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  1. @panzergrenadier3 Thanks! Wish a Greek version was on this addon too though. Don't really use CUP so as not to flood the editor with thousands of units/vehicles/weapons. To avoid the dependency too.
  2. Cooooooooooool !!! Know its too much to ask but this one would also be REALLY awesome : https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zubr_(Αερόστρωμνο_αποβατικό)
  3. JohnKalo

    Grass Cutter - Sizing

    Not exactly what you are looking for but it should help. 7th and 8th post 👍
  4. Maybe you can set the hangar as a static object or use the lock doors module to just lock the doors
  5. It might sound insane but maybe you can try: nameOfUnit1 action ["Eject",T1]; nameOfUnit2 action ["Eject",T1]; nameOfUnit3 action ["Eject",T1]; nameOfUnit4 action ["Eject",T1]; ... Have witnessed similar situations so I just placed different triggers with same conditions and with the sleep timer. As long as it works and it is simple I keep it. Pros might find such things funny but since it works and does not lag anything ... And if the above does not work maybe these will: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/moveOut https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doGetOut
  6. There might be a way since there are scripts which spawn furniture in buildings. Maybe you can take a look at them. An easy way out would be to just hide the structures and then unhide them.
  7. 1- Try placing what you have in the init.sqf to the initPlayerLocal.sqf . 2- Seems to be a known issue with the script that has not been fixed: Checked it out and it indeed has two lines of addAction seemingly doing the same thing. The thing is to change a script you have to have permissions and such, whereas the thread does not state we can alter it. Hence I did not research it any further. Best of luck with your project!
  8. You can make it spawn with an altitude condition:
  9. But if the unit dies in the trigger area it is already in the area so the trigger to fire is expected. Maybe I got confused. What are you trying to do exactly? If you could more details would help. Maybe a simple: NameOfUnit1 distance nameOfHelpingInvisibleHelipad < NumberOfMeters or NameOfUnit2 distance nameOfHelpingInvisibleHelipad < NumberOfMeters or ... could work so as not to stall your project. Edit: Or if you mean if he dies in the trigger a latter condition is fired although he is killed maybe this can help: ({_x in thisList && alive _x} count units test1) not tested so it could just show an error.
  10. Don't think so but in normal conditions a script error causes an error to pop up (or for the game to crash 😂). Have never seen a freeze.
  11. Here there is a script : where replacing: _unitNew setPos _unitPos; with this: _unitNew setPos (getPos _NameOfBuilding); should do the trick. Among with some other changes but nothing too serious.
  12. JohnKalo

    Briefing images on Rugged Tv

    Place the name of the Rugged TV and if it does not have a name you can give the TV one. Then the code you can put in the activation field of a trigger. In the condition place true . That should work. If you do not want a trigger you can try placing this instead of the objectname if you place the code in the Rugged TVs initisalization field.
  13. JohnKalo

    Briefing images on Rugged Tv

    Maybe there is something missing: _objectname setObjectTexture [0, "\img\pic1.jpg"]; the \ . Also when opening the screen at about the buttom there is a path you can use to insert the image directly. In Arma in general even if an \ is / it will not find the files. Common in programming I believe. Other sort of issues are file formats like being a .png and not a .jpg .
  14. JohnKalo

    AI fall through floor

    Once they reach the top you can attach them and detach them to an invisible object. Might not look splendid but it will work. Or try to place an invisible block so as for them not to be able to fall through.
  15. This could help: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMass The higher the mass the more difficult for the object to drift.
  16. JohnKalo

    [SOLVED] DLC Dependacies

    Tried to find an aswer to this but I couldn't so here it goes: Can players that have not bought DLCs play missions that use DLC assets? As far as I have understood assets can be used without creating dependacies with the: a)Malden DLC b)Laws of War DLC (Buying it just gives you the possibility to drive the truck) The ones that create dependacies are: a)Marksman DLC b)Apex DLC How about: a)Karts DLC b)Helicopters DLC c)Jets DLC All of this free to try in the editor and such has got me a bit confused and I would really like to know what's going on in order to report the correct addon dependacies in our missions.
  17. JohnKalo

    Patching bad Stairs

    Needed some searching but here it is:
  18. JohnKalo

    Patching bad Stairs

    Isn't it possible to place the hotel stairs vanilla object and hide that one?
  19. Arma acts weird in general. Why not: this allowDamage false; at the beginning of the mission via the objects init and once any players are in a 500 m distance: cacheCrate1 allowDamage true; Does not answer the question BUT resolves the issue 💪
  20. JohnKalo

    Creating and Editing Campaigns.

    In general alias scripts can greatly help. One of the good things about them is that there are videos explaining how things work. For your intro: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30731
  21. This might help: _items = items player; if ("ToolKit" in _items) then { // script };
  22. Ten seconds is not too much if you show the mission name, needed details, maybe an image or a loading screen and such. Oh and you can just: NameOfUnit disableAI "MOVE"; for the units the leader orders to disembark and when the convoy is moving you can NameOfUnit enableAI "MOVE"; it again. Or even: NameOfUnit enableSimulation false; for as long as needed. Unless one of those units is the driver. If so you can try this on the other unit and see if anything changes. Or just have them start with simulation false and after a few seconds enable it again. Also the enableSentences false; can help to hide him giving orders.
  23. For convoys some cool scripts exist out there like this one: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31925 Now some times the AI just does its thing and there is not much you can do about it. You can however try to hide their reactions. A black screen with some text before the player sees whats going on for example. And in general anything simple no matter how crazy it sounds and that works is preferable.
  24. Defying the Odds Brought to you by HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag(zTt) After testing a mission a few months back zTt was like why not create a campaign? I refused saying it was too hard. We can make more missions in the same amount of time. A few weeks back however the campaign started being constructed! Now the campaign being constructed was revealed to our website subscribers alone but the download links and such will be available to all! Story: In Afghanistan there was a leader called Dahid Kazat. Kazat was a patriot. He loved his country and his people. He wanted his country to prosper by taking advantage of the oil reserves located at Lythium. It was a clever idea and it would surely result in his country prospering and his people forgetting about the immense difficulties they face due to being poor. There was an issue however. Oil attracts the Strong Countries of the world. Especially when in 2035 oil reserves get more and more scarce. Because of the above, NATO decided that Kazat had not what it takes to deal with the power that oil reserves would provide him. Due to that NATO demanded all oil reserves from Kazat while providing no help to the people of Afghanistan. Kazat did not agree! They tried to bribe him, they threatened his family and yet he said no. So NATO found a nice way to get rid of Kazat. They chose to fund rebel organization Al Shilak. They gave them weapons, ammunition and all needed in order to bring down Kazat and they succeeded. Kazat was killed and propaganda made the people of Afghanistan to agree about the homicide. Yet again an issue arose. The people of Afghanistan did not only agree with the murder. They also agreed with whatever Al Shilak supports. That is that NATO is to blame for everything. That now that Al Shilak controls the country they should be the ones dealing with the oil reserves. That the people of Afghanistan should rebel! From that point on, Lythium has turned into a battlefield. NATO was unable to deal with the locals and after many casualties they lost control of Lythium and they are now dealing with a force that wants to expand Afghanistan borders! Here is when you guys arrive. Although no country offered to help in fear of casualties, Greece is sending their best Green Berets force! Four men from Greece Special Forces have been dispatched to Lythium to help NATO regain control. NATO agreed to support them. If they commenced all too dangerous operations… Greece agreed. Why? Nobody knows if anybody knows. Trailer: Units: Task Force: Blue Lighting Team Leader – Chiefly Alexandros Petraklos He has been through everything! Graduating from multiple Military Academies and becoming an expert in a variety of sectors was a torment. Actually it was not. Petraklos was born for such operations. What tormented him was the bureaucracy and the needed encounters with officialdom in order to become a Green Berets Team Leader. Marksman – Sergeant Ioannis Kalinos A graduate from the Basic Sniper Training for Special Operations Academy. The time needed to read that equals with the time Kalinos needs for 3 headshots at a 1,5 km distance! That is exactly why the Green Berets recruited him. Disregarding his tension to remain silent, a Blue Lightning slot is surely his. Explosive Specialist – Sergeant Konstantinos Koromilas His graduation certificate comes from the Evelpidon Military Academy. Apart from that, he does not talk much. All we know is that he likes explosives and whatever causes mayhem. Welcome aboard Koromila! You are just the person we need for the Blue Lighting Green Berets team. Medic - Corporal Lambros Katechakis Coming from 7 yearlong studies he graduated from the Army Officers Military Academy. AOMA, which he finds boring, trained him to become a Medic and be an expert in Emergency Medicine. After his graduation, he was assigned to the Green Berets Blue Lightning team and has since found out that the real military is by no means boring. Head Quarters – Lieutenant Tasos Balaoritis Also a graduate of the Army Officers Military Academy but not a Medic. Balaoritis was trained to become a Military Psychologist. Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder or any sort of disorder has no chance in front of his skills. Calm as anyone can be he provides support to all Green Berets operations. Pilot – Corporal Antonis Fidelis Only typically did he need to graduate from the Air Force Academy. Piloted his first chopper at the age of 15 and his first plane when he was 17. That is what happens when your father owns a Flight School. Due to his amazing skills in Army Aviation vehicles, the Green Berets Blue Lightning team immediately recruited him. Important details: a)In SP you should be the THE GROUP LEADER of the BLUE LIGHTNING team. b)In MP all players who will participate in the mission should be READY before the opperation begins. c)It is important to read the STRATEGY section of the briefing. d)The campaign is FULLY VOICED in Greek and there are ENGLISH subtitles. Although ... who does not speak Greek? e)At the Lythium map some doors do not open. It has been fixed via a script. You can open those doors with the ALT key. f)All testings have taken place in a HOSTED server. g)Respawn:Instant Requirements: a)Arma 3 Apex b)Marksmen DLC c)HAFM: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20288 d)Lythium: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32694 e)ASR AI3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080 f)CBA: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 Bugs: Minor: None Serious: None Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. Credits: Audio Alex Lisi for his music. All Sounds for plane audio effect. Alphie Wily for his Date Beeps audio effect. 2BStudio for his music. Krc Videos for Heavy Wind audio effect. N-Beats for gunshot audio effects. RickOShay for SandStorm script Ross Bugden for his music. SFX Cloud for keyboard audio effect. Soundchips for window breaking audio effect. Sound Designs & Tools for falling audio effect. SoundLike Tube for falling audio effect. Tushar Sharma for his music. Voytek Pavlik for his music. Jakub Hrock for his audio effects. All people helping with the voice recordings. Video Production Andy Fielding for his video. Ben LONGDEN for his video. HackOn Exploits for his video. Lorenzo Gragotto for his video NetCon1 for his video. Ophidic for his video. Requiem for his video. Wolskye for his video. Woople for his video. Scripters Alias for his scripts. Aylas for his script. BangaBob for his scripts. George Floros for his scripts. JBOY for his script. Nomadd for his script. Tophe for his script. Zenophon for his script. Addon Makers Aplion for the Hellenic Armed Forces addon. The CBA Team for CBA. The FFAA Team for Lythium. Robalo for the ASR AI3 addon. Forum Members @7erra for assisting with map showing animation. @Dedmen for slight code optimization. @GEORGE FLOROS GR for helping in the editing forums about functions compatability. @gc8 for assisting in a code syntax issue. @gc8 for offering help with a show text issue. @gokitty1199 for helping in the editing forums about functions compatability. @HazJ for helping in the editing forums about functions compatability. @johnnyboy for assisting with stealth implementation. @killzone_kid for helping with the breaking windows matter. @KokaKolaA3 for assisting with stealth improvements. @Larrow for solving the function locality issue. @Larrow for assisting with map showing animation. @Melody_Mike for offering help with a text showing issue. @mrcurry for solving the stealth implementation issue. @nomadd for assisting with stealth enhancements. @opusfmspol for helping in a code syntax issue. @ruger392 for his VectorDir/VectorUp guide. @Schatten for HoldAction Icons assistance. @SpaceHippo for how to remove addon dependencies. @stburr91 for assisting with the multi screen showing issue. @wogz187 for helping with a camera feed issue. @ZaellixA for code translation. Bugs Emergency Crew @Dedmen for tasks lag, functions lag, scripts lag and lag in general! @Grumpy Old Man for overall mission optimization! @pierremgi for infoText lag and more! Website SubLink Campaign Overview: here. Campaign's Steam Collection: here. Download All Button: here (383.06 MB). Episode 01 - Entrance Creators v2.0: Mission Details at the website subpage here. Direct download link here. Episode 02 - Explosive Attention v2.0: Mission Details at the website subpage here. Direct download link here. Episode 03 - Mayhem Providers v2.1: Mission Details at the website subpage here. Direct download link here. Episode 04 - Natural Holocaust v2.1: Mission Details at the website subpage here. Direct download link here. Episode 05 - Flaming Rain v1.2: Mission Details at the website subpage here. Direct download link here. Episode 06 - Cave Invaders v1.1: Mission Details at the website subpage: here. Direct download link here. Episode 07 - Golden Paint v1.1: Mission Details at the website subpage: here. Direct download link here. Episode 08 - Thunder Fortress v1.1: Mission Details at the website subpage: here. Direct download link here. Episode 09 - Robotic Persuasion v1.0: Mission Details at the website subpage: here. Direct download link here. Episode 10 - Death Cream: Mission Details at the website subpage: here. Direct download link here. The story, all names, characters and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with any actual persons (living or deceased), nations, cultures, religions, allegiances, places, buildings and/or products is intended and/or should be inferred. Feedback is always welcome but since this is our first campaign feedback is very important. All missions have and will be tested but if any sort of glitch or bug appears please report it here in the forums or more directly here. Also recommendations or describing things you like will also be very helpful. Making a campaign is really hard hence your assistance will surely help. This is the one and only Greek Voiced Campaign so enjoy