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  1. A quick solution could be to attach an invisible helipad to the vehicle and set the waypoint on it
  2. JohnKalo

    Ogv problem

    Well to be honest I have never heard of such a thing happening again. For a quick and simple fix you can separate the audio from the video. Make the video without sound and play the audio via a trigger for example. Start the whole scene with: cutText ["","BLACK OUT"]; // so as for the screen to go black make the video start to play after some seconds so as for the song to have time to play. If the skipping of scenes happens in the video too you might have to do something more. Take the initial video and cut it into parts. Then use something like: ["nameOfVideo1.ogv"] call BIS_fnc_playVideo; sleep 10; ["nameOfVideo2.ogv"] call BIS_fnc_playVideo; sleep 10; and so on. It is not the best solution but it will work. Maybe it depends on the program you use to edit the video in the first place because you can play parts of videos with only audio.
  3. Better place to look for an answer here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/154-arma-3-mission-editing-scripting/
  4. JohnKalo


    I must admit that things are not very clear but in general to make a video compatible with Arma 3 so as to play as it should: You create a video, you download, install and open Any Video Converter and you convert your video to a .ogv one [without changing the default resolution of the video provided by AVC]. Maybe other programs exist too but as far as I am aware only the above works.
  5. JohnKalo

    Ogv problem

    Ok that is weird So the video plays as it should including sound and image and only skips some parts of the video scenes? All other video scenes are shown as they should? Sorry for repeating myself. When I say black screens I mean when the video plays normally and black screens is the effect of the video closing. Maybe however I am translating it wrong.
  6. JohnKalo

    Ogv problem

    Hello, welcome to the forums! What do we mean by "the black screens of the video"? Effects implemented in the video alone or through the game as the video is played?
  7. And the second issue that came up with the one mission was this: this addaction ["Pickup Key","Scripts\PickupKey.sqf"]; the above resulted in 4 actions appearing on the object. 4 were the players 4 were the actions. So if I place the above code in a trigger that is Server Only will the action only appear once while been shown to all players?
  8. @7erra The trick was to use 4 actions for which you need 4 different variables. Each player had one of those 4 variables. That way all had the action and once the one was activated all were erased! @pierremgi I placed the code in an objects init. The object was a vanilla table. Actually the action applies to an object on that table but in order to make the action more visible I added it to the table. And yes we are talking about a hosted server. No copy paste here anywhere.
  9. Well first off: can INDFOR units get in a BLUFOR vehicle? Because sometimes some factions cannot get in vehicles where other factions are in. Even when the latter factions are only in as passengers. That one I learned the hard way. Also, is the sync between the get in nearest and the hold waypoint needed? Have no experience with the hold waypoint so I would just use a move one for the boat and as a condition in a trigger simply put: nameOfUnit1 in nameOfBoat && nameOfUnit2 in nameOfBoat && nameOfUnit3 in nameOfBoat the getInNearest waypoint is really nice if activated once the boat is near. To do that you can have a move waypoint for the units before the getInNearest waypoint. That move waypoint will be activated once the boat is near with something like: nameOfBoat distance aMarkerName < 15 That should work.
  10. Ehm I did not understand what you did exactly and the images above have an add on them so they are too blurry. For the image uploads imagebb is cool.
  11. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    It has been some time but here we are with yet another update! For starters however I would like to wish you all a: From then on we have Mission 09 having its tasks ready and awaiting the voice recording while Mission 10 has started being developed. Mission 07 was tested but due to some details the mission could not end! That sadly means that the mission might have to be tested again making its release date unknown. Mission 06 however was tested and after some fixes took place it is ready for release! Feedback however will be greatly appreciated especially with the mission below!!! Episode 06 - Cave Invaders RELEASE! In this mission there were weird tasks that players however did manage to overcome! Will you be able to do so as well? It remains to be seen.... Also there are more news to the picture. The final release date of the campaign is scheduled to be before August of 2020. Last but not least the credits have been updated. More are to come when the needed missions are released.
  12. Hey guys just tested a mission and came up with an issue. I am using this code: ["init", [y, "images\spoilers.jpg", "Spoilers"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet; ["init", [x, "images\spoilers.jpg", "Spoilers"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet; in an MP mission. All worked fine but one thing. The action to see the leaflet both times was only visible to the host. Clients could not even see the action. How can I make the above action visible to all in MP please?
  13. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! I will use the first method since the missions are not JIP friendly anyways. Also players might want to check the leaflets again for clues ;)
  14. Assuming you are using modules there should be a trigger that makes the first task end. Take that condition and place it in the trigger that activates the second task. An example: !alive man && blue0 distance car <50;
  15. Got a bit confused. Do you want to transfer everything in a script or to solve the LOAD waypoint issue? In any sort of case the LOAD waypoint you mentioned is a risk. You can indeed use a MOVE waypoint for the boat and then sync a trigger to it so that the boat continues to move only when the HVIs are inside. Now as for the module you use to hide and unhide the boat you can simply use the: hideObjectGlobal nameOfObject; so as to avoid the use of the module. Modules sometimes lag the game. Another thing is that maybe the waypoint method you mentioned will not work. Waypoints on moving objects can also cause problems. Had tried to but a slingload waypoint on a moving object once and the chopper went to the initial place of the crate and then to the new position. If that happens with the GET IN waypoint in your case we will have to spawn a waypoint after the boat has arrived to pick them up. But maybe using a MOVE waypoint for the HVIs and having a trigger to activate the next GET IN waypoint only after the boat has arrived will work. Finally yes with the: deleteVehicle nameOfUnit; you can erase all units and vehicles
  16. JohnKalo

    Live feed control (LFC)

    @Bode_DHSF This should help:
  17. JohnKalo

    JBOY Throw Knive

    A very nice addition making stealth missions a bit more achievable
  18. JohnKalo

    Need help making AI not move

    Yep, you can try attaching him to an invisible object! Like an invisible helipad for example.
  19. or maybe attaching the land waypoint on an invisible helipad located where you want the chopper to land can do it.
  20. JohnKalo

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A nice idea would be underwater foliage and such. So as to be able to make more interesting diving missions. Not talking about a map but objects. The placement can be done by editors. So as for it to be unique.
  21. JohnKalo

    Break Windows Only

    Thank you so much! It worked!!! Only thing I had to change was the ,5 to a ,10. For some reason the distance had to be bigger on my end.
  22. Serbian forces. NIce! You can contact armaholic staff for that ^^^
  23. JohnKalo

    Break Windows Only

    Ehm this one: land_ffaa_casa_aeropuerto_torre . It is a building coming with the Lythium map.
  24. JohnKalo

    Break Windows Only

    It worked for another building but not for the one needed. I have got the classname of the building when placed as an object. Can that help somehow? So as to replace the nearestTerainObjects condition. The building which needs to have its windows broken will be a specific one.
  25. JohnKalo

    Break Windows Only

    Thanks! It worked!!! The audio did not but I just replaced it with a custom audio file. Oh and I could not select the particular building on the map. For some reason: nearestBuilding player setHit ["glass_1", 1]; did not work. Due to that I had to hide the building and place the same on as an object. Would be better if the above worked however