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  1. A brilliant idea if you ask me and why not use a winch system to save other players? And if things go further we will be able to have cops and robbers missions, which off-course will not be planned. But there are a few slight problems sadly. For instance there are not so many players online. My high score is 5 people being online together and that was just once. In general and even when I start a server of my own I have to be extremely lucky to have one player besides me. A very sad fact. And it gets worse. I don't know why but it is a miracle if your fellow players actually know how to fly!?!? Most of them don't even know how to put into practice the start-up procedure.........????......
  2. Thanks but I must clarify that I never meant any offense about the refund or whatever. And I will keep my head up for any other solutions. Hope that a solution will be brought up.... P.S. A real nice and unique game indeed.
  3. JohnKalo


    I can not say that I am an expert in these things but how about the airspeed that is provided by the weather conditions or even the airspeed caused by the helicopter falling. The later is clearly significant 40 meters per second, I believe. Can't these forces play any role in the helicopter's re-stabilization?
  4. The truth be told people who have downloaded the game from Steam have had some other issues as well even before installing the game. Also the Hinds version, since you can only download it from steam, has had issues with the registration keys. I would advise you to download some missions and go online but although the challenges of those missions there are not many players going online. It could however give you something to play with even in single player till you manage to solve your problem. My suggestion, Convoy Attack mission. Also another piece of advise would be to write an email to Bohemia Interactive itself. Logically, if things can not be fixed, you deserve a refund of some kind. Or if you want me to tell you how many missions are left I would gladly do so. I don't right now because it will be a spoiler.
  5. In that case I just hope that you have already played the career once and so you can always play the rest of the missions. But on the other hand try repairing the game through the setup.exe in your CD. (make a copy of your saved games just in case...) Or a question. Have you got the CD inserted in a CD-driver in your computer when you play? I am asking because I can play without the CD but after a few months it started saying, once you open the game on the right of the options columns, that I have to try the trailer and something about a demo and it was giving me a link about how to purchase the game. That was kind of strange.... Well I inserted the CD and after I restarted the game things got back to normal gladly. And after that I stopped inserting the CD every time I played again. That saves me a lot of time.
  6. Nicely played. Things are more clear now. A couple of questions though. Have you tried playing the mission in rookie difficulty? Have you used auto-hover? When does it report that the container is too damaged? Immediately when you hook it to your sling? Have you tried slowly adjusting the throttle? Have you updated your game with the patches? Are you sure you are trying to pick the right container? (just minor humor) Looking forward for your answers.....
  7. A very good idea indeed. It would be very suitable for many missions. For example police multiplayer missions like playing cops and robbers. The problem is that although our suggestions nothing seems to happen. Nobody does anything. This game has got many potentials but it is cut off. I hope that maybe something will eventually take place and somebody capable of doing these kind of things will finally be interested. Best Luck! P.S. I know that this thread is possibly too old but I have just noticed it. Hope it will have a "resurrection" of some sort.
  8. Maybe you should be more specific on this one. What ship? Which container? I don't get it.....
  9. Here is a suggestion that I was thinking of for a while. Since there are many cases in which many players join take on helicopters rearmed online servers without knowing how to fly why not alter things a little bit. What I mean? Well TOH has got the possibilities to join players who want to fly with helicopters and guys who want to be in the trenches. There was a mission "Operation Pegasus" that was pretty good but there were some serious drawbacks, such as the great distance between the LZ and the target location. Something which thrills certain people but is a bit tiring for others. So why not make a mission like Convoy attack and place a heavy helicopter in it and also by having some slots for soldiers we could achieve in our goal. We could change the Convoy by adding more AI soldiers so as to make it more difficult and challenging for the soldiers who will fight on foot. There could be a deployment of soldiers and even emergency evacs if required. Looking forward for your replies. Thanks for the attention. P.S. I unfortunately have no skills in editing a mission. Although my efforts programming is really frustrating.
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    Man that is a problem alright. I will soon try the same thing on my computer so as to be 110% sure that this can not happen in my game-play. Maybe you should send this video to Bohemia Interactive itself because maybe in some way damage is disabled in your game. I am not sure if this is possible so have you ever crashed in other situations with your chopper? OK here are my results. As expected I was burned and crushed as a pilot a couple of times. ---------- Post added at 17:11 ---------- Previous post was at 16:44 ---------- And one more. http://imageshack.us/a/img43/3295/takeonh2013040219594344.jpg Well I really can't get how you manage to land like you do. I will keep looking for other possible issues but I can't promise you anything...
  11. JohnKalo

    Underwater Improvements

    Just one more pls. What I would like to show is some pictures of the results of landing on rivers in a career mission "Operation Arrowhead". When you are extracted by the chopper. That is why landing on rivers is unacceptable in this game. Then some games that have underwater graphics. Arma 3 gta san andreas sniper ghost warrior even far cry 3 and more. PS to open the images right click, open in new tab. "Anyone interested" I really advise you to firstly try Arma 3 since it was made by Bohemia Interactive and then the other games....
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    The game that I am playing is Take on Helicopters Rearmed. No Hinds version. Looking forward to looking into your video.
  13. My question will be short and simple. How can I insert images on a Thread? It tells me to write a URL or something. What is that? How can I upload an image or even a video in order to use it? Thanks in advance. Come on guys. Isn't there anyone that knows how to post an image? This can't be it.
  14. Many thanks BeePee. Problem solved thanks to your assistance. Just posted an image of a stunt which I hope you will like.....
  15. JohnKalo


    I must say that auto-rotation with no forward airspeed is impossible in my game-play. I fall like a rock or something. And I am aware of that because I had to try many auto-rotations till I finally succeeded in the tutorial. And even in the career missions, well I can't say what happens, but it was really challenging and difficult and what you call a "dead man's curve" was really critical. Especially under those circumstances. One experience that I had was in multiplayer, a convoy mission, so that I can tell you about the details, an armored car damaged my engines and auto-rotation was needed even under extreme and continues gunfire. I managed to land but it was so rough that the blades were destroyed and the helicopter became even more useless. I got out, fortunately I had equipped myself with some weapons, and started fighting on foot. After a while of changing of gunfire with the enemy AI and fortunately after I had walked away from the chopper, the chopper just exploded making it's weapons totally useless. So the auto-rotation procedure is really critical and important if you want to survive and I really don't now how you manage it with no forward air speed.
  16. Well guys I hope you are right but to tell you the truth I have no SSD drive on the computer that I am playing this game, I have also got one with SSD, and things are going extremely well even in the highest details and graphics. I have never had a problem even in many other games with much more strict requirements. Looking forward for the results of your upgrade.
  17. Generally there will be a lot of better performance on your computer but it is not so necessary for take on helicopters. It would be better to buy a better graphic's Card. It would really help since there are a lot of graphics in TOH. Or maybe some more RAM to gain the intended faster performance.
  18. JohnKalo


    I would suspect that you haven't played some certain missions in the career mode. I will not say anything else since they would work as spoilers. But don't you worry you will be thrilled....
  19. That is a negative. No problems occurred at all when I installed and played take on helicopters without the patches. But your problem has also got an advantage because if you didn't patch your game and started the career mode then guess what would happen...... Every single save that you may have previously had in the game folder in the career mode would be useless since there is an error message, when you try continuing your career, saying that the new version of the game doesn't support this saved content. That is what happened to me and it wasn't pleasant. I had to uninstall the game by keeping the save content and install it again. Then after finishing the career I started again, after a couple of weeks, by first patching and then starting the career. Not the best experience although some extra flying skills I gained......
  20. JohnKalo

    Underwater Improvements

    If you consider landing on rivers logical then OK.... This bug should most certainly be fixed. It is unacceptable for a simulator of such a scale. But maybe too much underwater detail would be too much, I will agree to that one.
  21. Sorry for interfering without previous involvement in this thread but is there any chance of any multiplayer fire fighting missions? It would enhance the single player fire fighting missions since I would possibly find them a bit boring at certain times and also more complex firefighting techniques could be put into practice. And it would also lead to more players going online. The truth be told there is an "online-player-shortage" here......
  22. JohnKalo

    Landing Expert Mode

    One solution would be to minimize the difficulty settings and then by starting from the bottom up you will quite easily learn how to land smoothly. But now who is taking? I almost always prefer the straight up approach which requires no hovering since you gradually descend to the ground. And there is no problem there since most of the times real pilots prefer this kind of approach and even in videos you watch them do so. Another solution would be to change the sensitivity of your controls so as for the helicopter to be more controllable. I have personally changed these settings in my take on helicopter's carrier. Maybe I will post a link, for a video, someday of a landing in expert mode. P.S. I don't believe that you will have problems understanding this post since your English is pretty good and flawless.
  23. Do not get too excited with my reply since I do not have take on helicopters hinds. This is because I have to pay and download it online since there is no CD available but that is not our issue. As I have been generally informed there is no other company which can simulate helicopter flight so spectacularly. I mean even with take on helicopters rearmed which I have purchased the simulated flight experience is astonishing. The controls, the controlling, the wind and weather effects, the sounds, the gun effects, the explosions, the AI everything is very well depicted. Flight simulator X for example can not possibly stand in the way since it is not meant to be a helicopter simulator. I have personally tried both and my decision didn't need much time to arise. I believe that you could try take on helicopters rearmed and if you are excited with it then you can additionally buy the Hinds version. Hope I helped in a way. I hope more replies by Hinds players come. Good Luck with your choices!
  24. Just to add, on some controllers using the dead zones is very helpful if for example increasing the throttle fully takes a lot of valuable time. I would also send a picture of my controller settings but I do not know how to insert an image. What is this URL? I even posted a thread yesterday but not one has replied. Sorry if I am going off topic on this one but BeePee I would really appreciate your help even in the other thread(in take on helicopters questions and answers) on this one. P.S Nice helo.
  25. Well to start with I must say that I had also got these issues on my joystick when I first started playing this game. I use Logitech Attack 3 which is not expensive and gets the job done pretty good. You mentioned in your thread that you tried adjusting the different axis options on your controller. Sorry if my question is kind of out of bounds but there is an ability to adjust, by increasing or decreasing three horizontal columns next to the ones altering the sensitivity of your controller, the dead zone of your controller directly. Have you tried it? Because you don't mention it. Another issue is the way that your controllers change the throttle. As far as I am concerned having the throttle separate, like in a plane, can make your flight extremely hard. But that is just a personal opinion. Never mind that, if you can control the throttle separately I congratulate you. Hope this helped. If not, I would be more than willing to assist.