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  1. Has anybody tried it with the free Arma II version yet? Hope this map will eventually turn into something great. P.S Nice images. Most promising.
  2. Well guys I had found a way back then on how to accomplish this autorotation tutorials very easy but it was not the most noble way after all. Extreme caution before reading the rest since it might ruin your gameplay in a way. Just saying... You see when you are in the air and the tutorial starts what happens is that the instructor turns the throttle to idle. At first it seems that you can not reverse such a thing but you surely can. To be more specific I will report that you can not change the throttle by mouse since it is blocked but you can via your keyboard. After that the throttle is back to full and it is just like flying a normal helicopter something which is extremely easy after all. As simple as that.:cool:
  3. Unfortunately this is not so uncommon. Have you guys tried to play Desert Hawks? I had started a thread some time ago but no solution has been given even after all that time. I have only managed to complete this mission once and I really do not know how I accomplished it. Two players were left back then, a gunner and me as a pilot and I had the fuel warning on for the last flight minutes. Thankfully we managed to land safely. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147184-Desert-Hawks-multiplayer-mission-help-required
  4. Have you tried to use your rudder so as to keep the chopper under control? This should do it. Also you can try taking off faster by means of pitching the nose down just a few seconds following your take off. Of course in order to do so you must have the throttle at a high level but not too high so as not to damage the helicopter. And just to mention by increasing the throttle the chopper will pitch a bit forward after all. Then you can also check the controls under your possession. By having a look at your sensitivity settings and dead zones you may greatly enhance your ability to control your helicopter. Furthermore, why start in such a difficult level? In order to learn how to take off, land, maneuver and hover your chopper you will need to acquire some experience. Steadily you will become an expert. Just one step at a time. Naturally it is not of my business but I am talking out of personal experience. Too many crashes there were and I am by no means an expert. Just saying.:D
  5. JohnKalo

    multi screen

    Maybe this will help. I know you have been looking through the forums but just in case you missed it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?126044-Dual-Tri-Monitors And as I found out the multi screen is in an .ini edit. So it must be a bit complicating after all. It is required that you edit the desired text by hand. Sorry for not being able to help you more on this one. Best luck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You could might as well use a video screen splitter but their prices are way off. Just saying...:)
  6. JohnKalo

    TOH Rearmed content does not show up.

    Welcome to the forums. Now the answer here is kind of simple. The reason you are not finding anything is that there is nothing there to find. Let me explain. You will not see anything such as a new shortcut of any kind. What changes is that you can now play some custom missions with extra content. Rearmed introduces some aspects of Arma II in TOH without any Arma II needed. You can now have weapons and fight on foot engaging hostiles like in Arma II. Naturally you will not have so many weapons but the basics will be available. And since you have the Arma game there is another patch with which you can join the two games. But then again no flight models will be transferred and when flying in Arma II it won't be as realistic as in Take On Helicopters. I will deliberately not provide you with any more information since not knowing of your game experience I could post even more spoilers. Hope this helped. Have a wonderful TOH experience!:cool:
  7. Any updates? I am really interested to see how this concludes.:confused:
  8. In that case things become complicated. I have indeed asked around and what I found out was that this I/O device error is more directly an input/output device error. Since the other games and applications are all working alright then you must contact steam itself. I would conclude that your hard disc is faulty but an SSD with so many other playable games, with many requirements, included I can not. Now maybe your Windows 8 is a problem. In the requirements it doesn't include Windows 8. It should be compatible but maybe along with the other software it is not. It is far fetched but maybe... Sorry for the delay. Hope you solve your problem.
  9. Welcome to the forums for starters. Glad you joined this community. Now what I can advise you on the spot is to re-download the whole game from Steam. As I understood you haven't yet at least. This might surely help since corrupted files due to downloads occurs quite often. Now as for other hard-drive issues maybe you should try defragmanting your disc. If large files are copied and pasted in other locations there is a chance that a whole mess can occur. In that case your system will be slower and some games or other programs will just report different errors, such as dll files missing for instance. For more specifics I will ask around and inform you ASAP. Hope your problem is fixed. Hope you have a wonderful TOH experience. Can't wait to see you online!:cool:
  10. Honestly nobody could be more helpful. Now I have tried this mission again on the same server and the friendly AI who were under my command acted fine. They engaged the enemy by land and by air and they succeeded in taking down many hostiles. Maybe too many but never mind that. The only bug with the friendly units was when I commanded them to enter a building to take down some hostiles. The infantry acted kind of fine but there was one that controlled a helicopter... What he did was indeed effective but a bit unnecessary. He lined up with the building and literally crashed head on on it. The building was destroyed, and the enemy was neutralized but something didn't feel right...:confused: Also some AI were trying to shoot hostiles kilometers away by the use of their handgun but maybe these guys were meant to be pilots although I think I saw assault rifles on their back... As for the mod I will try to find the mission so as to download it but as far as I know, I had a little experience, in order to keep two versions of the game you need to copy-paste all of the game files. Then you choose the one you like. My bad not mentioning that I was on another server. Hope to see you online sometime. There is a player shortage, so the more the better... Thanks again.:cool: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I have downloaded the mission from the thread but I can not see it when I start the game. I have read the thread and placed the extracted file in the missions folder and in the mpfolder too but nothing seems to happen. So please if anyone has any clue of what I am doing so wrongly please provide me with a solution. Thanks in advance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problem solved.
  11. Shapur_Revisited_100, a very good mission indeed. I joined a server with another player and we had some kind of fun. The bases were awesome and the vehicles and terrain were all cleverly placed. There were light machine guns and many more cool stuff. Also in the enemy base there were many good positions and the enemy was well placed. The right helicopters and the right players could do the trick. But in my experience in playing this mission, twice it was, I have sadly uncovered a few bugs. That is, the AI intelligence. When I was in the air in a light helicopter I fired missiles and used my machine gun effectively and the AI indeed responded by shooting at me. It really was a battlefield. Everything was ok. But then we decided to fight on foot. We took a HUMVEE and went for it. We reached the area and we tried to clean up a perimeter. The gunner took some down and we were able to force our way through. But till then we had already had a ghost-zombie like enemy anti aircraft vehicle. They were just standing there doing nothing while we shot and killed them. Strange.... Nevertheless we continued. We arrived at some sort of base and we "saw" nearly two dozen enemy units approaching. Bullets started flying and the battle was really intense. Well at least from our side. After coming towards us they started running around aiming elsewhere. What was happening? Panic? So we approached and even after we were next to them they run around us like we had entered a monkey cage or something. Some crazy stuff we had there. So we shot them not so pleasingly cause they were kind of off but we were aware that maybe they would come back to the real world and then we would be screwed. We continued into the compound. Most of the enemies acted the same but there was one brain-survivor. Yep. And guess what. In the chaos he killed one of us before being gunned down by myself. Perfect. We shot the rest and run over some other, to save bullets, and then we kind of stopped playing. We didn't accomplish one objection. Nothing.... This was not war but a massacre.... So my questions: Is this logical? I haven't got Arma but Rearmed and everything should be fine. Is the AI always like that even in Arma? Thanks for your time. Sorry for tiring you. Any help or even plain comments are more than welcome.:)
  12. Many thanks for the reply for starters. Now I have followed your accurate instructions and took a look at my settings. As it seems even in the recruit mode, I sadly do not remember which mode I was playing in, the enemy skill is set to 55% and goes till 82% according to the difficulty level. The precision of the enemy varies from 20% to 82% approximately whereas the precision of the friendly units is always at a rate of 90+%. The friendlies skill is 100% or 98%. And what I would like to write down is that I have played this mission in the [EvoDan] server, something like that, so I am not aware if my settings play a role in the mission. Also if I download these patches-mods, will it affect my online game-play by means of letting other players join on my created server? Or will I be able to join other servers without a problem? Furthermore, is 55% enemy skill that low that those guys are just standing there?
  13. What I would like to report is that in my game-play the whole in the model mentioned does not exist. I have personally not bought it in the career but when I play the challenges, no hole there. This game should surely have some unlockables here since it needs quite of an effort so as to be able to buy a new helicopter. I thought that after buying this Air Ambulance there would be a mission in the Oil rig map. Well that is the reason why I played the career contracts so as to raise money but I gave up since there was little progress. Thanks to this post now I know that I am not missing anything.:):( Happy and sad at the same time....
  14. JohnKalo

    My own music?

    Welcome to the the forums for instance.:cool: What I would like to report so as to kind of help you is that in some custom missions the songs that are being played, when you open the battery of your chopper, are different from the ones that usually play in the career. So I believe that there must be a way of changing things. Hope success follows for your mod...
  15. Now that is some serious coincidence.:cool: And I believe that I can provide you with a solution for your problem. It is not that the game is very sensitive, it is the controller's settings that are kind of "malfunctioning". You must press on the menu section, settings, controls, controller and then choose your controller. After you have done so you will see some columns which will help you. You must lessen the sensitivity of your controller as much as you like and also lessen the dead zone of your controller. I had personally got the same problem with the sensitivity. I altered the settings and it greatly patched things up. I could finally land and maneuver my chopper as I wished, after some serious practice of course. It was a perfect feeling I must say. I thought that I was just not meant to be flying helicopters which was quite disappointing. A huge relief back then. Last but not least in FSX it has some cool helicopter missions and I have personally played them all more than once. The problem is that it ain't as realistic as TOH. Best Luck!
  16. Well you know, why struggle with a keyboard? Why not buy a joystick? Especially now that prices are very low. There are so many good and cheap joysticks. For example one that I personally suggest is Logiteck Attack G3 which is great since it has the throttle in the right position, it is not expensive and it has got enough on board buttons so as to do the job. Also the in flight control that you will be having will be astonishing and extremely better than when using the keyboard. You will be trilled. And with just a bit more funds you can easily acquire pedals. This way you will simulate flight more realistically. P.S. Not trying to be smart, just trying to help.:)
  17. JohnKalo

    Can't reinstall Hinds

    Well what you can do is contact with a forum administrator directly. You can do so by pressing "contact us" at the bottom of the page. Also you are being too optimistic, in my point of view, 22+ views ain't much.:) Some of them, like me, haven't even got Hinds. So we can not look into the problem more thoroughly. I will personally try to check some stuff and if I find anything I will be sure to post it. And others will just not know... Nevertheless best luck.
  18. Simple question please. What I would like to know is if somebody has got Arma 3 and Take on Helicopters, can he join them together with a patch of some sort? The reason I am asking this is because I believe that buying Arma 2 so as to combine the two games would be a bit off since Arma 3 already exists. I am aware that the flying models have not been installed in Arma 3 nor in Arma 2 but when they do, won't I need TOH that I already have? Will it just be something like a mod in Arma 3? Thanks in advance.
  19. JohnKalo

    Rearmed + Arma

    Thanks all. Now can anybody tell me how long this future will take? I mean I hope it doesn't take forever. And also I have seen this way of inserting the Arma content but in the thread it reported many problems such as noises not working and many more. The game reported a dozen of them once it started. Nevertheless, it is progress. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I haven't stopped looking and I found a free arma 2 version on the Bohemia Interactive site. So if I download that one can I insert the patch that combines the two games? It states that no mods are regulated but how about a patch?
  20. Ok then I will make sure that I give it another try. I have yet to find out the button that I am looking for but as for not being able to reach the controls I would advise you to zoom in via the mouse. This could work. You can press Alt to look around, free look, and then right mouse button to zoom in. As for the winch I have not tried it but can't somebody sit at the back of the helicopter? I mean there is a side door and a seat which is for the winch operator I believe. Hope these helped.
  21. More problems here. I have tried this mission and I don't know if I am totally incapable of spotting the ones that need to be rescued but after circling a dozen times several locations I could find none. And I wasn't alone. Nobody could find anyone. What was wrong? Who knows. Could you guys at least find the people that you were looking for? As for the Flir camera I think that I recall that there is a button to activate it, 0 or enter or something like that. I will be back if I find it. P.S. I believe that you are aware of this but just in case, there are one or two multiplayer missions to download from this forums.
  22. JohnKalo

    Patrol Ops 2 Rearmed.

    Glad that people still make missions for TOH. Sadly I haven't got Arma so whatever. I can not play it. Nevertheless, I suppose that this would be a very good mission...
  23. I mean ok online action was never actually active but come on... My five last attempts to play online with other players on the MadSin[dedicatedServer] and on ones that I start with missions such as the convoy mission were all worthless. I was always alone although I was online for 2 hours at a time!?!? I played the convoy mission so many times on my own that I can now beat the mission by myself!?!? Imagine that... So please is anybody aware of specific times and dates that players gather online to play TOH Rearmed? Is there really nobody around? Because I have noticed new players coming in and so I was optimistic that more and more are going online but things just got worse!?!? Thanks for your time. Any bit of help will be appreciated.
  24. JohnKalo

    Where is everyone?

    Well Starsky396 I took a look at some videos from the game that you mentioned and I didn't find it that good, I must say. The graphics weren't good enough and the way that the helicopter crew reacted to a mission that I watched was a bit off. They were taking on board some survivors from a Huey crash and nothing was shown. You couldn't even see the people that were in the ruined chopper. There was nothing. The only action there was was one of your crew members standing in front of your hello. A bit disappointing. Also there is no Rearmed something which gives multiplayer action possibilities and you can also fight on foot this way. But still I would really like to know how the flight realism is. Is it as good, better, or worse than TOH? Nevertheless, thanks for the heads up.
  25. JohnKalo

    Where is everyone?

    Is there some kind of briefing before you start a mission? I mean you must be informed of some basics, aren't you? You can't just start knowing nothing. And as for the mods how will you know which one you need to join a server? And how many will you have to gather? I know. Too many questions. Thanks for your time and posts.:)