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  1. After finishing all the missions in the first episode (dev branch), I have to recognize that these were the best campaign missions since OFP / OFP:R ( although it didn't beat how I felt when I played the first CWC missions ). And almost clean of bugs and errors.

    I must say that BI guys have done an outstanding job, and I believe that the episodic release of the campaign it's gonna make people truly appreciate that master work ( you know, better little by little to taste it properly ).

    I even think that after the three "vanilla" episodes, BI should work on more ( included in future paid DLCs that could also add new factions ), as long as they keep their quality standards. Besides that Altis has space for a lot of fighting...

    I have to agree. This campaign is the first since OFP that really sucked me in and made me want to play more of it. Voice acting was good, so far it's pretty fun and seems a bit like a mix between OFP and Resistance's campaign. After playing this I now want to go beat the hell out of some CSAT in the editor. My one big thing would be to make, perhaps, a "special" ammo type for mortars/artillery which has GREAT accuracy compared to normal rounds and is only used in the campaign for those missions where you have to use *shudder* mortars to destroy watchtowers.

  2. With Windows 8 Blue, coming Windows 9 and further MacOS iOS integration it is known the death of the desktop and the move to cloud services is upon us. Intel in a few generations may cut off external GFX card compability completely while Nvidia and AMD continue to fall further behind or shift to cloud based soltions. Computing looks good for the LOL Beiber generation, bad for powerusers. If Gabe Newell has done anything right, it's the move to Linux as the last enthusiast platform.


  3. Gentlemen, there's enough BIS is incompetent/lack of content/lack of campaign/hate thread already. No need to drag people that are happy with the game down with you. There are happy thread and there are unhappy thread. This is a happy thread. Bring your unhappiness in the unhappy thread.

    This should be its own topic. And stickied.

  4. or option 6:

    I liked the game once but then I realized that the game was build over a crappy old game engine and the developers are incompetents and now I regret the money I gave away.

    You're new here aren't you.

    It might be an old engine but I'll eat my guitar if BIS doesn't turn this game into something amazing if you give them 2 months. It happens with virtually every BIS game release. BIS is bad at good releases, and great at turning that release into a great thing. BIS games are like a wine: new, they're bad. Given time, they're great.

  5. I see the irony in this because you are obviously joking right?

    Altis has no variety? You Sir need to get out more (on the Island)! You also need to change your difficulty settings or change the way you play the game. The AI skill is fine.

    ArmA3 needs polishing and some fixing, but it really isn't as much of a Hitler clone as people make it out to be. Also, Harbinger still isn't looking hard enough...

  6. Except that I don't believe that anyone from BIS has said that the game is anything but "finished." With the exception of the campaign, no one from BIS has made any indication that more content and features are going to be released.

    This isn't an indie game, and it certainly isn't being sold at that price point. When a game costs as much as any other triple a game, you shouldn't be surprised when it gets held up to a high level of scrutiny.

    They already confirmed some CAS aircraft on a blog post IIRC, and also said they wanted to add more content besides campaign to A3. Don't look down so much.

  7. it was my pc you called a potato.

    it is:

    3770k @ stock

    16gb g skill trident x

    120gb ocz ssd

    evga gtx 780 sc acx

    settings wise ultra for most, however the radial blur and it's 2 companions have been turned off, view distance and object draw distance were toned down due to Altis running rough on the dev build before sept 12.

    gpu_maxframesahead and detectedframesahead have both been adjusted to a minimal value. start parameters added.

    so go on mr. myarma3hasn'tcrashedever5timestothemax what else can i do?

    What video settings are you using overall?

  8. I'm confused that this plea comes from a forum member who very recently went calling other people's PCs potatoes if they crashed or didn't achieve satisfactory fps. And let's not forget your hilarious attempt at making Arma 2's asset selection look bad compared to Arma 3. I'm not sure if you'd qualify yourself as toxic, but your posts have been undermining the image of Bohemia Interactive and its fanbase quite a lot lately.

    The potato thing is a bit of a joke if you can't tell, I'm just saying their PC might not be the greatest, or that they haven't changed the video settings to best suit that system. Or the server they're on isn't good enough for the mission/number of players at hand. Sorry if it offends people.

    Yeah, that was a while after I woke up, I was rather pissed in general this morning.

    I decided I would take a more diplomatic stance now, but someone will surely come along and try to shut THAT down.

  9. >Implying they screwed their customers by not giving them a buggy campaign on release

    Well, it's not like ArmA2, ArmA1's release was any better...

    Campaign? Yes, but was it playable on release? I think not.

    I am hopeful that the time BIS is taking before releasing campaign is being used to ensure it isn't broken as hell like it was in A1/2.

    I still think it would be nice if they gave more co-op and TvT options from the start though, in addition to giving us easier to use systems to make the whole thing manually.

  10. Again, I will state that I really like Arma III a lot, and enjoy the heck out of it when I play. However, it has been freezing for me a lot (as in, at least six times in one day) after the patch, when it didn't do so before. It's not too much to ask that when I pay good money for a product that it works.

    Are you on the dev build? I've been for a while now, and haven't frozen once. Perhaps the dev build helps?

  11. Well I crash ALL the time. It's annoying really. I can't play for more than 20 minutes. Obviously something is going on because a lot of people is having the same problem and believe me when I say A LOT.

    Are you running plain 1.02 or the dev build? I've been on dev build since the first one in alpha.

  12. Doubtful you'll ever get your money back from those crooks at Steam, but good luck!

    Technically we're the ones who agree to Steam's EULA that there are no refunds...

    Yeah it's still kind of silly, almost no-one reads those damn things.

  13. I didn't call you stupid - I told you to stop putting words in my mouth. And you still are.

    So far the most FPS trouble I have is around a 10FPS drop once in a while in multiplayer on Altis Domination. And no, it's not BS, but I HAVE been using the dev build since the dev build was a thing.

  14. I can understand the disappointment, it usually takes a while after release for BIS to bring the game up to a good level. That content is actually not implemented (yet?) for this release is different to the previous titles where content was available from the start, but bugged. This time around they chose to leave out content that was causing problems and only release with stuff that was acceptable to release. So really whatever they would have chosen they would be getting criticism over it, especially from people not familiar with previous releases from BIS and their excellent and unrivaled post-release patching and support.

    Kind of what I'm thinking.