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  1. Maybe you can try working with this: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30731
  2. Glad to hear that. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Just decided to make a credits video and play that one instead. The size is not that big so it is for the best. No need for help on this one. Thanks for offering assistance 👍
  4. Thought that was what rolling credits meant Yes you have assumed correctly. A black screen and rolling credits afterwards. Like them scrolling down like it happens in games in general.
  5. JohnKalo

    Does "Show/Hide" help FPS?

    Best solution would be, as stated above, to just erase all units and objects on the left if they go to the right or on the right if they go to the left. Also so as for the mission not to possibly lag at first you can disable their simulation and then enable it according to which side the player chooses.
  6. JohnKalo

    Editor AI cover help pls

    Welcome to the forum The ASR AI3 does such things. Not sure they will use the sandbags but they will use cover.
  7. JohnKalo

    AI find cover

    ASR AI3 does a pretty nice job with units finding cover. Maybe you can find an alternative solution there 👍
  8. I do not think it is possible to pause the game while playing but maybe other tricks can do. Why does the game have to pause? Maybe you can just attach the players somewhere where nothing is happening and then put them back in place when the video ends for example.
  9. I have got a script that works by calling it like this: guard = [op1] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"; is there a way to call this script for multiple units at the same time so as not to write: guard = [op2] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"; guard = [op3] execVM "HousePatrol.sqf"; ...
  10. JohnKalo

    Syntax Question

    Thank you very much for the detailed description. Still complicating since the only code training I have is a Python class. The rest is via simple experience with already existing scripts. This will need some time to be developed. I will see what I can do because time is short and I would really like the mission to be ready till the first days of August. In the worst case scenario I will use the initial setting with a sleep inbetween so as not to cause a lag freeze. Yes [this] is when directly added to the init of the unit. So many things to do and so hot these days 😓
  11. JohnKalo

    Syntax Question

    Has been some time since I asked. Mission 09 took a lot more work than expected. Anyways, all of the above do not work. There is no error or anything but the AI just does not go anywhere for some reason. Here is the script: if (!isServer) exitWith {}; sleep random 1; // Set variables _unit = _this select 0; _maxWaitTime = if (count _this > 2) then {_this select 2} else {30}; _excludedPositions = if (count _this > 3) then {_this select 3} else {[]}; _startingPos = if (count _this > 4) then {_this select 4} else {-1}; _debug = if (count _this > 6) then {_this select 6} else {false}; _position = getPos _unit; _house = nearestBuilding _unit; _numOfBuildingPos = 0; _currentBuildingPos = 0; _lastBuildingPos = 0; _waitTime = 0; _timeout = 0; _name = vehicleVarName _unit; if (isNil _name) then { _name = format["Guard x%1y%2", floor (_position select 0), floor (_position select 1)] }; _unit setBehaviour "SAFE"; _unit setBehaviour "UP"; // Find number of positions in building while {!((_house buildingPos _numOfBuildingPos) isEqualTo [0,0,0])} do { _numOfBuildingPos = _numOfBuildingPos + 1; }; // DEBUGGING - Mark house on map, mark building positions ingame, broadcast information if (_debug) then { for [{_i = 0}, {_i <= _numOfBuildingPos}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { if (!(_i in _excludedPositions)) then { _arrow = "Sign_Arrow_F" createVehicle (_house buildingPos _i); _arrow setPos (_house buildingpos _i); }; }; player globalChat format["%1 - Number of available positions: %2", _name, _numOfBuildingPos]; if (count _excludedPositions > 0) then { player globalChat format["%1 - Excluded positions: %2", _name, _excludedPositions]; }; _marker = createMarker [_name, position _unit]; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerText _name; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; }; // Put unit at random starting pos. while {_startingPos in _excludedPositions || _startingPos < 0} do { _startingPos = floor(random _numOfBuildingPos); }; if (_startingPos > _numOfBuildingPos - 1) then { _startingPos = _numOfBuildingPos - 1 }; if (_numOfBuildingPos > 0) then { _unit setPos (_house buildingPos _startingPos); _unit setPos (getPos _unit); }; // DEBUGGING - broadcast starting position if (_debug) then { player globalChat format["%1 - starting at building pos %2", _name, _startingPos] }; // Have unit patrol inside house while {alive _unit && (_numOfBuildingPos - count _excludedPositions) > 0} do { if (_numOfBuildingPos < 2) exitWith {}; while {_lastBuildingPos == _currentBuildingPos || _currentBuildingPos in _excludedPositions} do { _currentBuildingPos = floor(random _numOfBuildingPos); }; _waitTime = floor(random _maxWaitTime); _unit doMove (_house buildingPos _currentBuildingPos); _unit moveTo (_house buildingPos _currentBuildingPos); sleep 0.5; _timeout = time + 50; waitUntil {moveToCompleted _unit || {moveToFailed _unit || {!alive _unit || _timeout < time}}}; if (_timeout < time) then {_unit setPos (_house buildingPos _currentBuildingPos)}; // DEBUGGING - move marker to new position if (_debug) then { _name setMarkerPos position _unit; _text = format["%1: moving to pos %2", _name, _currentBuildingPos]; _name setMarkerText _text; }; sleep _waitTime; _lastBuildingPos = _currentBuildingPos; }; // DEBUGGING - Change marker color if script ends if (_debug) then { player globalChat format["%1 - ended house patrol loop", _name]; _name setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; }; I should again mention that the script is not mine but by Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS] . In usual circumstances the above would not be needed since for realism all units load at the start but with Mission 10 it will be needed. Oh and the directions of the author: The above script has been changed a bit. There were many other optional settings for the patrol but they had optimization issues while not offering anything so with my spectacular scripting skills I just erased all parts that were not needed 😂
  12. JohnKalo

    Ai planes

    It is indeed way too complicated. Them taking of and being in formation is nearly impossible. Only way would be to have them in the air with a disable simulation and when the time comes careless mode and the bomb waypoint. There is however high chance the planes will crash into each other. Then after the bomb run you will have to equip them with bullets ammo so as for them to start fighting. Then have a waypoint created for them to land when bullets are out. Then a trigger rearming them. Then a take off waypoint which is full of glitches. And then the same in a loop. So in short it will be a masochistic process which will most likely have not good enough results.
  13. JohnKalo

    How to use the Switch

    @BenFromTTG Hello, sorry for the late reply. Had to open the editor and I am in an exam period. I encountered a similar issue. Here is how I solved it: DistanceToReach = 50; this addAction [ "Turn On", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; { [_x, "ON"] remoteExec ["switchLight",0,true]; } forEach (nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]); _target animateSource ["switchposition",-1]; _target animateSource ["light",1]; _target setDamage 0; }, [], 1.5, true, true, "", "alive _target", 3, false, "", "" ]; About the light I have not noticed. All seemed to work as intended.
  14. Hey guys in the editor there is an object named Transfer Switch. I am trying to make an action where the player can move the lever of that switch. When they do so something will happen and the mission will continue. It is about a WIP MP mission. So how can that be done please?
  15. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Mission Updates! As we are slowly approaching the final mission we want everything to be as good as it can be. Due to that Missions 01, 05 and 08 have been updated. By accident I discovered a way to make the video media files much better. Due to that no more pixel looking videos! All video qualities have been greatly enhanced while the mission sizes are still good. The biggest mission is about 75 Mb. A quality change example: As it can be clearly seen the one on the right is the old pixel version. But the quality enhacements are not the only news we have ready! The Defying the Odds Campaign has just acquired an official trailer! Any comments and feedback regarding it is more than welcome! Enjoy!
  16. JohnKalo

    Hosted Mission Issues

    Completely untested maybe this could work: TAG_Voices = ["Male01FRE","Male02FRE","Male03FRE","Male01ENGFRE","Male02ENGFRE"]; {   _unit = _x;  if ((group (side _unit)) == "INDEPENDENT") then  {  _voice = selectRandom TAG_Voices ;  [_unit, "_voice"] remoteExec ["setSpeaker", 0, _unit];   };   } forEach allUnits; For the textures you can try using the obj setObjectTextureGlobal [selection, texture] through a trigger. Triggers are meant to work for all clients and hosts so you can place a condition true trigger and place the texture lines you want there. That will most likely work. The two textures corespond to the "selection" of the command. The selection can be 0 or 1 or 2 if I recall correctly. Hope the above work as intended!!!
  17. I will have to test it but due to exams it might take a while. I know you would rather not delete the waypoints. Just suggested it since the other way does not work. For a simpler solution you can try : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCurrentWaypoint https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Waypoint (still not like your initial method)
  18. JohnKalo

    Hosted Mission Issues

    Glad to hear that! Since the wiki says to run the above on the server you can try placing the above in the initServer.sqf . If you have not got one you can create one. With this being the name of each unit. Either seperately or with a forEach command. What does the error say please? And the setObjectTextureGlobal is used for a screen, a vehicle, a unit or something else? Does it refer to a .jpg file or something else.
  19. JohnKalo

    Hosted Mission Issues

    Found this and in the buttom there is a solution: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126030 Seems to be caused by using the Arsenal when in the editor for some reason. Interesting indeed because it happens only to certain people. But Arma 3 has such things 🙂 Okay and for what sort of textures are we talking about please? A screen, a car or something else? A simple solution would be to create or add at the end of the initPlayerLocal.sqf : waitUntil {condition of the trigger goes here}; and then copy paste what you have in the .sqf file. Extra care because the waitUntil means that the rest of the initPlayerLocal.sqf will not run before the condition is met. So for conditions that will be met prior to the rescue hostages one should be before the particular waitUntil command. In Arma 3 strange things happen. A few days back in the description.txt I had a path "\images\image.jpg" and it did not work. For music and other images it does but for the particular image it needed "images\image.jpg". You mean the animations in the .sqf file? By the method above. If not still the same method. Hope all works 👍
  20. JohnKalo

    Support provider

    Don't think that is possible but this thread can help:
  21. JohnKalo

    Hosted Mission Issues

    Really strange. Might be an addon issue? Are you using this one: object setObjectTexture [selectionNumber,texture]; or this one: obj setObjectTextureGlobal [selection, texture]; Triggers should work for all in most cases. What do those .sqf files have in them though? Seeing the other post too I do not think there is vanilla French. Maybe a mod issue here. In any case you can try this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setSpeaker PlayMove, taking as granted that it works in the Eden editor, needs to be run in the initPlayerLocal.sqf so as to run for all. Otherwise it only works for the host. A remoteExec might work too. The enableAI seems strange. Once that it was reported on one of our missions it was an addon issue as well. You can try a PATH instead of MOVE or a Simulation if the MOVE does not work. Hope it all goes well in the end! Spending dozens of hours for a mission and seeing it is yet to work is really a pain
  22. Well a more sophisticated way is via the videos below:
  23. Is the helicopter that lands Unlocked ? You can click on it in the editor and see if it is in an Unlocked, Default or Locked for Players state. Also I suppose it is a Bluefor helicopter and you are Bluefor too. Last but not least some addon might be causing the issue. Has such a thing happened before?