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    3 animations combined in one script

    To be honest I got a bit confused. In general however for animations you can use in a script for example: NameOfPlayer switchMove "NameOfAnimation_1"; sleep 2.316; NameOfPlayer switchMove "NameOfAnimation_2"; A reason why the exact time of the animation is shown in the animation viewer. Also the above will work for SP missions. For MP ones the initPlayerLocal.sqf will be needed 👍
  2. Have never done it myself and I am no scripter. I only make really simple ones. The above should help though. Otherwise the specialists can help.
  3. Don't think so. Maybe you can make it blow up when the door is opened and not when it collides with it
  4. nameOfMine setDamage 1; should work. As for the condition it can be anybody present in the needed area.
  5. JohnKalo

    Set image on object

    Judging from the "some times it does sometimes it does not", do you know you have to be close to a screen so as for the image to be shown?
  6. JohnKalo

    Creating default units in editor

    @Larrow Thanks but is it ok if I leave it as it was? Because it did work one time that I tested it and I do have it in all missions now Also does the above work for players and AI too? I suspect it does but just to be 200% sure.
  7. Maybe this will help: Although there can be two endings saying that team won or the other team won and give condolences to the losing team or something. Much more simple and surely possible 👍
  8. JohnKalo

    Setting up a convoy ambush?

    Maybe a limitSpeed command as an addition will help. But if the acceleration of vehicles are different then every start stop will cause greater distances to occur. In this case maybe the turn you mentioned. Lol, I know. If it were not for MP then I would have quit Arma 3 editing years ago. If everything worked as it should it would take about 2-4 hours to make a mission not about 20-40. What if the first and last vehicle are tanks and you have no anti-armor weapons though. For military vehicles the distance between explosives would be 2+3+2 about 7 meters. Judging from ingame experience. Have not been in the army. Yet....
  9. JohnKalo

    Setting up a convoy ambush?

    Well the Norrins/Devestators scripts did work on my end. Are you sure you are doing everything right? Because I remember it did take attention to every detail so as to reach the needed results. Unless you want vehicles to be like a meter or two near each other. Then yes those scripts will most likely not work.
  10. JohnKalo

    Creating default units in editor

    Well since it works all good 👌 If anything happens at MP further testing we will check it again.
  11. JohnKalo

    The teamleader always runaway????

    Hope this can help: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/4actrl/how_do_i_restrict_ai_movement_to_a_red_circle/
  12. JohnKalo

    Creating default units in editor

    Update: Updated all my missions The above method works although it does show an error at the editor in the beggining of the mission stating: [BIS_fnc_loadInventory] Inventory "inventory_var" not found Hope it is nothing cause I spent about an hour and a half updating all missions.
  13. JohnKalo

    Creating default units in editor

    But for init.sqf it says it applies for Single Player. The method I used so far worked only for host as it seems although the two files were execVM through the init.sqf. execVM "Scripts\onPlayerKilled.sqf"; execVM "Scripts\onPlayerRespawn.sqf"; EDIT: Found it. The EventHandlers work for all. Thanks 👍
  14. JohnKalo

    Creating default units in editor

    I used the one posted here by @GEORGE FLOROS GR And after so much time I now discovered that it has to be in the initPlayerLocal.sqf !!! Might have to change this for all our missions. Now going crazy 🤪
  15. Part of code used in my Ghosts Wanted mission: Player switchMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medicUp1"; sleep 3.846; _pos = getPos fence0; _newfence = createVehicle ["Land_IndFnc_3_D_F", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; deleteVehicle fence0; the fence part should be the one you need
  16. JohnKalo

    Syntax Question

    Well planning on using a trigger to call the script. That way it will work for all. So as far as I understand: HousePat = Compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "HousePatrol.sqf"; {[_x] call HousePat;} forEach [op1,op2,op3]; is the right way to go
  17. JohnKalo

    How to use the Switch

    Final Update: Yep it was simple after all. The code should be placed here: {[_x, "ON"] remoteExec ["switchLight",0,true];} forEach (nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]); // Codes can be placed here ; _target animateSource ["switchposition",1]; _target animateSource ["light",0];  _target setDamage 1;
  18. JohnKalo

    How to use the Switch

    Update again: Now I saw the code with the colors more clearly I found a solution. Placing the code here seemed to work: { [_x, "ON"] remoteExec ["switchLight",0,true]; man setDamage 1; } forEach (nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]); Posting it for anybody else wanting to use the switch although that might not be the right position. ForEach does not make much sense. Now tired will do more tests tomorrow ^^^
  19. JohnKalo

    How to use the Switch

    Update: I found the code that I had discovered some time ago on steam forums!!!!!! Here it is: DistanceToReach = 300; this addAction [ "Turn Off", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; { [_x, "OFF"] remoteExec ["switchLight",0,true]; } forEach (nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]); _target animateSource ["switchposition",1]; _target animateSource ["light",0]; _target setDamage 1; }, [], 1.5, true, true, "", "alive _target", 3, false, "", "" ]; this addAction [ "Turn On", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; { [_x, "ON"] remoteExec ["switchLight",0,true]; } forEach (nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]); _target animateSource ["switchposition",-1]; _target animateSource ["light",1]; _target setDamage 0; }, [], 1.5, true, true, "", "!alive _target", 3, false, "", "" ]; So now I have the a lever going up and down without really doing anything. Somewhere in there I can call a script. This must be simple but I cannot find it
  20. JohnKalo

    Syntax Question

    Yep that is no actual guard. Oh okay. Thanks for the prompt reply 👍
  21. This should have been easy to find but strangely I could not find anything. What I would like is to make the windows of a building break at a specific time. We are not talking about a vanilla building but for a building located at the Lythium map. Think it is a Jbad building too. And if possible have them break with the needed sound. If the later is not possible I will just play a sound for the players.
  22. Well without an i5 a 4 Giga RAM and a 2 Giga Nvidia graphics card there will many issues. Unless you are used to low FPS and such.
  23. A simple solution would be to let it fly for a second and then disable its simulation.
  24. Or the ASR AI3 one: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080
  25. JohnKalo

    Scripted Takecover for ai.

    Well the ASR AI3 addon really helps the AI be better. Not a simple script though but it works and does not cause huge lag.