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    Quick question

    The .pbo will not be in the documents folder but in the game directory. In the missions or mpmissions folder. In the documents only the .sqf format exists. Since you have the game on your laptop however I don't understand why the missions are deleted. You have to contact their support. 60-120 FPS is awesome by the way!
  2. Did some research and maybe you can enableSimulation true the sector modules? Saw that in a post.
  3. The show video for the loading bar is possible. You just have to play a video with a trigger. Have not got the code right now but if you need it I should be able to access it. The code is simple and based on this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_playVideo also the video cannot be skipped. Be careful however because while the video plays the players exist or they don't if you use tricks.
  4. JohnKalo

    Quick question

    Out of curiosity how many FPS does Nvidia's GeForce Now program gives to Arma? Apart from that the missions you make in the editor are saved in the Documents folder of your pc. Those are .sqf and all the editing is done there. Once you are done with the mission you export it in a .pbo format. So if you can access the Arma 3 document Missions folder then all is good. There you create the scripts and all.
  5. You could even attach an invisible helipad to the guy and then erase it so as to stop the say3D. That is since the helipad is speaking.
  6. The trigger condition can also have an: NameOfUnit in units group player so as for the trigger not to fire if the units are not in the players squad.
  7. Oh because it said the link below and I thought you meant in the forums 😂 Sounds cool!
  8. And about as same as the above: [_unitOne, _unitTwo] joinSilent (group player); or [_unitOne, _unitTwo] joinSilent player; since you want secondary objectives so each unit can join separately. And for the condition a simple: NameOfUnit distance NameOfPlayer < 10; that will activate a nice hold action feature:
  9. There is no discord channel link. And you can just copy paste the code here. There is a code tab next to the happy face when you make a new post. Apart from that it seems cool. Any non mod new nice feature is great 👌
  10. JohnKalo

    Custom Support Trigger Activation

    Well on the trigger Activation (that is under the Type section) >> Radio Alpha (or whatever name you want)>> condition true (or whatever the condition is) >> on the on activation field: NameOfObject hideObjectGlobal false; and to hide them you click on the unit and you uncheck the Show Model option. Not sure of the exact phrase it has.
  11. Awesome new content! Is there any chance of adding a new weapon however? Particularly a shotgun! A lethal and maybe a non lethal one. Oh and the police faction could have some police cars. Or even riot gear! Nobody else has made such equipment for Arma 2 or 3. Don't support what the police does in Greece by the way. Not why I am asking for such assets.
  12. Welcome to the forums. If we are talking about a limited amount of players you can use this: place a different variable for each player and use the removeAllActions NameOfUnit; command to erase the actions. This method will help with any locality issues too. The variable can be set not on the units init but in a trigger that will fire when the unit is almost near the addAction trigger.
  13. JohnKalo

    Again AI isnt seeing me

    You have to givemore details. What do you mean the friendly AIs cannot see you?
  14. JohnKalo

    Making mission - need assistance!

  15. JohnKalo

    Making mission - need assistance!

    1. Can that happen? They do not exist. Maybe hide them and disable their simulation or something. 2. Drivers in CARELESS moving at slow with the disembark waypoints for the HMGs to have the units not in the transport vehicle condition. 3. For spotting this in the iniPlayerLocal.sqf player setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef", ("PARAM_CAMO_coef" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue )/ 10]; player setUnitTrait ["audibleCoef", ("PARAM_Hear_coef" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue )/ 10]; For flashlights: 4. 5. And politely speaking most of the above was found with a very simple google search. The others I have used personally. So maybe you could try helping yourself that way
  16. @panzergrenadier3 Thanks! Wish a Greek version was on this addon too though. Don't really use CUP so as not to flood the editor with thousands of units/vehicles/weapons. To avoid the dependency too.
  17. Cooooooooooool !!! Know its too much to ask but this one would also be REALLY awesome : https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zubr_(Αερόστρωμνο_αποβατικό)
  18. JohnKalo

    Grass Cutter - Sizing

    Not exactly what you are looking for but it should help. 7th and 8th post 👍
  19. Maybe you can set the hangar as a static object or use the lock doors module to just lock the doors
  20. It might sound insane but maybe you can try: nameOfUnit1 action ["Eject",T1]; nameOfUnit2 action ["Eject",T1]; nameOfUnit3 action ["Eject",T1]; nameOfUnit4 action ["Eject",T1]; ... Have witnessed similar situations so I just placed different triggers with same conditions and with the sleep timer. As long as it works and it is simple I keep it. Pros might find such things funny but since it works and does not lag anything ... And if the above does not work maybe these will: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/moveOut https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doGetOut
  21. There might be a way since there are scripts which spawn furniture in buildings. Maybe you can take a look at them. An easy way out would be to just hide the structures and then unhide them.
  22. 1- Try placing what you have in the init.sqf to the initPlayerLocal.sqf . 2- Seems to be a known issue with the script that has not been fixed: Checked it out and it indeed has two lines of addAction seemingly doing the same thing. The thing is to change a script you have to have permissions and such, whereas the thread does not state we can alter it. Hence I did not research it any further. Best of luck with your project!
  23. You can make it spawn with an altitude condition:
  24. But if the unit dies in the trigger area it is already in the area so the trigger to fire is expected. Maybe I got confused. What are you trying to do exactly? If you could more details would help. Maybe a simple: NameOfUnit1 distance nameOfHelpingInvisibleHelipad < NumberOfMeters or NameOfUnit2 distance nameOfHelpingInvisibleHelipad < NumberOfMeters or ... could work so as not to stall your project. Edit: Or if you mean if he dies in the trigger a latter condition is fired although he is killed maybe this can help: ({_x in thisList && alive _x} count units test1) not tested so it could just show an error.
  25. Don't think so but in normal conditions a script error causes an error to pop up (or for the game to crash 😂). Have never seen a freeze.