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  1. Well, let me elaborate on my previous point:

    I'm sick of seeing the AKM/AKS and the M16A2/4 right now. I think we need something a bit more unique, but similar, since the game is in 2035. My thought was for CSAT recon units to get an AK-12 weapon instead of the KH2002, and for NATO recon units to get an M27/417 weapon instead of an ACR. Moreover it would be nice to see some randomized weapons for the FIA units, so that each rifleman for FIA isn't created the same. One might get the TRG, one might get an Mk20, the other might get a Katiba.

  2. At this point (1.04) about armored vehicles in Arma 3 I can only say, that to destroy "T-100" by shooting with 6.5 mm ammo at frontal armor you need (about) 17776 rounds (less than 600 magazines). In other words, with enough ammo, 30 riflemen should be enough to destroy that tank in one minute (not counting reloading time).

    But nobody would do that, much less the AI. Tank would just feed them a shell in the face first.

  3. Whats this??? ProGamer admits flaws with arma 3????! now we just need to get steamtex to...
    Join the club, I want to hop in my Abrams again.

    But, I really don't see, beyond the odd army lineups, how the game is less realistic. Everything except the balanced-y feel of the two armies feels fairly good to me. Yeah, ArmA3's got its issues, but it isn't the end of the world for me, because at least now I don't feel like a robot when I walk.


  4. Would it be possible to actually do this? I'm trying to get an ally to take off from a position at a hangar but when he taxis to the runway instead of using the taxiway he just crashes into the control tower. The two problems with using unitPlay instead of the AI so far: 1. The jet floats when my recording is being played. 2. It seems all velocity is killed after unitPlay stops. Any help?

  5. The developers didn't want to do as much work as Arma 2. And wanted to draw in a different more mainstream crowd. And force most people to wait for mods like ACE to fix everything when mods like ACE only made the game more realistic and added on, but didn't I everything. Maps didn't need stupid gameplay changes and they worked just fine ( ex: Chernarus).

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    So in the future, everything gets downgraded and Armies only use a few random weapons and vehicles?

    Join the club, I want to hop in my Abrams again.

    But, I really don't see, beyond the odd army lineups, how the game is less realistic. Everything except the balanced-y feel of the two armies feels fairly good to me. Yeah, ArmA3's got its issues, but it isn't the end of the world for me, because at least now I don't feel like a robot when I walk.

  6. Considering Arma 2 drew in thousands before dayz with words like Milsim and realistic and now Arma 3's sudden change is troubling. No one cared whether or not things were balanced in Arma 2.

    I really was hoping for better differences in factions, yeah.

    Why do both factions have tracked SPGs? Why didn't it go like we thought it would - NATO gets a modified Marshall with an artillery system, CSAT gets the thing they do now.

  7. Hypocrisy thy name is you.

    I made my point, now it seems this thread has been overrun with those of you who can only say "This makes me mad", without any other input.

    To the few who actually had something meaningful to say, great. The rest of you...Trolls. There is no rotary tri-barrel 30mm that Russia (the creator of the Mi-48) has made. It's resemblance to the gau-19/b is unmistakable. Upset? No. Annoyed? Yes. And I don't see an Arms trade agreement between the U.S. and Iran anytime soon. especially within the 15 years the game takes place. It bothers me when a game based on realism just cuts corners. If someone can prove me wrong about Russia having a tri-barrel 30mm then I'll welcome all information they have to offer. Until then I stand by my disgruntled post.

    It's very simple. Future = allowed so deal with it.

    At least that's my understanding of the situation. Which also explains US NATO forces using something based off of the Merkava's chassis but not using the mortar, or similar things.

  8. Look, this debate is irrelevant

    there is no point to putting women soldiers in the game, for gameplay reasons they would perform the same. (IE: a soldier can't get pregnant) as much as a male avatar can't err.... make love to a lady.

    if any at all, the woman's avatar's model would have to have slightly less endurance/carrying capacity than the male model. thatssss it. they can shoot the same, fly the same, talk the same. I really don't see any point in including them

    for"immersion" you'd have women, sure, but then the new skeleton would need to be tested, probably new animations made (that's pretty expensive)

    and, for real, who in game cares about civillians in game? they are just AI. they can't kill me.

    so what if there is only males as civillians in game. as one cannot make love in arma3( thankfully, have you seen the mass effect romance scenes? its very lame. ) whether you see male civillians are female civillians it makes no difference

    the only benefit is "immersion" (AKA real life, as men and women are everywhere in real-life, we expect them to be in game as well, tending to flowers, fixing cars, cowering in their houses while being bombed etc.

    but, please, we are all grown-ups and we can recognise the difference between a game and real-life. so gender does not matter in a shooter game.

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    any side debate about whether women should be able to serve in military forces in real life is irrelevant.




    Get it?

  9. Range wise is ok like Arma 2, trying to balance all the other parts except AI is stupid.

    That's really stupid, why not just tell most of the Arma 2 players to go download a mod to fix the game. Arma 2 never had any problems with the word sim, yet people in Arma 3 seem to hate that word now. Look at the feedback tracker here: http://feedback.arma3.com/plugin.php?page=Vote/list_bugs and the results to the poll. People want a realistic sim game and not some fake balanced stuff with artificial stats. Plenty of games give you that arcade gameplay you want with artificial stats. Let's not make Arma one of them. It's a downgrade of Arma 2 if realism is not held over balance.

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    Download a mod if you want a game balanced with artificial stats, because you are the minority in the main game.

    Most of A3's stuff didn't get an official designation/they needed a license to use it. So they made up their own military designations, just like how they called the SCAR the Mk16/17 (real designation) they had to come up with their own here.

    Simplest explanation?

  10. It's a two piece solution. First you need to declare your "support" in description.ext:

    class CfgCommunicationMenu
    class Attack;
    class Bravo: Attack
    	text = "Send in Bravo Team";
    	expression = "BIS_bravoGo = TRUE;";
    	icon = "\a3\ui_f\data\map\markers\nato\b_inf.paa";
    	removeAfterExpressionCall = 1;

    Then use the BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem function to add the support to the player:

    [player, "Bravo"] call BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem;

    Then just have a trigger checking for BIS_bravoGo to be true.

    Kylania posted this a while ago, but I'm bad@editor and can't figure out how to check for BIS_bravoGo to be true. Could anyone help me out here?

  11. Nice!

    Before you wont give, still ,more chance to survive to the Choppers Fighters,whit a correct chaff-flare and radar, and just later, the AA System......Fantastic!..LOL

    ...and what do you think that we must to do between the frist fix and the second one addon?...Play to DCS Black Shark?..Como on!


    I would, but the last time I tried DCS or Falcon BMS I said screw it, I'm coming back to ArmA.

  12. Me too...

    Maybe it will happen later in Arma 3's life, maybe it will not. But the atleast giving us the option to rename vehicles to the correct names with a script would be nice.

    BIS released the game without a campaign for a reason, yes? They had to make some more money to keep going. Logically that would be why they don't let us use the real names without mods, the designers/producers of the systems would want BIS to pay them to use the names.