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    Ok. Many thanks. Will try it out shortly.
  2. I am now in the middle of a multiplayer mission and I would like to know how backpacks work. I have searched the forums but I didn't find anything helpful. I mean how can you equip a unit with a backpack via scripting? How can you insert items on the backpack via scripting? If you have a backpack can you hold a launcher, since your back will be "full",? If you have items in the backpack will you be able to use them directly? P.S. Maybe a part of this thread should be placed elsewhere, in the questions and answers sub-forum, but since I would like to insert the specific objects on a unit via scripting I decided it would be better to place the thread here.
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. Well I thought about placing a trigger with Blufor present but there are two issues: 1.] There are some Blufor units at the location so as to retrieve the Scud, so if they moved the task would be checked. 2.]The player will be able to end the mission without retrieving the Scud. I'll check it out when I can.
  4. Currently I am working on a mission where you are tasked to find some intel and move on with the mission. My problem is the way that the player will obtain that intel. I would like the player to get in a building, find some kind of object, pick it up and then I would like a message to appear telling him what the intel included. I believe that the message could be linked to a trigger which will also reveal the next mission waypoint. So if any of you guys know what code-script I should use or what kind of trigger please inform me about it.
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    Object pick up

    Many thanks guys!!! eegore I have already used your method and although my first thought was to place the items on the ground I just placed them on an enemy officer. Derox I will test your method some time soon but don't bother posting the other demo mission. I want it to be mp compatible.
  6. Aziz-Takedown Brought to you by HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag (zTt) After some time has passed from our previous mission release we are now happy to present you "Aziz-Takedown". This particular one is a military mission. It is mostly MP but it can also be played in SP. 1.]Hypothesis: You are a squad of five soldiers who are tasked to eliminate a high ranking enemy officer who is supervising the transportation of some captives. Of course after eliminating the target you have also got to save the hostages and transport them back to base. Moreover there are some side objectives. These include the clearing of some enemy camps and waypoints. More intel is included in the mission briefing. 2.]Important details: a)The way that you are going to accomplish the mission is on you. You are given choppers and different kind of equipment so as for the players to choose. b)If you have managed to save the civilians and bring them back to base you can end the mission by making your way to a waypoint which is located on the map near the friendly airport and wait there for 30 seconds. c)What you have to know is that the hostages will be released once a friendly soldier comes near them. Then they will join your group, so as for you to command them, so as to bring them back to base. d)There is a sniper position which is clearly indicated via a marker on the map. e)Fastroping and first aid modules are included. f)Weapon respawn is included as well as instant respawn for players. 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Player skills: a)Expert helicopter flying skills are required. The pilot should be able to hold the helicopter steady for the ground forces to fastrope, have the ability to land a helicopter which has taken some heavy damage, like the back rotor failing, and also be able to land in a hot LZ so as to extract friendlies who are in trouble. These things are not sure to happen but the players should be ready for it. b)Some medium sniper skills are required although it depends on the approach that you will be having 3.2]Technical: Arma 2 free and OA demo is required. If you don't have them just download them and enable them via the expansions menu, or transfer their .pbos into the TOH addons folder. 4.]Bugs: Of course this mission has been tested multiple times and there are no serious bugs. Some issues however are: a)Rarely the first aid modules may not work for one player, not a specific one though.[FIXED] b)The AI may seat in vehicles a bit weirdly when commanded. Most likely a game and not a mission issue however. 5.]Cheats: I know it sound a bit weird but a cheat does exist. A major spoiler though. 6.]Some images: a) b) c) d) e) 7.]Installation: Just copy the .pbo mission file to your mpmission folder in your TOH directory. To play just start a new server and start the mission. 8.]Download link: Version 1.0 :https://www.dropbox.com/s/az6lyevsyg1ctry/Aziz-Takedown.Takistan.pbo Version 1.1:https://www.dropbox.com/s/az6lyevsyg1ctry/Aziz-Takedown.Takistan.pbo [A more stable version. One "bug" fixed] Any feedback, propositions or bug reports are welcome. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits.
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    I most certainly hope so! A very good idea but I haven't got steam...
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    Very happy to hear that! Hope you enjoy!!! And yes. I am aware of that. But I believe it would be worse if the ground forces returned to base once killed. Also when I tested it we were three guys playing and it was much fun. In SP the cheat is required. If only we could organize a game via the forums....:confused:
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    Career mode not working

    I have asked around and firstly what you could do is unmark the "read-only". Normally something as such would not be required but it could patch things up. Also I found out that an installation on an external drive is most likely not the one to blame for such a problem. Now what I would like to know is from where you have purchased your game. If you have downloaded it then a corrupted file could cause the career problem. Also, What do you mean exactly? Have you got no access to the menu, by pressing Esc, while playing? Moreover, I expect that the TOH profiles are in your C// hard disk. If not, then that should be the case for the game not saving. Another idea. Try downloading the TOH demo. Sounds crazy but the demo will come along with it's own save system so it could help you. A long shot though. Best of Luck!! Although my reply was a bit late.:)
  10. JohnKalo

    Career mode not working

    In a matter of fact saving in Challenges mode is a problem that I have also encountered. For some reason when I play a mission and I press continue afterwards, the game loads to another mission. So this could be an all around bug. As for your specific problem I haven't given up. Most likely I will be back with some advise in a few hours.
  11. JohnKalo

    Career mode not working

    I'll check some things that come to my mind. While you are still having this problem play the tutorials so as to be ready for the campaign.
  12. My problem here is kind of simple. As briefly described in the title I have difficulties with the alarms. More specifically, I have inserted an alarm via a trigger, when a particular person dies the alarm goes off, but the problem is that I can't seem to hear it. I have made some tests of course and I have realized that the alarm sound isn't loud enough even when I am close to it. It is like a silent alarm which is not what I would like. So is there a way to increase the volume of the alarm? And also is there a way to turn it off via a player's action, like destroying the speakers?
  13. Well I was editing a new mission the other day and I came to the point where I was trying to get some hostiles to get in buildings. So I tried the get in nearest building command and it didn't work. I used ID commands but that didn't work either. I even tried placing move waypoints on the buildings but the hostiles would just not get in. Sometimes they were deployed in a nearby hangar and other times they just vanished.:confused: All of the above happened at the Airports of the Takistan map. So if anyone can give me a clue of what is happening or even advise me on how to place soldiers in the particular buildings, please do. P.S. The same commands that I have used in other maps tend to work.
  14. Guys thanks for the help but I am currently quite busy. Once I find the time I will check which of the above will work or not and I will be back with feedback. ----------------------------------------------EDITED--------------------------------------------- I have made some tests and here are the results: Nope. It didn't fully work. I mean I set waypoints but what the AI did was climb the ladders of the building yes but get in the interiors no. This one didn't work either with the particular building of interest. Thanks but not interested. And we just go on and on. As it seems there must be some kind of problem with the particular building. I mean in other buildings the commands that I have checked work. (the building is the airport tower at the Takistan map) Last but not least, is there a way to use a building's ID to make someone get in it?
  15. JohnKalo

    Crashing on start up

    I may have the solution to your problem. As much as I can figure out from your error report, you need to download: nvwgf2um.dll You know just google it and download it. Then place it in your Arma 3 directory. Best of Luck.
  16. Nowadays I am interested in flashlights attached to weapons. I have searched the forums and have also downloaded some mods which included "workable" weapon flashlights.... The problem was that there was no instructions given as to how to open and if you can open the flashlights. :confused: As for ingame weapons I have equipped some soldiers with weapons that had flashlights attached to them but the same problem occurred. I just couldn't open them although I pressed most, if not all, of my keyboard keys!?!?!?! So where can I find weapons which will have flashlights that can be turned on and off? P.S. In the title thread there was a small mistake with attached. It is written as attacked. And I don't thing I can change it either.
  17. Although I don;t understand why you cannot post a new thread, normally it is possible by clicking new thread at the top left of the forums page, here is the solution to your problem: What you should do is to scroll over the music "button" and click the music off option, just like you probably do with the other keys.
  18. Will check it out and will be back to report any progress.... Ok tried it and everything worked perfectly. Many thanks to all!!!:)
  19. JohnKalo

    Faster vehicle

    Just making a suggestion. Maybe you could try by altering the waypoints, if you have placed any. You know, adjust the move waypoints to slow or fast. This will increase or decrease acceleration in a race with AI involved, although always in the vehicles' limits. Hope this helped.:)
  20. Many thanks for the reply Sander. Yes the buildingpos statement didn't work well enough. Due to the fact mentioned in the first post. Tried it and it worked. Although it is quite a burden to place hostiles as such. Now it would really be convenient to use the IDs by some sort of way. All my efforts have failed sadly. Something like this, with an ID in the place of the name of the building. _soldier setPos (_house1 buildingPos 2) So any help will be appreciated.
  21. Many thanks for the prompt reply, but could you be a bit more specific? From which mod did you acquire the specific weapon?
  22. JohnKalo

    Code Red

    Thanks and well what you did was gather most of the scripts that were required in your mission "Convoy Attack", so I didn't have to search. And also the invisible tasks issue. Nevertheless, I am eager to see how players will find this mission....
  23. CODE RED Brought to you by HelicopterEnthusiast and zigTtzag (zTt) Well after a period of time we have managed to finish our first mission. It did indeed take some puzzling, frustration and effort but we can finally introduce the mission "CODE RED". This specific mission is a police mission. So let's begin: 1.] Hypothesis: You are a SWAT team which has to deal with an emergency situation. Some heavily armed men have invaded in a small helicopter business and have the employees held hostages. They have set a demand and a deadline and everything is quite messed up. For more details you can take a look at the mission briefing before you start the game. 2.]Requirements: Most preferably TOH and Arma 2 OA is required but there is another way out for this one. This mission has been designed to work with the free versions as well. You can just download Arma 2 free version and OA demo, move the pbos, which you can find in the Addons folders, from both games to the TOH Addons folder and everything will work just fine. Additionally you will require two mods. These are: American Law Enforcement Vehicle Pack, which you can find here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12197 And MBG Killhouses, which you can find here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15180 3.]Known issues: We have of course tested the mission multiple times. Gladly there are no serious issues. There are however two occasions. a)When you play the mission a group leader will talk at the radio so as for you to return in formation. Something like this was inevitable since if the leader didn't exist the gunmen would not attack the Swat officers. b)When you want to get in a chopper, unit number two should be the first one in or else the leader will automatically pull you out. 4.]Some snapshots. a) b) c) 5.]Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fvns10eepybpy5/Code_Red.United_States_H.pbo 6.]Special thanks: To [EVO] Dan for his most helpful advise on scripting this mission. To Anargy for helping with how to make the SWAT officers be attacked by the criminals. More credits in the mission notes. Any feedback, bug reports or propositions are welcome. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits.
  24. JohnKalo

    Cockpit audio not playing

    Nope, the Rearmed patch doesn't disable audio elements. Did you adjust the difficulty settings when your problems started taking place? It is a long shot but maybe that's it. And maybe try this "patch": http://www.bistudio.com/english/home/news/projects/303-dj-duo-noisecontrollers-in-take-on-helicopters It could also help put things in order.
  25. First of all I would like to ask if a scrip has been released which gives the player the opportunity to shoot from a helicopter. I have searched in many places but not one actually worked. Some caused the keyboard to be disabled and I had to close the whole game via task manager. Crazy stuff! So if anyone knows anything please inform be about it. Also, I am a bit confused with a script that will allow you to arrest and escort civs or hostiles. I searched the forums, I downloaded some scripts but they don't seem to work either. I mean sometimes you can just escort dead guys by dragging them around in a very peculiar way, telepathic nonetheless!?!?!?!? Other times nothing happens. Confusing to say the least! So any help will be appreciated...