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    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000135_-_STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND Hope you are able to play soon ^^^ When buying any new pc many things need to be installed. Things we did not know were isntalled in our older pc. Like C++ Redistributables and such.
  2. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Defying the Odds

    Hey guys! Since Christmas Holidays are ongoing I might not have a mission ready for release but I find it nescessary to give you all guys an update. So what is going on with the Defying the Odds Campaign's construction? For starters I have placed news about the missions that are curretly being worked upon in the first thread: For Laters, all Chapter 1 missions are being reworked. What I mean by reworked is not a change in tasks nor in the story. It is more about optimizations. More info at the next versions releases. The next versions which will most likely be the FINAL versions too!!! For Last but not Least I have to say that due to a glitch that has been discovered as of yesterday 12/26/2018 I will have to change about 1.600 lines of code It is about how the chat text is shown. The text will not change. Only the way it is shown. If you know Greek then there will not be a problem but some weird people tend to say that not many people know Greek so whatevs ... I will not take that risk
  3. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-8)] Miraculous Delivery

    Mission updated and is playable again. Version 1.1 Changed an image since the ships have been changed. Updated mission so as to be playable with the latest version of the HAFM addon. Have Fun
  4. JohnKalo

    [SP/COOP-(1-16)] Debatable Bravery

    Mission updated to Version 1.1 Have fun
  5. I used to show all chats via triggers. Something which caused many conditions but worked nicely. The problem appeared now that all chats are being shown via a script. As far as I can see tiggers work locally once to every player. Something which is really nice but which does not combine with remoteExec. Because since they work locally the chat will show as much times as the number of players. I could not see that when testing missions in the editor hence I have to change so many lines of codes. Everything seemed to work fine. Oh I get it. So as to easily change the command if a problem occurs.
  6. So all I can do is remove remoteExec and replace it with the simple sideChat command. Do that to about 1.600 lines of code :) Whatevs the mission releases will be delayed but at least the problem will be solved.
  7. Nice! So I will erase some of your script's parts since I only want magazines to spawn near the skeletons and then I will add it to the mission. Hopefully my chat showing mulitple times issue will soon and easily be solved. I have 6 missions using the same show text method :/
  8. Thanks! Although todays mission testing did not go so well. I had a problem with the chat scripts showing multiple times. I will make a thread for it. So no worries about rushing your script.
  9. Thanks for asking! I would please like the skeletons around a particular area or areas. No need for it to be in the whole map. And dead bodies would be really good but they would not match for the particular mission we are talking about.
  10. JohnKalo

    GF Auto Loot Crashsites Script - Mod

    Seems cool! If the script comes out in time it will be used for Campaign Mission Episode 6!!!
  11. JohnKalo

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    ^^ did not work either. Whatevs. I will just use the method I had in the first place.
  12. JohnKalo

    GF Auto Loot Crashsites Script - Mod

    That might cause addon dependencies but it would surelly be liked by many. Not for the campaign due to the timeline, among other things, so my wish will be contained to the vanilla bones and skeletons
  13. All scripts I have tried so far did not work. They showed no errors but they also just did not work.
  14. The scout sending mortar fire to an enemies location feature would be really nice.
  15. JohnKalo

    GF Auto Loot Crashsites Script - Mod

    I would like this a bit different please. Can you make an option to add a skeleton and specific magazines next to that skeleton? Like a dead body from a few months back having mags next to it. The bones will be vanilla and mags from the HAFM mod. And if possible I would like that script to be applied at Lythium add-on map.
  16. JohnKalo

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    Merry Christmas @Far East Lieutenant! Hope you all have a great time. It does indeed not work @Grumpy Old Man It shows this error: Tried changing the condition but errors kept on popping up. How can this be fixed please?
  17. JohnKalo

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    Nice one ^^ ! And soon I shall be releasing a new version of the particular mission which uses the above. I am not changing anything it is just about an add-on that was updated and made the mission unplayable. But since you mentioned it I might implement your solution.
  18. JohnKalo

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    Glad to hear it worked! Yep the weekend seems to be going fine. Spending much time in editing myself. As for issue number 3 let us not leave it unresolved Here is what you can try, 1.] Create any sort of marker you like in the editor and name it nameOfMarker. 2.] You have already named your units so we will use the name directly p1. 2.] In your init.sqf place this line: [] spawn { while{not isnull p1} do {"nameOfMarker" setmarkerpos getpos p1; sleep 0.5;}; }; All done for unit p1! The above line will attach the nameOfMarker marker on your p1 unit and its position will be updated on anybodys map after 0.5 seconds. Doing so for all units will give you the exact position in real time for all units you desire. Maybe you only want the leaders' positions so you will add 2 such lines in your init.sqf. For the units' names you can just add a text to each unit's marker. For more markers you just copy paste the above as many times as you like like this: [] spawn { while{not isnull drop_plane} do {"Marker_drop_plane" setmarkerpos getpos drop_plane; sleep 0.5;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull aa0} do {"marker_aa0" setmarkerpos getpos aa0; sleep 1;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull aa1} do {"marker_aa1" setmarkerpos getpos aa1; sleep 1;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull hostjet0} do {"marker_hostjet0" setmarkerpos getpos hostjet0; sleep 1;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull hostjet1} do {"marker_hostjet1" setmarkerpos getpos hostjet1; sleep 1;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull hostjet2} do {"marker_hostjet2" setmarkerpos getpos hostjet2; sleep 1;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull aa2} do {"marker_aa2" setmarkerpos getpos aa2; sleep 1;}; }; [] spawn { while{not isnull aa3} do {"marker_aa3" setmarkerpos getpos aa3; sleep 1;}; }; It would be wise to just not over-minimize the 0.5 value. That might cause lag if set to 0.001 for example. It will be less realisticly shown in the map too.
  19. I do not know how to find those names actually. I meant the modules with which you set ammo from 0 to 1. Since they are different weapons I now get it. I meant the vehicle re-spawn modules from the editor. If the re-spawn modules work then I shall use them as is. Thought that add-ons either work or do not work with modules.
  20. Any way to respawn the ships when they are destroyed and then place the players back in? I do not know how the names for the different positions are like moveInDriver, moveInCargo and such. In previous versions neither the reload modules worked so does this version support the vehicle respawn modules? And hopefully the issue where the 2 boats the vessels carried fell down whenever you turned the ship inside the editor (change rotation not while playing) has been fixed.
  21. Hello, can you please add a shotgun? And if you could fix the shadow issue with the weapons. Especially in sniper rifles, the scope seems to be hovering over the gun when it comes to its shadow.
  22. So if you are following the Defying the Odds campaign and wish no semi spoilers you can stop reading here. If not you can continue I am trying to create a stealth mission and everything seems to be possible but one thing. That is how the AI reacts to players. You can come close to the AI and take him down easily if he does not see you, something which is great but if you fire your weapon everything gets ruined. You see AI units that are far away can detect you and sometimes they can even detect your exact position. This might be semi real but it can easily destroy the mission. I would like the enemy AI not to hear any gunshots coming from suppressed weapons. Or if possible get in AWARE mode without knowing where the player is. One thing that should be noted is that I use ASR AI3 and we are talking about MP missions. So can anybody please help?
  23. Nicely pointed out @johnnyboy . So there will be some trial and error so as to detect the right values for both audiocoef and camouflagecoef. Nice to have some values already shown via the mission which I just downloaded @nomadd
  24. JohnKalo

    Issues unsolved on my mission

    The next task not appearing is strange since they are still in the same group when they re-spawn for example. So even if there is a glitch and there is yet another player in the group alive they should be synced again? How about syncing the players with the task modules again if they die? Like a repeatable trigger with this as a condition: !alive nameOfPlayer; and make it activate 0.01 seconds after the player is re-spawned like this: nameOfPlayer synchronizeObjectsAdd [NameOfTaskModule]; so you will have as many triggers as the number of units and it will all work? Sounds weird or too simple but with Arma whatever works and causes no lag or whatever glitch should be used in my humble opinion
  25. Sorry mixed up the threads. Posted my solution to the Editing and Scripting thread.