Sadly that one I have used before and it is not MP friendly. Only one player can see the video footage at a time. in order for another to see it he must use the addAction and block the footage from the other guy.




    Nothing, the function is working as intended, when you pass another video, the previous one stops, it is all documented here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_playVideo

    Are you talking about this line:




    Default variable "BIS_fnc_playVideo_skipVideo" is set to true:

    missionNamespace setVariable ["BIS_fnc_playVideo_skipVideo", true];

    Do I have to make it false someway? Because I do not know what missionNamespace is and in the discription it says Returns the global namespace attached to mission. Like studying Advanced Mathematics III. One page can need 1 day :stuck:


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  7. For anyone that had troubles playing this mission an addon that was needed and was not included in the initial thread was discovered!

    In building the NEW CITY of Kunduz assets were used from the Lythium map and therefore from JBAD Buildings too. If you had CUP and such you would already have them logically speaking.

    Anyways I included the needed addons in the first thread.


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  8. What I want to do should have been simple but for some reason it is not. I want to have 2 screens ingame play two different videos in an MP mission. So I run a script via a trigger with an execVM.


    Name of tv screens tv01 and tv02. Script:


    tv01 setobjecttextureglobal [0,"Videos\Info01.ogv"];
    ["Videos\Info01.ogv", [10, 10]] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_playVideo", [0,-2] select isDedicated, false];
    tv02 setobjecttextureglobal [0,"Videos\Info02.ogv"];
    ["Videos\Info02.ogv", [10, 10]] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_playVideo", [0,-2] select isDedicated, false];


    What hapens is that both screens play video Info02. After tests I discovered that it plays whatever video is the one called last. So what is going on guys?

    The only thing I can think of is that the BIS_fnc_playVideo function can only work one at a time. If so how can I fix it?

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  9. Best of wishes for the project ^^^^


    In the meantime I am looking for a map with a big enough sea terrain.  If it includes a Greek island even better!

    Although that is for the long run because I got the WIP campaign. Along with other things.



    Donousa is really a lovely island of Greece , i would like to have a trip there sometime !


    For us to see all the lovely islands of Greece it will take some time  :sun:

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  10. Oh did not have one either but gladly youtube from which you can download videos with AVC (AnyVideoConverter) exists. You just have to be careful with copyright. Most people give their work for free and some do not even ask for credits but I anyways credit them. Super polite to give such content without copyright claims. 


    Via a few seconds search I found a loading screen for scifi missions:


    Or just search loading bars on youtube and it has quite a few:




    And in .ogv format the size of the mission is next to nothing. Anyways hope you find your answers too.

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  11. Well there is a way that I am not saying I use (when I am actually) :thumbsup:

    As a loading screen you can play a video. Check how much time your mission needs to load up and then play a loading video for the amount of seconds needed. That way even in an mp environment all players will be able to load up and there will be no loading chaos. Different pcs different loading times. It is a really cool way to keep things in order.

    The above method I use in all campaign missions.

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  12. Had a similar issue but that was way back. When I got into a car and got out of it I would hear a car sound from afar constantly. We were playing in an mp mission where we were persuing a unit that was trying to escape via car. I kept saying to my squad where we should go through me listening to that car sound. After an hour or two following a non existant car we discovered the horrid truth. The driver drove off the island by car!


    Nope it was just a glitch. Anyways, I did not change anything on my pc. The game updated at some point and the issue stopped. New pc should mean all drivers updated so maybe a game re-install?

  13. Quote

    Is separating the triggers necessary, or is it just good practice for organization, etc.?

    It is good practice for organization but it also helps to make things work in some cases.



    And do you mean that as long as a waypoint is connected to a trigger with Set Trigger Activation, it will skip that waypoint even if the trigger type is not skip waypoint?

    It does not skip it. The move waypoint tells the unit to go where he already is. In the editor I try to keep things as simple as possible.



    Edit: Using a different trigger for the task modules worked, thank you.

    Nicely done  :thumbsup:


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  14. Well we will need more information. Like what kind of condition do your triggers have. Especially the one activated for no reason as it seems.


    In general when you use modules, it is best to have the triggers separately:


    • A trigger that connects with the create task module.
    • A trigger that connects with the set task state module and completes the task.
    • A separate trigger that has the same condition with the above and that connects with the next create task module. In this one we place a 5 second delay so as for tasks to be more apparent to the players.

    And you do not have to use a skip waypoint type. To activate a waypoint later on you can just place a move waypoint next to the units so as for it not to do anything. Place the set trigger activation line there and afterwards the second waypoint will be activated.

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  15. Quote

    People said the same about Arma 2 when Arma 3 news came out. You can see where we are today.

    True but it was a time where graphics and computer engines got way better each day. Technology is still greatly boosted but it is also so expensive to buy it that it might take years for it to be purchasable. That is why lately graphics tend to remain the same unless you buy specific games and have a really expensive PC. In any case I really hope an Arma 4 will have such a great 2-3 upgrade  :thumbsup:

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  16. @Private Evans If it is possible to move all Arma 3 assets to a new engine ... that would be really nice. It would even block the need for a new game. Because, personal opinion, when we think of an Arma 4, what changes is the ability to walk on moving vehicles, better animations, hand melee, better AI also stealth compatible, better FPS and the ability to use more units when designing a mission without the game lagging. From then on it is indeed new content like naval units, new maps, new weapons, new vehicles and such. Oh and since role playing is used a police, ambulance and firefighter working faction would be really nice.


    @Dedmen As to the business perspective they can make Arma, Apex, DLC pack 1 and 2 the base game and then continue adding DLCs from there. But BIG dlcs. Dlcs which would be worth buying. The problem when making a really good game like Arma 3 is that a 4 would likely not be bought by a big number of players since it will not be worth it. It will have to be something different like future like and maybe that is why the new Contact DLC is at the works. To see how many players are interested in such a perspective.

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  17. Yep the ASR AI3 update was really tough since all missions had to be updated 😵 Three to go however and the BI forums will be all set! Did not update them all together due to time restrictions and so as not to fill the page thread. That would make all posts go to page 2 and it did not seem right.

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