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    Bad Weapons Dispersion

    @kibyde This one used to work. I use ASR AI 3 now so I cannot retest it: this setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.1]; So that way the accuracy will be lessened and it will be like the dispersion is changed.
  2. @FallujahMedic -FM- Just to clarify, this will be 2 add-ons made one. Like creating a new add-on in armaholic and releasing it. With your logic the submarine and the ship add-on will be updated and there will be two copies of the same add-on... @Timo B. Do you know how it is like to spend hours creating a mission and battling with the Arma bugs? And then seeing your mission or add-on go dead because of an update? And what will you do with the ships if there are no missions created now or in the future? @Aplion Thanks for your understanding. Sorry for the tension. Will not be spending any more calories on this issue. Not worth it.
  3. If you could please not erase the armaholic link containing the old version of the stand alone HAFM add-on.. That is so as to keep missions containing your add-on as a dependency playable. They will be updated just not immediately after the update.
  4. JohnKalo

    [COOP-(2-4)] Explosive Drones

    You are welcome @paigemoody547 ! Hope you guys have an amazing time with the mission. Thanks @GEORGE FLOROS GR ! Maybe I will at some point use your GF Police and Siren script. I am on a break now because otherwise the mission quality takes a toll but making a police mission is in my wish list. After the campaign has progressed that is.
  5. JohnKalo

    GF Police and Siren Script

    Nicely done! Hope the eventual result will be like the real police cars, with the flashing lights at the back and the rear of the car.
  6. Second! This is a true and unacceptable happening. In my Prepaid Nightmare mission where you simply had to order hostages out of buildings I needed 5 minutes to make them get out I mean the rest of the players continued the search for the other hostages while I, as the leader, had to convince the AI to freaking move. In the end you might think they used the door. Nope! They started going through in through all buildings like ghosts!
  7. JohnKalo

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    @Dedmen Yep I know shields exist. Didn't know the others existed too but there is not one riot add-on containing all. Since these features exist it would be nice to have them all in one. Add-ons with Swat shields (not riot ones), ACE plus RHS is a kinda big requirement for a mission. And melee weapons already exist. I have even implemented them on one of my missions or WebSite-SubLink and indeed the water tank would be a blast!
  8. The reasons why communications win wars I suppose.
  9. JohnKalo

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello, an add-on featuring riot police with the appropriate weaponry would be nice. Weaponry such as shields, tear gas, flash-bangs, police clubs and water throwing vehicles.
  10. Okay thanks. All is clear now Did not know friendly fire can also take place in real life with missiles too. Thought there was some kind of signature in each military. Like the reason why fighter jets do not lock on and bring down friendlies. From looooong distances you cannot know if a fighter jet is friendly or not. The same goes to Surface to Air missiles. So maybe there is a way to see if a unit is friendly or not. Not that civilian planes have not been brought down before due to mistakes.
  11. So the guide is great but if we want all details to be absolutely exact: 1.] The sonar shows all vessels as green dots and only torpedoes as red. So how can we tell which vessel is friendly or hostile? 2.] If the torpedo guidance is in Active mode, does that mean the torpedo might also hit friendly units? 3.] What about anti-ship missiles too? In the Radar Guidance mode, is there a chance of them locking on a friendly unit? 4.] It is not mentioned but in order to fire an anti-ship missile I suppose you have to be up to 20 meters below the surface like with cruise missiles. 5.] Do countermeasures work with a torpedo being in wired guidance mode? 6.] Can a torpedo miss its target because a submarine changes its diving depth? Please note that I have not got he submarine add-on as I am expecting to download both when ready. And now the tricky part ... making SP/Coop, or just Coop, missions with the add-on once released. In the long run. The Campaign has the priority
  12. To attach the object you can use this: What_will_be_attached attachTo [Where_it_will_be_attached, [0, 0, 0] ]; and then to rotate it you can use: What_has_been_attached setDir 90; 90 is how many degrees the object will be rotated. If the above fail then there are other ways which are more complicating.
  13. Thanks for helping guys. Had a class and could not reply earlier. Now, @HazJ @Grumpy Old Man The mission is already uploaded in a .pbo format here: It is the direct download link to Episode 04. If you cannot turn it into a .sqf I will upload it again. @Harzach @zagor64bz Indeed, cannot try without addons due to dependencies. Creating a vanilla mission is hard because I use CBA modules, Hellenic Armed Forces units and weapons, the ASR I believe works best if enabled while editing and more. @SpaceHippo Thank you but ASR is not the only dependency. Removing dependencies will mean deleting way too many things. @pierremgi I have no idea what the ms scheduler's limit is. The issue as mentioned but not entirely cleared is that, apart from the modules, only the text script seems to lag. Other scripts causing many things do not lag. When opening the sqf format you will see most scripts in the same place. They are there because when I try to place a path for the scripts or some of the images it says script or image not found. Strange because the paths work for ready scripts, sounds, audio and some images. Also the use of modules in the mission makes the mission hard to understand to any person who has not edited it. Please remember I have got next to no scripting skills but all missions work in the end. Thanks to all of you who will try.
  14. A nice possibility. However, only two custom scripts loop, they are non existent in the other campaign missions and they are not activated at the start of the mission. The rest of the scripts are used in all missions, like the dragBody sript and such but they never caused any lag. This is really mysterious because what would cause only the modules and the text script to lag? Eveything else works fine.
  15. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR Yep that is indeed possible. Thanks!
  16. Well I cannot test any of these missions without the ASR activated because it is a dependency. When I use task modules in an empty Lythium map they do not lag. As the mission moves on however task modules lag gets worse and worse. If I recall correctly the lag also took place at other maps when the mission was at its final stages. If it was from a simple script it would not lag more and more logically speaking. So the ASR could be the issue but I cannot test it and in previous missions where other game and script versions were present there wasn't an isssue. Even in missions with even more task modules and such. I mean using scripts to make tasks could be possible but since the script showing text lags too, it might be a huge effort with no success. But that is the thing. The FPS are fine. The only thing lagging is the modules and the text script. It is a Hosted Server. Not a dedicated one.
  17. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Good missions many times also means big missions and this one is indeed big. 25 Mbs. That is due to media and scripts. Lots of scripts. The final mission of Chapter 01 however although big is finally ready so ... Episode 04 - Natural Holocaust RELEASE! Episode 04 was a mission where we did not manage to follow a stealth approach. We had a nice plan but adrenaline was pumping for quite some time to avoid a rambo movie. Anyways, maybe you will be able to stay undetected long enough? Please note that this mission has a minor bug for reasons yet unknown: And also that: Hope positive or negative feedback will be provided. All download and mission detail links are included in the first post of this thread.
  18. Yep that is true Indeed, I will have to use NV googles in the next mission version too. That is when the new addon version is released. np
  19. I am running Windows 10 and we have never dealt with such an issue. When you say switched to windows 10 however, do you mean without a full format? Because it is possible to switch like that so as to keep your files but then a variety of issues have been reported. Not specifically with Arma 3 but with many others. Maybe that is your case.
  20. Just wanted to mention, at night, at least with the previous version, it was really hard for players to use the ship. It was a SAR mission, ships assisting and protecting a SAR chopper, and the aforementioned difficulty turned the mission into a masochistic process. So I added NV googles and it was all fine. So maybe it would be nice to add NV googles to the crew members.
  21. JohnKalo

    GF Police and Siren Script

    Sounds cool. Thanks dude!
  22. JohnKalo

    GF Police and Siren Script

    Can you please add light-bars to the vehicles? Not just for the Offroad variant. That way we can have police units without any add-ons. Units that write Police and not Gendamerie. Oh and adding extra police lights apart from the light-bar would also be really cool. Like the ones add-ons have. And if you go even further you can create undercover police unit variants with no extra dependency. Simple black SUVs with lights and sirens that is.
  23. Yep, even in simple chopper reactions. Apart from what you mentioned, from Take on Helicopters I recall choppers nose would go down once you increased the throttle. Also, when you take off, you for some reason do not have to use the pedals. Strange since you always have to in TOH. My piloting skills went way high recently and I got suspicious. So yep something must have changed.
  24. JohnKalo

    Royal Navy Mods

    For ships there is this one which should soon be updated to a whole new level soon: And for a carrier, if the vanilla one is not good enough, you can check this one:
  25. JohnKalo

    Lack of good usermade SP content

    @nettrucker About 18 to 36 hours need to be spent for a stand alone mission. That is a mission with intro, chats, images, testing and scripts included. Those hours can be exhausting. Yep those way-points and constant glitches can easily break a mission just like that... So many hours gone bad because one unit refuses to follow his simple way-point. @mamasan8 Addons are indeed divisive. Not just for the players but for the editor too. It is not the same trying to create a mission with hundreds of choices and a mission with thousands of choices. In general, as aforementioned, you first write down how you want a mission to be and then you check how it can be. The lesser waypoints and AI dependence the better. Oh and after starting to create a campaign and having to make higher quality images, intros, outros and voice recordings it is like sooooo hard. Even finding the voice actors available is hard alone.