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  1. You can just use the doTarget and doFire commands but one thing that is weird is how does the enemy AI follow their move waypoints while there is a friendly helicopter chasing them? Unless the driver is in careless mode they should just be driving right and left without any logic path. You must have already checked it out but a Combat mode could help for the killercommando group. Best of luck 👍
  2. [WIP] Christmas Pack v 1.9-2.0 Included so far : 1 Drivable Sleigh 2 Wearable Beards 10 Food Items 4 Wearable Christmas Hats 3 Wearable Snowmen Hats 2 Christmas Hats (Items) 5 Christmas Socks 5 Wearable Christmas Sweaters 9 Christmas Presents 2 Christmas Pickable Presents 2 Wooden Sleds 2 Snowmen 7 Toys 3 Christmas Trees 18 Christmas Balls 2 Christmas Stars 2 Decorative Christmas Candy Canes 9 Christmas Candles 2 Christmas sleighs 4 Christmas reindeers 4 Christmas polar bears 4 Christmas penguins 4 Christmas plates 4 Christmas cups 1 Set of Christmas utensils 1 Christmas Wine Bottle 1 Christmas Wine Bottle Screw 1 Christmas Wine Bottle Cork 1 Christmas Wine Glass 1 Throwable Christmas snowball 1 Throwable explosive snowball 2 Snowball Launchers 1 Lamp with 2 Switches (switches can be used with addAction scripts and the hideObject command) 4 Christmas Lights with 4 frequency versions each (WARNING only 6 can be seen flashing at the same time) Christmas vehicle textures for the M-ATV, the MH-9, the AH-9, the Huron, the AH-99, the UH-80, the BTR-K, the Zamak, the Tempest and the Stomper. Christmas weapon textures for the MX SW 6.5mm, the MXC 6.5mm, the ACPC, the Vermin .45ACP, the MK 20 Plain, the SDAR, the MK 20 GL, the TRG 20, the RPG32, the P07 the MXM 6.5mm, the M18 ABR 7.62mm, the M320 LRR .408, for the Zubr .45, the PM 9mm, the TRG-20, the Titan MPRL plus its Compact edition. Installation how to : Just extract the file and insert the addon in your Arma 3 directory. After that just load the addon via the Arma 3 launcher. If you cannot see the addon just swipe it in the launcher addon sections. All done! QA : Q: How often will updates come out? A: No more updates are planned for 2021. Merry Christmas! Q: Has this addon been tested? A: Many times actually in the editor. I have seen Arma open up so many times in the past few days. Aaaaaaa! Q: Has this addon been signed? A: It has indeed. The key for servers is also included in the file. If something is missing please let me know. Q: Where can I find the items in the editor? A: The classnames are such that using the term Christmas will show all items. The weapons are found in the virtual arsenal. Download link: Website SubLink: here . Direct Download Link: here . Steam Link: here . Changelogs: Some pics of the objects created so far : Hope you like the above guys. Any comments and feedback will be appreciated! First addon so hope its of Arma 3 class
  3. Another update has arrived due to amazing feedback and requests! Changelog incoming:
  4. Just a small notice : there are small updates that take place without their details being posted due to super time shortages. The links however are updated and are all up to date. Firstly the direct download link and immediately after the steam link is updated for practical reasons. Latest patch notes: For requests and feedback please use, from fastest to slowest method, the direct contact link via the GreekEditor website, steam and then the forums. Many thanks for all the feedback and awesome ideas! Sadly we cannot implement them all but all of them were/are being worked on as far as our abilities allowed/allow us.
  5. Major Update has just arrived! There are multiple additions to the Christmas Pack bringing it to version 1.7! The Changelog is as follows: Please note that from all ideas and suggestions there is one that we have not managed to implement in the addon. We tried, failed and we will hopefully succeed including it in the future. Stay tuned!
  6. JohnKalo

    Publishing a Mission

    and you publish is it as private so only you can see it. Then via steam you do whatever changes you want in the description, the images, the links and everything else. Once its okay you make it visible to your friends or to the public too.
  7. Weird containers arriving late hours at the airport. Some say it's a Christmas Pack major update coming in. No such rumors have been confirmed 😎
  8. Just a few thoughts till the experienced scripters come in. You would have to place all targets in an array and then constantly check the distance between the chopper and the targets. Then once the chopper comes near one of the targets you would need to have all available groups in an array, check which one is closer and then create a waypoint so as to send the group to that target or false positive coordinates. For the helicopter waypoints, from experience, in careless mode they tend to follow the path when the waypoints are attached to an invisible helipad for example. And the flyInHeight and limitSpeed commands seem to work as well. Best of luck with your project. Welcome to the forums 👍
  9. The addAction can be used multiple times in the init. BUT in mp it might add an action for each player present. So you will have the same action multiple times. A solution is to add an action which has a needed variable. Each unit will have its own variable activated and so the actions will appear only once for each player. A self found logic which has saved me many times in mission making. Especially the campaign. Welcome to the forums 💪
  10. JohnKalo

    Help with sleep command

    Can't know if I will be able to help but writing the whole code will help solve the issue much better. Then scripters will be able to come in and be able to assist 👍
  11. The scooter is awesome! Maybe it turns a bit too slow since the "wheel" is turned by hand but it literally unlocks diving missions. Without it it took ages to swim from the one place to the other! As for the crossbow there is maybe an issue. Although the explosive arrows shoot where you aim exactly even at very long distances, shot a rock at the top of a mountain, the normal arrows shoot pretty high. You need to aim much lower. Just mentioning it. Might be the way crossbows shoot so once you learn where the arrow goes all good. And its very cool using it! I get it. No problem. Addon making is very hard and time consuming. Thank you!
  12. Yes yes yeeees! Thank you very much! An awesome addition to the addon and in the game in general. Guess the diver cannot have his mask and flippers on though. There are so many new additions to HAFM that I just got to make new Greek missions! Currently looking for a nice map without the CUP requirement. Will find one eventually...... Oh and the tanks would be nice to have interiors at some point. To make some tank battles. Or the searchlight for the choppers to work and be directional for search and rescue night missions like the Rescuing the Hunted (Website Link) mission. Would do one as such in Tanoa but there are signs and villages pretty much everywhere so getting lost there is difficult. And a vessel that can transport vehicles to shore would be epic. Like the L-180 or 182 and such. Okay will now stop asking for additions. For now at least. I know
  13. For the first question just place an object at the center of where you would place the trigger and then place a trigger with a condition: NameOfObject distance NameOfPlayer < 100 where 100 is the distance in meters. Then on activation: { if (side _x == opfor) then { _x disableAI "MOVE"; }; }forEach allUnits; For the second question the same logic can work. Will leave it for you to find. Just notify if there is any trouble 👍
  14. Looks awesome already! I understand no worries 👍
  15. Wow! That will be epic! And only if you ever want and have time for a suggestion:
  16. Well a trick would be to dress the units as they are from the faction you want them to be although they will actually be from the other faction or group them after they are spawned to a guy from the other side so as to stop their hostility. There might be better ways though. Just a few thoughts 😎 Oh and this trick also which is based on the above:
  17. The .sqf goes into the mission folder that is in your documents. Then you call it as shown in the video. You place the line of code (with the execVM) in the activation of a trigger for example and you can place true as a trigger condition. Arma editing can be complex when starting to get into it. It gets easier upon experience. Maybe you can find some simple missions unpbo them and see how it all works. As a first step. Best of wishes for your project 👍
  18. Welcome to the forums 🔑 here you go this should help:
  19. You have to place invisible helipads and place the Transport Unload waypoint of the helicopter pilot attached on that invisible helipad. To unload troops just use a Move waypoint not a Get Out one. Once the chopper commences the Unload one the troops will follow the Move waypoint and continue on. There are other ways to force the AI to do simple things like disabling their simulation at times and enabling it afterwards and many many such things you figure out from experience. Best of luck with your project 👍
  20. JohnKalo

    Updates Needed

    There have been a few months since anything new has been introduced in-game. The only thing that happens is re-balances again and again. I have mentioned before that the same leveled units cannot battle a variation of leveled defenses but nothing has changed. Maybe a new building can be introduced. One that enhances already existing units and upgrades them to something new and much stronger. A building only unlocked at higher levels. Also, a map can be introduced. A map where all player bases can be seen and attacked according to the level differences between the two bases. And why not add AI bases that are to be attacked so as to gather resources. Send an occupying force which can be attacked by other players so as to loot what supplies the defending player has gathered. Additionally how about a global chat. How about making alliances worth the while. Like an ally to be able to send forces to help defend your base. A base attack that needs some time to take place since the troops will have to travel across the aforementioned map. There are so many possibilities but to be honest I doubt anyone is seriously working on this game. Hence the alliance chats go dead. Why not? There is nothing to talk about. And maybe the game is too.
  21. Seperately can you not make them target wherever they are to fire and after they are all in position tell them all to fire together? It should work 👍 EDIT: That is via a radio trigger script. Did not see you want the module.
  22. In general with objects even when static or without simulation I tend to get low FPS when too much are present near each other. Even with like 5 AI in the area. As for AI if you want to avoid spawning and scripting them you can just disable their simulation, hide them in clever places and enable it manually once it is the right time. That way there can be some very cool battles even in CQB without traumatizing the computer and letting lower specs be able to cope. And you avoid the possibility of players seeing enemies spawn and such. Once I was driving fast so enemies were appearing out of nowhere and pretty much ruining the experience.
  23. Maybe you can use: if(!alive SB && alive NameOfYourUnit ) then {west countSide (getPos SB nearEntities 10) >0}; that way if your unit is dead the trigger will not be activated. And if you are looking for a whole script this will do:
  24. Yeah then music will not work. Just in case you need it any other time the music part is found by double clicking on the trigger and there is a submenu towards the end which has a music tab. Open the tab find the name of the song and all good. For a sound the above should work. In general I rarelly use the say3d because the same track as a sound plays in a much lower volume that if i include it as music. Really strange.