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  1. Yeah? Stop putting words in my mouth and maybe I'd continue being nice, you arse. The game is playable for me. The FPS drops are only slight - usually around 5 FPS when I get in a THICKER forest. I still haven't crashed once.

  2. run Altis in single player. take a heli out, 100-120 fps. go near a town - 20-30 fps. now come on. my rig is nigh on as good as it can get. the only thing i can do is go for haswell - £420 for 5 more fps? NO I DON'T THINK SO

    this was the same with large cities on Chenarus in Arma 2. have they learnt anything? attempted to improve things regarding this? no they haven't, same engine just looks prettier

    performance is only half of it. the game is lacking any real content since alpha release and the devs when pressured on forums get stroppy, refuse to acknowledge issues and then half the time delete the thread as it turns into ****post after ****post.

    i named the thread incompetent, that's what i'm saying about BIS as a whole. will arma tactics work when it drops? doubtful

    Doesn't happen for me. The only reason my FPS ever drops is lots of explosive effects or a large forest. The constant negativity you're outputting won't help - Report the issue properly for BIS to fix in the next dev build.

  3. Interesting. Thanks. Though I'm really hoping more for "already made" (can't think of a better word) missions, like A2's "They came from Above".

    MGS1 and ArmA3 Rally look decent.

    Addendum: Geez I know a few of your posts were reported for acceptable reasons but there wasn't a real good reason for THIS to get reported....

  4. There's always one of these guys in every performance thread, you're either living in dreamland, lying or you've hardly been on any multiplayer servers.

    Usually it's the fault of the server itself. I have been online though - and usually I still get acceptable performance as long as it's not Wasteland/Life.

  5. a constant crashing is not a BUG. It is a failure of the product. That would be like saying that your new cars engine dieing all the time is the same as the cigarette lighter not working.

    I dont mind bugs... but I CANT PLAY THE GAME. While it is wonderful that you don t know one person who has the game constantly crashing. perhaps you should visit some of the other forums here and see the hundreds of complaints about EXACTLY THAT. I first assumed it was just me and looked for a solution, turned out lots of people are having this issue. HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS.

    No, I assume they are working to fix the problem, which might be naive. The fact is they released a game prematurely and have more money in their pockets for it while the customers have to deal with it. I have played a lot of games and never have I seen anything like this.

    I don't know what an "evil smile" is.... that is your fiction.

    What I THINK is that the game wasn't fully ready but they released it anyway in a ploy to rake in cash... They are behind the curve and are now spending that money on simply catching up to what they promised, instead of having what they promised ready and using the cash flow to make it even better.

    Well I get good frames and haven't had a crash since I started in alpha on March 5. Don't know what's wrong for your PC....

  6. Report me all you like. Maybe you and steamtex should just stop attacking people, ay fanboy? As for you saying you will stop attacking me, good. Was tired of replying to all your fanboy rants as well.

    I'm not attacking you, you're just attacking us, calling us fanboys, and frankly being an utterly dislikeable drone. I just want you to chill. This morning I was defending BIS. But now that I gave it some thought I made this for everyone to see, and decided to leave you to your anger thread. Harbinger, you seem to know only one way: the "BIS is literally hitler" way. They aren't.

    People like you said the same of A1. It became a great game.

    People like you said the same of A2. Also a great game after given time.

    What makes you think it'll be different?

  7. Jester;2520469']The thing is' date=' I wasn't replying with a "solution" - I was merely adding to the debate on the basis that if a game decides to include non-combatants in it, then scenarios could be drawn up to reflect their role within a warzone and from that, the Red Cross could lay down accurate experiences. If non-combatants offer no part of the gameplay - then don't include them.

    Granted - not the initial topic of the video directly, but in the same realms for discussion. The effect on civilians in warzones isn't just whether they get shot or not.

    On another similar note - I remember playing an early PR build on BF2 (if my memory serves me straight) based on Iraq where you could play a civilian.. you could throw rocks at the UK forces but couldn't be shot at or the other team would receive a points penalty. Civilians could then be human shields for actual "rebel" soldiers.. Really really clever... I wonder if that was ever expanded upon?[/quote']

    Oh I remember that. Those guys kind of pissed me off... A lot. I WAS STONED TO DEATH AND COULDN'T SHOOT THEM DOWN, multiple times too. They loved doing that to us...

  8. Hello, I made this thread to just say a few words to all who browse this forum section often.

    I recognize that ArmA3 isn't done, you all do quite clearly as well. But I think that BIS won't be motivated to work overtime to finish this game for everyone if they all just bash BIS for the littlest thing and try to whip them into submission for the most minuscule of screw-ups in their project. We cannot appreciate their work that they have done over the past years in development, then? I know I'll get everyone to hate me for this, but show the devs some patience. You bought the game. You're funding their efforts to finish it by having bought it. You're supporting them with money but you act like if you met them you'd punch their skulls in. Why? Can't we be constructive, helpful, and nice? All this place seems to get is hostility, toxicity, and hate in its threads. I just want it to stop. Yes, A3 doesn't feature as many units as A2 yet. But what have they done for us? They gave us a beautiful canvas of an island, the best controls I've seen in an ArmA game yet, beautiful graphics, better physics, and they're still working to give us more.

    Rather than spend our time bashing Bohemia and being angry, why don't we get creative, make mods, find bugs for them to fix, make suggestions, be helpful? BIS has seen a lot when you think about it - they want to make basically a AAA-quality game with a quarter the budget, two of the important developers were imprisoned, and now we can't show them the slightest respect. I'm not defending them to death, rather feeling sorry for them - I just want everyone else to support their efforts rather than work against them. BIS isn't a big evil company like EA, they're for all intents an indie studio compared to EA or Activision. If you want to be toxic, be toxic - just keep it in one thread, and be constructive in the rest is what I'm trying to say.

    Whether you agree with my points or not - I'm just saying, please. It's been almost 3 weeks - Take a chill pill, put your pitchforks down, and report the issues you find properly, don't just make rage threads about them.


  9. After giving it all some thought for a while:

    Yeah, the game isn't done.

    No, I'm not defending BIS, but I actually feel sorry for them. So much of the community is trying to whip them into submission, I'd not think they want to work overtime to finish the game when none of their customers can spare the patience to wait before bashing on them for the littlest thing.

  10. Nobody ever said that. But criticism needs to have a purpose, praise doesn't. I don't see the purpose, unless you make specific requests or suggestions.

    Nay, I believe Harbinger simply spends his time raging on about BIS's "disaster" of a game.

  11. Harbinger, please. Take a chill pill.

    ArmA3 has its flaws, so does every ArmA game at/shortly after release.

    With work, ArmA3 shall also be a great part of the series. I'm not defending it to death, I'm simply trying to quell the rage of the community since it's quite clear to me that BIS doesn't pay a ton of attention to these pessimistic "we're angry so let's be angry on the forums" posts. We've had them for a while now, I ask only we keep it in one thread and leave the others for constructive content. Rather than denounce BIS, give them constructive feedback!

  12. Why bitch about only one plane in the game when 31 vehicles total isn't that much less than 48! Thanks for the evening's entertainment.

    >Not as big a one as everyone is imploding over.

    They're acting like there's 2 vehicles in ArmA3 and 400,000 in ArmA2.

  13. Some of it is feedback. You can't just consider any negative comment bitching. It's stuff like this that continues the perpetual "sparring". Stuff like trying to make the case that it's the people with issues with the game that are the sole cause of strife on these forums. And that's not true. It is equally unhelpful for those without issues to try to crap on those with issues by trivializing their complaints with the game. Some of those complaints aren't justified, but some are legitimate.

    Not all constructive feedback is positive, or is simply a bug report. And the issue with some people regarding content isn't simply the lack of content, but the lack of unique content. So simply saying "there will be content" doesn't suffice. Nor does the attitude that the modding community will fill in the gap. BI shouldn't let the modding community fill in the gap that they have left. Mods should be an addon to the game, not a replacement or a fix for incomplete features. That said, there's no point for this thread because it's going back and forth between those who think this game is the worst ever and those who think this game is the best ever.

    I just kind of feel angry in two ways: I'm a little mad at BIS for releasing it now instead of waiting until October, and I'm mostly just mad at all the topics that keep popping up on the forums about players who are ENTIRELY mad at BIS for it and seem to just want to rant.

  14. Like someone else said: A3 is a diamond in the rough, it just needs polishing and work to shine.

    And can someone just tell me why Fulcrum keeps sludging about the forums acting down ALL DAY? I just want to see him say something positive/not pessimistic for once

  15. You guys are way off track here- the original complaint was about having no campaign on release, not another we need moarz tanks nao!!!!!

    Actually, that's a point. I'm not unhappy with the vehicle selection in ArmA3 - I'd be happy if we got some new static launchers/different HMG for OPFOR, but really, ArmA2 is only getting so much love right now because it had a "playable" campaign on release, a few extra APCs and 11 more civilian vehicles than ArmA3.