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    Where is everyone?

    The chief thanks for your post. Now what I would like to ask you and the other players that have Arma 3 is what kind of possibilities exist for Take on Helicopter pilots. I mean we are all indeed waiting for the flight models of TOH to be installed in Arma 3 but how are the flight models at the moment? And what do chopper pilots do exactly? Do they log in a server and find themselves in a chopper which awaits other players to ask for transportation? How does it work exactly? The reason I am asking all these is that if the flight models are installed I will logically buy Arma 3 too so I would like to know what exactly I would be doing. :) Thanks for your time.
  2. Well I checked some things out and here is what I found. This problem usually occurs by a false check-sum. What it means is that where the program needed 417697879 Bytes it got 258975872 Bytes. So the program can not possibly run. This happens when a file is corrupted. Corrupted files have been reported in other situations so I can sadly not say that this is a surprise. The solution would be to re-download the files for the game by the particular website. You should contact them. Personally I don't think that there is anything else you could do. I hope that this problem will just increase the anxiety for this game and you will be even more thrilled. Best Luck!
  3. You can might as well contact the company-website where you downloaded the game as a long shot. Now I will look into the problem more specifically and I will be back with more specific info. Hope things work out.
  4. JohnKalo

    Where is everyone?

    Thanks for your posts guys. I took some time to watch the videos and the images but although I do find the scenery graphics a lot better than TOH's, the absence of cities helps though, the aircraft graphics are way worse than in TOH. I believe that the issue here is that the infantry will have to wait long hours so as to get in action. In my point of view this increases the anxiety and adrenaline but indeed not many people believe so. So much military realism is not what they seek. Maybe if it was inserted in Arma 3, in other words what most of us are waiting for, multi-player action would be great. The problem would be the pilots that are not so good at flying. Imagine a troop transportation failing due to a pilot's stupidity in the air or in the start-up procedure. It would really logically piss off the infantry players. Also flying in "civil" mode is also great and if the game was separate that mode would be vanquished.
  5. Well I have asked around and searched on the internet but I don't seem to find anything particular. There were some programs but they have enough known bugs and issues so as for me not to support them. I wouldn't advise them since they are not safe. Another thing I would like to report is that certain downloads such as some mission templates which are supposed to help you with TOH editing are dead links for quite some time. No other reports of the demo malfunctioning have occurred but who knows? I really don't know. Is your computer having problems with just this game? Because in a different case maybe it needs to be defragmented or formatted. If you are interested in realistic helicopter flying accompanied by some military action then this is the game for you and it would be sad not to try it out...:)
  6. JohnKalo

    Where is everyone?

    That would really be great. It would bring this mission to a whole new level. And if troops were inserted I believe that more enemy trucks would be inserted. It is heartbreaking to know what we miss... How about Arma 2,3 players? Aren't they interested in something like this? I mean, and if that is not enough, a raid in the enemy base would be thrilling. Another advantage would be that players without much experience in helicopter flying would have the chance to actively participate and play a key factor to the whole mission. Is there really such a shortage in TOH players or is it that they don't go online?
  7. JohnKalo

    Where is everyone?

    Seriously now, the multiplayer Convoy mission is the BEST available in my point of view and am not at all exaggerating. It has many possibilities and the team work would be astonishing, if only there were team members.... Congratulations for your mission. Now as for playing Arma 3 I really would if the TOH flight-model was added. But till now nothing as such has occurred, except from some patches that have a lot of issues, and so I am just hoping that something will eventually happen. It would be absolutely thrilling to transfer players to the battlefield or provide support or participate in EVAC missions or even SAR missions. It really would be great...:)
  8. JohnKalo

    Am I Being Too Hard On Myself?

    I am glad that I helped. And I'll have some tea equipment ready. And as for the instructor's crash well... maybe it was a lesson of how to astonishingly crash on buildings. Who knows?:D Also practice makes perfect. I hope that you will now be able to live your Take on Helicopters experience and career. Many surprises, adrenaline and excitement awaits you... And last but not least some stunts you can make so as to master your skills: But on the other hand when everything else fails, , this is the sure way: :cool: P.S. To open, right click, open in new tab.
  9. I see. Now since you have the minimum requirements and since the error report just states unsupported their might be a problem with the drivers of your graphics card. So the question goes have you kept your PC up to date with the latest drivers? This could be the problem and maybe your PC isn't able to adjust the resolution with what the game requires. Now as for changing the resolution by altering the game'e files I have to knowledge about it but I am more than willing to look into it...
  10. JohnKalo

    Am I Being Too Hard On Myself?

    Wow, this is some serious post. NO offence, it is just biiiig.:D Now what I would like to say is that the old controller could be better than the new one by what aspects though? These are that IF you have a separate throttle then it will be very difficult for you to maneuver the chopper. I have personally got Logiteck Attack 3 with the throttle at the bottom of the stick and everything is perfect. The X52Pro is also perfect but for flying airplanes. Now as for having no pedals a Steering wheel with pedals would be just right.:D Now the problem that you were having with the sensitivity of your controller was one that also occurred to me. You can change it by going to Settings, Controls, Controller, choose your controller, and then alter the columns that "calibrate" your controller. Lessening the sensitivity and the dead zone will greatly enhance your ability to fly and this is no cheating... Also the auto hover thing, no shame there, some helicopters as far as I am aware do have auto-hover. Not the small ones but the heavy and medium ones surely do. I don't want to boast but I can now hover, with difficulties, with the different helicopters. But look at it this way. I have played the career twice and the missions and challenges many times. I am sure that with practice you will master these helos. The heavy one, NO promise, cause it is really wild:D Now as for videos in YouTube and extra tutorials I don't think that there is anything to find but who knows? Maybe someone will upload one... Hope I helped. And you can be sure that great hours of excitement await you!!! P.S. The auto-rotation tutorials are extremely difficult. And even if you haven't accomplished them you can still auto-rotate to the ground safely. Sadly this happens also the other way around...
  11. JohnKalo

    Career interrupted

    Well on the bright side you are the first to report this problem, I think....:) Now another question, when you have completed the mission with the golf tour, you go to helipad, contracts, what do you see there? Is there an option for the next mission, after the golf tour one? Or are there only two contracts? Maybe you can unbug the game by this route. Keep me posted...
  12. JohnKalo

    Career interrupted

    For starters welcome to the forums. Now the normal procedure of continuing on with your last mission is by going to the career section list, choosing your mission and then by pressing continue or play on the bottom of the column. Now what I would like to know is if you can see the missions on that list or not. If you can't then you really do have a problem. If it does I think that things will settle down eventually. P.S. Many hours of great game-play awaits you! :cool:
  13. I would also like to welcome you to this Forums. Many possibilities and fun game-play awaits you with this game! Now another thing that you could try is downloading the demo again just to be sure that there was no corruption of the particular files. Just trying to be optimistic. Also maybe changing the resolution of your screen might help. A key point here is the message that pops out. Does it only state "unsupported"?
  14. JohnKalo

    Disabling Force Feedback

    Well in general Take on Helicopters doesn't really give access to other "programs" to interfere with it's elements. Now I can not provide you with anything specific but maybe this will help, if you haven't already checked it out: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support/5855?osid=14&bit=64 Also another issue I would like to point out is that certain controllers, such as G940 are designed for airplane-sims. That is why the throttle is as it is. In flying hellos it could be quite difficult to control the aircraft.
  15. Hi to all. Well I was not sure where to post this, in Arma or in TOH forums, but I decided here since TOH is what I like! Now what I would like to know is if TOH and Arma 3 can be united with a patch of some sort. I am aware that there is a possibility with Arma 2 but with Arma 3? And also what is there to unite exactly?. I mean ok the light and the medium choppers I suppose will have their flight-realism and control enhanced as I would like, but what about the Chinook? There is no such helo in TOH but there is certainly one in Arma missions. It would be a unique experience to fly one but only on the TOH level of realism. I wouldn't be interested otherwise. The reason why I am asking all this is that there is not much multiplayer action in TOH and I hope that there is in Arma. And in Arma games what can you exactly do in multiplayer games? If I miss-posted this thread I would be happy to post it in the Arma forums. Thanks in advance...
  16. Now that is more like it. AiA is a bit off but the second one... I mean it has bugs, but.... I watched the video and there were many problems but I am optimistic now that something will happen sooner or later. It would really be thrilling. I believe the reason that not so many people have tried to deal with these problems is due to the fact that not many people have fun by flying with choppers. Bohemia Interactive itself should take the initiative. Another question which is a bit off but in the Arma issue is whether you can shoot with your primary weapon, such as an assault rifle, while sitting on a light or even a medium helicopter. Can you? Thanks for the heads up anyways!:D
  17. Disappointing to say the least... Whatever. Maybe online Rearmed action will increase now that summer is coming. Nevertheless many thanks for the reply Chortles!!!
  18. Just to clarify something please. If the Take on Helicopters-Arma 2 patch is applied, then the Huey medium helicopter or the MD-500 will still feel as it did in the TOH missions while playing online on Arma servers, right? But the rest will just be left as they were in Arma 2 game-play, correct? Or have my desires misguided me?:)
  19. Yep. There is sadly a shortage in online players. My personal high score is 5 but when I started a server with those guys they acted like crazy. They didn't know how to fly!?!? They couldn't put in practice the start up procedure!?!?!? I mean come on... Also I have problems with some missions on dedicated servers. There was an air-force 1 mission that I couldn't play for some reason. Too sad... Now I make do with a convoy mission that I have downloaded which is great fun but not when you are on your own... Maybe some Arma players should join us. For gunners on choppers and many more....
  20. Many thanks to you both for your quick, direct and helpful answers. I have analysed both of your links and comments and as I understood there is no realism in Arma flying. :( Too sad to say the least. I thought that I could buy Arma and have the perfect flying experience. If there only were more online action with Rearmed..... Now another point is why is there legal issues between the two games when both games are from the same company??? I don't get it although I am not an expert in these things but....
  21. JohnKalo

    TOH specs

    For starters welcome to the forums. Now I would really like to be soft on this one but there is sadly no way that you will be able to make this work. RAM is more than good, Windows version are suitable but the integrated graphics is extremely weak. Even some flash games can not work with these graphics.... Now the disks and the CPU ain't perfect but they will work in normal graphics. All of these you can see at: http://takeonthegame.com/manual/ , where in the manual it gives you the minimum requirements of the game. As for the joystick you have got a nice piece and you will be able to calibrate it in the end. I don't know if there is some special way to calibrate this specific joystick but normally you click while in game: settings, controls, controller, (choose your controller), and start altering the different columns for the different axis. And also the helicopters, I am not aware of your experience here, tend to move in different directions if not controlled properly. For example they go backwards when you take off or they pitch forward when you increase throttle while airborne. These and many more... To sum up all you have to do is buy an graphics card 1.5 Giga will be good and as for your computer try defragmenting your disks so as to make them quicker. Hope that your problems will be solved. Hope I helped. Have a wonderful Take on Helicopters experience. Believe me it is worth it!:cool:
  22. Another solution would be to press, in the memory missions, escape and then choose "skip" mission. You will skip them but you will lose a considerable amount of money, you won't earn money from the mission success. Also these missions are too good to be left aside but if you don't like them ok, your choice:cool:.
  23. JohnKalo

    Addon error

    Have you inserted the patches on your game? Most likely this would help. Also if you have downloaded the game maybe some files are corrupted. It has happened before...
  24. Have you tried altering the sensitivity of your controller in the game settings? I haven't got these particular pedals but there should be an option by pressing on the menu, options, controls, controller, choose your controller, and then change the column that is controlling the sensitivity of the particular axis. Hope this helped....
  25. I don't know man, maybe a third try would be worth it though. There are a lot of amazing missions following and it would be a shame to lose them. On the other hand it would indeed be wise to contact the ones who sold you this problematic game. Maybe they know what is going on. And a refund is also logical and in bounds.:confused: