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  1. Willing to say that an astonishing job has been taken place in this thread for so much time. Congratulations to you all!:cool: Now I am aware that there has been a mention to multiplayer missions but that it was put aside due to "technical" difficulties. And no unfortunately I can by no means help in this, rather than producing some ideas and testing some missions that is... But that was a really long time ago and I would like to know if there have been any improvements or breakthroughs. Currently I have persuaded some guys to buy TOH and go online but after playing the same missions a dozen times they are kind of bored. And for that reason they won't play as often as they did. Logical if you ask me especially when they prefer to play as gunners or actively participate in the ground assault. Doing the same thing again and again is not any more as thrilling. And yes there have been other missions made but they require Arma 2 and it's expansions something which I say is kind of unacceptable. I believe there should be some enhancement of TOH by some content but having to buy such games is ridiculous. Not that they ain't good but why buy a game that you will never play just to take some of it's contents? Especially when the TOH flight models are not used in Arma?!?! And rearmed most certainly unlocks a wide variety of mission ideas which can have so much to offer. Air assaults. Taking over buildings and compounds. Attacking oil rigs which have been occupied by terrorists and so many more... Hope something will eventually take place. Have a nice landing.:)
  2. JohnKalo

    Helicopters don't fly?

    Now would you mind if you informed us, which controller you are using? I mean this is really bizarre and I imagine it very frustrating. Personally I have faced some similar problems but only at the point when I was landing. These were some hysterical and unacceptable landings. You know. Descending with just 2-3 m/s and let's say a top of 5 m/s as an forward airspeed and the helicopter acting really wildly. It just banked to the right, always to the right, and turned upside-down although my efforts to stabilize it. But these two, maybe three, incidents occurred to me after some gunfight and when I was landing at the dessert so these could be it.
  3. JohnKalo

    Helicopters don't fly?

    Maybe you should start questioning your controller since you are the first one to report such a problem. It could be not compatible. Does it work with other games such as in Arma? Check the sensitivity. Lessen the dead zone all of which are located at Settings, Controls, Controllers, choose your controller, alter the settings. For instance by completely reducing the dead zone then you will have more control over the throttle. By altering the sensitivity then the controlling will be much easier and even more realistic. You should try reducing it by maybe 50% more. Try different helicopters in the free flight section. Do all of them act like crazy?
  4. A piece of advise would be to send an email to Bohemia Interactive directly. Not sure if someone can help you in the forums. This is a delicate issue. Just trying to help.:)
  5. JohnKalo

    Helicopters don't fly?

    Not sure how to start here but what came to mind first would be that Arma flying and TOH flying are totally different stuff. TOH is a realistic helicopter simulator whereas Arma is a military simulator. Now of course what you have described is unacceptable if there is no warning, at all. And when do this things actually occur? At takeoff or simply while you are flying around? Because in higher difficulties for example at takeoffs the helicopter tends to spin due to it's back rotor. But maybe you are already aware of that since you have studied helicopter physics. And it really needs some practice to get used to it. Then there is the game malfunctioning which could be due to corrupted files or a corrupted installation process. If you had no serious progress in the game then you should re-install the game. Or just repair it. Hope to see you online! Best of Luck!
  6. I would like to make a simple question please. Is there a way to change the time of Shapur_Revisited? I mean I have tried it myself but when I try to upload a mission in the editor no mission seems to appear. I would really like to try this mission at night. It already has night vision so I believe that it won't be so difficult to alter the time. And also is there a way to make the AI more incapable of shooting at me directly since they haven't got night vision? Or maybe place some lights on the different sectors? So as to make things more realistic. It would really be great.
  7. JohnKalo

    G940 Joystick problems

    A very bewildering problem indeed. Maybe you should consult Logiteck itself to check if G940 is fully compatible with all pc simulator games. Or it could be that TOH is not able to support "three" controllers at the same time. A breakthrough would be if someone with a similar controller reported if such a problem occurs. Best of Luck.
  8. I believe that the APU is the alternative for the Starters in some way. It is true that the training doesn't cover the heavy chopper sufficiently but if you want to practice try the free flight. If you want to be sure about the staring procedure press engines on automatically. In this way I believe you will be able to pinpoint the exact steps since they are are stated in written form at the bottom of the screen as they occur.
  9. To start with, when you start the mission the person on the radio also informs you of the direction of the boat, if I recall correctly. So you will have a good idea of where the vessel is heading and where you should search. Now as you can see on the map some of the boats that are located in the search area are coast guard vessels that are supposed to be helping you. They are supposed to block the "hostile" vessel. As for how you will be able to find the correct boat there is one simple fact. Once you come close to the right one well I can not say what will happen exactly since it would be a spoiler but something will. You will not be able not to recognize it. Also this particular boat is going to move at a higher speed than the other. Furthermore it has never occurred to me that a vessel escapes from the search area. It is always there. Fly fast and low and you should be alright. Best of Luck!:)
  10. JohnKalo

    Saitek X65F controller

    Does the game recognize your controller when you go to Settings, Controls, Controllers? In that case you will most likely be able to use your controller with some extra adjustments.
  11. JohnKalo

    MP Combat Rescue

    Thanks for the heads up. Now maybe I will try checking if the free version is sufficient. I haven't got it installed or downloaded but maybe I will. It is a shame not to be able to play such missions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A question please. If I have Arma 2 free version will the 1.06 patch work and combine Arma 2 with Take on Helicopters? I would really appreciate a prompt reply.:) If this is possible then I will be able to play this mission at last, along with another one too.
  12. Well no such thing has ever occurred in my game-play. All the sounds worked perfectly on the training as well as on the career. As for the Arma 2 voices you hear maybe it has something to do with the patch that combines the two games, that is if you have installed the patch of course. If that is the case maybe you could inactivate the patch from the mod menu and then check if the strange voices take place. If you haven't installed the patch try installing it. Also maybe the TOH folders are mixed with the Arma 2 ones somehow and you have this mess. Best Luck!:)
  13. JohnKalo

    MP Combat Rescue

    I really haven't got Operation Arrowhead but there doesn't seem to be any requirement as such in the first post. Is it that obvious that I should have acquired it? Thanks for the reply but maybe Polymorph will be the only one to answer my issue more directly. And sadly he or she hasn't. (Who can possibly know?):( I really don't know. Has it worked on your pc?
  14. JohnKalo

    MP Combat Rescue

    I would really like to play this most promising mission but unfortunately it seems to have a problem of some sort. It states "You can not play/edit this mission. It is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.takistan." :confused: I have only got Rearmed but according to this thread there is no serious problem whatsoever. My actions were that I placed the content of the TOH folder on my own mission folder. And another issue may be that I see the mission twice in-game, when I go to the Challenges section. Am I doing something wrong or is it some content that is missing from the mission's downloadable content? Thanks in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Come on guys isn't there anyone else encountering the same problem? I would really like to know.:)
  15. Welcome to the forums. Well what you could try is re-downloading the demo so as to check if their was any file corruption in the downloading procedure. Also see if all the requirements are met. The windows are ok but I am not aware if the rest follows. If your pc has got no such problems with other games then probably it is the demo to blame. I will be sure to look at your problem more thoroughly as soon as I can. Hope you finally buy this great game. Best Luck. :)
  16. JohnKalo

    Oculus Rift Support for TOH?

    Some serious equipment you have got there. But as far as I am aware there are no such plans. I don't think that even Flight Simulator X has got such capabilities. On the other hand I am not an expert. Best luck.:)
  17. Has anybody tried it with the free Arma II version yet? Hope this map will eventually turn into something great. P.S Nice images. Most promising.
  18. Well guys I had found a way back then on how to accomplish this autorotation tutorials very easy but it was not the most noble way after all. Extreme caution before reading the rest since it might ruin your gameplay in a way. Just saying... You see when you are in the air and the tutorial starts what happens is that the instructor turns the throttle to idle. At first it seems that you can not reverse such a thing but you surely can. To be more specific I will report that you can not change the throttle by mouse since it is blocked but you can via your keyboard. After that the throttle is back to full and it is just like flying a normal helicopter something which is extremely easy after all. As simple as that.:cool:
  19. Unfortunately this is not so uncommon. Have you guys tried to play Desert Hawks? I had started a thread some time ago but no solution has been given even after all that time. I have only managed to complete this mission once and I really do not know how I accomplished it. Two players were left back then, a gunner and me as a pilot and I had the fuel warning on for the last flight minutes. Thankfully we managed to land safely. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147184-Desert-Hawks-multiplayer-mission-help-required
  20. Have you tried to use your rudder so as to keep the chopper under control? This should do it. Also you can try taking off faster by means of pitching the nose down just a few seconds following your take off. Of course in order to do so you must have the throttle at a high level but not too high so as not to damage the helicopter. And just to mention by increasing the throttle the chopper will pitch a bit forward after all. Then you can also check the controls under your possession. By having a look at your sensitivity settings and dead zones you may greatly enhance your ability to control your helicopter. Furthermore, why start in such a difficult level? In order to learn how to take off, land, maneuver and hover your chopper you will need to acquire some experience. Steadily you will become an expert. Just one step at a time. Naturally it is not of my business but I am talking out of personal experience. Too many crashes there were and I am by no means an expert. Just saying.:D
  21. JohnKalo

    multi screen

    Maybe this will help. I know you have been looking through the forums but just in case you missed it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?126044-Dual-Tri-Monitors And as I found out the multi screen is in an .ini edit. So it must be a bit complicating after all. It is required that you edit the desired text by hand. Sorry for not being able to help you more on this one. Best luck. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You could might as well use a video screen splitter but their prices are way off. Just saying...:)
  22. JohnKalo

    TOH Rearmed content does not show up.

    Welcome to the forums. Now the answer here is kind of simple. The reason you are not finding anything is that there is nothing there to find. Let me explain. You will not see anything such as a new shortcut of any kind. What changes is that you can now play some custom missions with extra content. Rearmed introduces some aspects of Arma II in TOH without any Arma II needed. You can now have weapons and fight on foot engaging hostiles like in Arma II. Naturally you will not have so many weapons but the basics will be available. And since you have the Arma game there is another patch with which you can join the two games. But then again no flight models will be transferred and when flying in Arma II it won't be as realistic as in Take On Helicopters. I will deliberately not provide you with any more information since not knowing of your game experience I could post even more spoilers. Hope this helped. Have a wonderful TOH experience!:cool:
  23. Any updates? I am really interested to see how this concludes.:confused:
  24. In that case things become complicated. I have indeed asked around and what I found out was that this I/O device error is more directly an input/output device error. Since the other games and applications are all working alright then you must contact steam itself. I would conclude that your hard disc is faulty but an SSD with so many other playable games, with many requirements, included I can not. Now maybe your Windows 8 is a problem. In the requirements it doesn't include Windows 8. It should be compatible but maybe along with the other software it is not. It is far fetched but maybe... Sorry for the delay. Hope you solve your problem.
  25. Welcome to the forums for starters. Glad you joined this community. Now what I can advise you on the spot is to re-download the whole game from Steam. As I understood you haven't yet at least. This might surely help since corrupted files due to downloads occurs quite often. Now as for other hard-drive issues maybe you should try defragmanting your disc. If large files are copied and pasted in other locations there is a chance that a whole mess can occur. In that case your system will be slower and some games or other programs will just report different errors, such as dll files missing for instance. For more specifics I will ask around and inform you ASAP. Hope your problem is fixed. Hope you have a wonderful TOH experience. Can't wait to see you online!:cool: