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  1. We got the ASR AI3 one and all is cool. Not just about rearming and re-healing but about their behavior in general. That is why all our missions have ASR AI3 as a dependency. Highly recommend it.
  2. From the WIP Greek Voiced Defying the Odds Campaign found here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/218435-spcoop-1-4-defying-the-odds/ Addons used: Community Base addons A3, ASR AI 3, LYTHIUM, Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM), Arma 3 Apex, Marksmen DLC
  3. You have assumed correctly. It is a campaign that is released in episodes. The story is the same and progresses in each new mission. Have fun guys!
  4. And as aforementioned we have not only created simple missions but a whole GREEK VOICED Campaign is at the works! Today was the day when Episode 03 was released. Defying the Odds So thanks Aplion! Without you our country's Armed Forces would not be present in Arma 3. I have placed you in the Campaign's credits and all. Anyways the campaign can be found here:
  5. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Yet no feedback means no spoilers in the comments. Cool! So the release date of Episode 03 has arrived, that means ... Episode 03 - Mayhem Providers RELEASE! In this mission we had some awesome firefights! And we were all great. We would also be baked had it not been for our Marksman! His support proved essential due to our strategy plan. What will yours be? Now allow me to suspect that some of you do not read the Important Details section of the mission. Due to that, it is in the task's description anyways, but please note: Hope positive or negative feedback will be provided. All download and mission detail links are included in the first post of this thread.
  6. Yep that one is indeed harder. Especially when it comes to adding the action to Zeus spawned civilians. I have never worked with Zeus so someone else should save the day. Would not like to state something that does not work.
  7. For starters I use this when I add an action: this addAction ["Get on the ground!", "Civ_ground.sqf"] Then since the unit is a specific one why not name it and then in the script add: name_of_unit setUnitPos "DOWN"; name_of_unit setBehaviour "CARELESS"; name_of_unit disableAI "MOVE"; it should work
  8. JohnKalo


    Well you can set a variable. Set it to true and when the variable is set to true run a script. In the script you can use: name_of_unit playMove "name_of_first_animation"; sleep number_of_seconds_the_animation_lasts; name_of_unit switchMove ""; name_of_unit playMove "name_of_second_animation"; sleep number_of_seconds_the_animation_lasts; name_of_unit switchMove ""; Now you do not need a variable for sure. Any condition can do the trick. Also you have to keep in mind that the above works in SP missions. For MP missions you can place the same code in the initPlayerLocal.sqf. There you can place: if {name_of_variable isEqualTo true} then { name_of_unit playMove "name_of_first_animation"; sleep number_of_seconds_the_animation_lasts; name_of_unit switchMove ""; name_of_unit playMove "name_of_second_animation"; sleep number_of_seconds_the_animation_lasts; name_of_unit switchMove ""; } The name of the animations can be found in the animation viewer. And you have to test the animations again and again. You cannot know, as far as I am aware, the exact position of the animation placement. So if you want a repair animation to work you will have to move the vehicle to be repaired around. Oh and keep in mind that none but a few of the animations change smoothly from the one to the other. There might be a small teleport when animations change.
  9. JohnKalo

    Same old Saving problem?

    When you host a server online or offline and you play a mission you can save and then load. That is if the editor of the mission allows you to. All of that in a .pbo mission file.
  10. JohnKalo

    Helicopter and Waypoints

    I understand you only want way-points but that might not be possible. A good and relatively simple idea would be: 1.] Name the units who get in the chopper and the chopper with whatever name you like. 2.] Create a trigger where the player pilot is to land. A 50x50 area or whatever else you find suitable. 3.] Sync the player with the trigger. 4.] Condition: this && isTouchingGround name_of_player_here 5.] On activation: name_of_unit_in_chopper action ["Eject",name_of_vehicle_flown_by_player]; All done. What the trigger does is check if the player is where he is supposed to land and if he is on the ground. If both conditions are met the unit boarding the chopper is ejected from the helicopter.
  11. JohnKalo

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    @Wiki @.kju @stburr91 Coop and SP are kinda the same thing if it is an SP/MP Coop. Now as aforementioned, editing a mission becomes harder and harder due to the AI among other things. I mean, relying on AI to make a mission/campaign is not a good idea like at all. Even simple way-points of theirs are ignored by them. And if one Get In way-point is ignored then the whole mission can be wrecked apart. That is why I have changed briefings simply because the AI was unable to cope with a mission's story-base. And when you do decide to deal with the AIs weaknesses you come to a point where you have to test many things again and again so as to be sure. I know editors that have just given up simply because they cannot deal with this constant trial and error strategy, not because of lack of skills but because of bugs and glitches. Also, when no feedback is provided the editor sees all his work hours have like, not recognition, but not even a comment saying everything went well. The mission is okay. Due to that they stop editing and going through the masochistic process of dealing with the AI and the scripts. Why go through such a thing when there is nobody there telling you that they enjoyed the mission? Now maybe this is not because players disregard editors but because of them not realizing how tough and time consuming it is to create a mission. The above being followed by the vast recognition addon-makers have cause yet another issue. The addons are great but there is nobody using them in missions. Then addon creators ask editors to create missions but since nobody will provide even basic feedback they are simply like no thanks.
  12. JohnKalo

    Campaign creation

    Or you can use: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hideObjectGlobal Which is hiding all your objects and then making them reappear. Like: objectname hideObjectGlobal true; and then: objectname hideObjectGlobal false;
  13. JohnKalo

    Mount Saint Helens Map

    @johnkirk345 Ehm, so as for people to see if they like it and hence download it, we need screenshots or even videos.
  14. JohnKalo

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    Just to note that even if you do all of the scripting and modding, Arma 3 AI is getting harder and harder to control when you edit a mission. That is because they change how they act. Especially the planes. You try the mission once and the AI follows way-points. You try the mission another time and the AI disregards way-points. That is why multiple tests have to be made even for simple way-points... Imagine having to place scripts and way-points for an SP x-44 gunner mission. Chances of all of them working are next to zero. Sorry for the negative thinking but BI needs to think about all of these for an Arma 4. A title which will take about 2-3 years to come to an acceptable state. Personal opinion. No source in that one.
  15. GreekEditor Updates Latest Updates - Do not like scrolling August 7, 2018 Following the campaign release a new Campaign section has been added. All mission and campaign pages have now got buttons so as to go back to the map's home page. March 10, 2018 New website section for the island of Malden. This post has been changed a bit since it is a website update and not a release post. February 22, 2018 There is now a "How a Mission is Created" section in the home page. It is now easier to view the missions' details. A mission slideshow has been implemented in the home page. December 30, 2017 WebSite trailer released. September 9, 2017 New website section for the island of Stratis. August 26, 2017 No need to visit other sites any more! By clicking on "More Details: here" you can directly see all of its information and you can also directly download it from the site. The number of players each mission can accomodate is shown more clearly. It might have taken many weeks, many workhours and like so many head banging on the wall but it has been published. Our website has been published! What has the website got? It has got both PC and Mobile versions! It has got our newest missions! All of those missions posted in one website. No need to search any more. You can just visit the website and check our accomplishments! It has got a newsletter form! Yep, want to keep up to date with our newest released missions? Subscribe to the newsletter and whenever there is a mission update or release you will know it in like no time! It has got a comment and contact section! Your opinion counts and it really important for us. Want to express it? The contact section is there waiting for your point of view! How about security? The website is SSL protected. That means that the subscribers' emails are secure along with the website as a whole. NewsLetter provider MailChimp is heavily secured. We use it for newsletters but it is also for whole campaigns. Anything else we need to know? Once subscribers reach 2000 we will not be able to send newsletters to more. That is because we cannot afford heavier MailChimp programs. What we would like? Your opinion about the website! You like it? You hate it? All opinions are welcome! So if you would be so kind so as to spend a minute or two to go through our website and post your opinion afterwards that would be really great and we would really appreciate it! Link: http://greekeditor.weebly.com/
  16. JohnKalo

    GreekEditor Website Updates

    Following the Defying the Odds campaign release, a new Campaign section has been added. All mission and campaign pages have now got buttons so as to go back to the map's home page.
  17. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    No feedback means no bugs so at least that is nice. Now, details Fixing of Episode 02 has been completed successfully so ... Episode 02 - Explosive Attention RELEASE! Alhtough the details that are now fixed we had a really nice time organizing our strategy and commencing the operation on this episode. Hope you all enjoy! Please also note that a Marksmen DLC dependency has been added to the Campaign. We will most likely not add any more dependencies. The Marksmen DLC was already present but was forgotten by myself. Hope positive or negative feedback will be provided. All download and mission detail links are included in the first post of this thread.
  18. JohnKalo

    game crash error

    Well the standard steps for Arma 3 is un-install and re-install the game, re-download and re-insert the modpack and so on. You have to try those first. IF they do not work check here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/365172408529647808/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/5/358415738202220417/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/1/364042262882853071/ https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119477 https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125208 Sadly this is a part of the Arma world. BUT once solved you will have a great time. No pain no gain
  19. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    So Armaholic will most likely release the Campaign in a few hours. That is am, after midnight, local time and I yep I got to sleep. Additionally anyone willing to play the 1st episode at a Friday night should not be dissapointed so ..... Episode 01 - Entrance Creators RELEASE! With the testing team we had a blast with this episode! Hope you guys enjoy the mission too! Please keep in mind that I have added an important detail to the first post: Hope positive or negative feedback will be provided. All download and mission detail links are included in the first post of this thread.
  20. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-6)] Defending History

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR I know man. This Skopia issue is extremely serious. If they get the Macedonia name, then they will say they speak Macedonian. Afterwards they will try to convince the world that a huge part of our history is theirs. If only the world was informed correctly. Even in google maps Skopia is named Macedonia. Disgusting!
  21. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Prepaid Nightmare

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR @spotter001 Hope you enjoy guys!
  22. JohnKalo

    Can I Play On This Laptop?

    @dpounds1 It is about the graphics card. Your laptop must be for running work professional programs for designing and such. Not for games.
  23. Maybe in the units init: this setSpeedMode "FULL"; but it may be over-riden by the vanilla, and also suicidal, attack strategy of Arma 3. And if you want to stop the jet from getting shot down maybe you can use in the init of the jet: this allowDamage false; which can be cheating however. I would not do it. I would just use the module.
  24. JohnKalo

    Live feed control (LFC)

    @bangabob How can I make this script run without an addAction please? Like have it running from the beggining and not have someone use the addAction. Maybe something I can place in the init line of the monitor or in the activation field of a trigger.