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  1. What i don't understand is why BI never actually took A3 seriously or its features. We have a setting based in the future but the vehicles and weapons are still pretty basic, like what actual advanced weapons do you see ingame? the vehicles for example,

    -No Advanced Countermeasures or Defence Systems

    -No Fire Control System

    -Tanks from 1990 era are far more advanced than the vehicles in A3, and ArmA 3 is set 45 years later if based on 90 design vehicles for ex

    -Air Vehicles are not very advanced either for their time and are somewhat lacking in advanced weapons and again systems

    -Infantry weapons are again basic and are the still the same as weapons based on todays weapons which is somewhat interesting because the game is set 21 years from now...

    Like how hard would it have been for BI to implement a simple Bipod system for machine guns and sniper rifles, too much work for them i quess.

    And then comes the control & command system.

    - Nothing still the same as before which is clunky and very difficult to use. For example theres no improved GUI for doing simple tasks like getting into a vehicle or opening a door, planting a explosives etc. Commanding troops is fine but the menu system for other actions (player actions) is very annoying and outdated, this again was brought up by the community in past topics before A3 even in A2 yet BI ignores these requests.

    Im just gonna say it and call BI lazy and incompetent, i could sit here all fucking night and go on but im tired and doing other things now, ive turned my back on BI because i honestly see no other reason for the lack of features or the things i have mentioned to be implemented in the first place, to me the genre is dead and they killed it with their own lack of support and negligence.

    Because to me this is just another expansion pack but masquerading as new game, and if this is best BI can do these days then i am not impressed and not interested in their games.

    It's all harder than you think it is. But, they're still working on it, and the only massive difference so far between ArmA2 and 3 was that this time they didn't just update stuff from the previous games enough for people to mostly ignore it, and they also ended up doing an odd kind of 2025-tech thing.

  2. We can suppose CSAT involvement was because the superweapon, in first place, like Miller. If you don't help Miller, the little enemy CSAT squad that is there takes the weapon just before their forces retreat in secret. If you help Miller, the secret truck is gone and CSAT chooses to do a second invasion this time in force to find it before Miller can extract it by sea or whatever.

    Of course, no idea of what the hell was the super weapon and earthquakes. At first I thought it was some underground nuclear tests, but it seems another thing?

    Tremor device? It seems like, and it's very heavily implied, that that is what the device is for.

  3. I agree whit you but BIS is not interested in the simulation part, much less to the realism,......what other choice do we have now?:....may be Zeus?:rolleyes:

    So, BIS tries to do something different besides just a few improvements and some new islands from game to game, with mostly recycled/upgraded content like OFP->A1, A1->A2.

    Instead of being interested in how it turns out, people are still acting like the only saving grace for this game will be mods, and that BIS is now EA.

  4. Well that is not really the point. It is absolutely fine to have these weapons in the game, but some things just don´t make any sense.

    Where is the equipment that is used today? I´m dead sure that some of it will still be in service in 30 years.

    And then such things as the US getting an Israeli MBT.

    We can speculate, though. Lend-lease, perhaps? The US force on Altis and Stratis all seem to be rather oddly equipped with quite a few different vehicles/weapons seeming to be lend-lease.

  5. I think the artist ability of BI is truly great. The quality of player models and weapons IMO is right were it should be. There is one thing I believe that is overlooked in all gaming communities #1 because most people are unaware #2 A lot of people don't want others to know. One of the few games that did this correct that i'm hinting at is Brother in Arms. Finally the point I am getting at is the correct portrayal of age of men within the ranks of our fighting forces. Our bloody wars are not fought by masses of men in their late 30's. They are fought by young men in their teens and early 20's. When it comes to war and realism.. This is something that should not be overlooked and should remind us daily of who really suffers.

    In short, you want new faces that look younger?

  6. warfare in arma 3 is unplayable all big maps in amra 3 mp unplayable after 30min - 1 hour ( i mean battle maps not the new A- live pain mods .... ) the performance ist the the last sh...t and arma 2 has the better setting ;) and the feeling as a soldier is better i cant identify with this csat freaks and the weapons mix ... and i miss my ah64 ^^ and the weaponsstations and launchers ... all the same this frustrate me a little no feeling come up in arma 3 ... the immersion is in arma 2 bigger

    The performance in ArmA3 is better for me than in ArmA2 Chernarus... Also, the setting is a matter of taste. I hate deserts with a passion. But, if the AH-64 and deserts are your thing,

  7. Probably, with some modding it could work quite well. Resource system is already in, maybe we can make a sort of system not unlike Warfare where certain buildings, if built by Zeus for resources, allow Zeus to 'train' new units.

  8. Can you Zeus around a bit and set the environment+tasks for OPFOR and BLUFOR - and then leave the Zeus role to play as one of the grunts on the ground?

    Obviously, no more Zeus intervention would happen after that, but it could be a way to set up a nice mission and then participate in it.

    Sync a Zeus GM to a soldier, sync a "set editing costs" to the GM module. You can use the "ping Zeus" button to switch.

  9. The first time I tried, I got flanked by the road patrol, they broke my legs, and then killed me. But, I completed the mission my next try by

    quickly making my way to the ruins (I had a map that time - cool how sometimes you do or don't have a map), picking up a weapon, gunning down the entire patrol when they got out of the chopper, and stealing an Mk200 from one of them. Being one of my favorite weapons of course I'd take it. Then I just ran like hell crouched to the grid below the objective.

  10. Which mission was this? If you don't mind hint it. I didn't notice it.

    I give 9/10, really like it. Except third patrol mission that I keep getting killed by random mines near obj, still can't beat it after 2 hours.

    It was the one where

    you had to help a defecting officer from the AAF. You could either blow up some vehicles or destroy a chopper. The "Hydra" character, who you played as for both helicopter missions in the showcase section, dies in this mission if you choose to destroy the chopper. I found the best way to do it was to sneak to the enemy patrol with an automatic weapon, hide behind them, then shoot them all down with one magazine. Then I put the smoke on the main road, as well as my explosive charge, before having Orestes call in the chopper.

    E: just finished the whole episode. Who are you, mister Miller? WHO ARE YOU REALLY?

  11. There are a very vocal minority of people who are acting like children about the whole thing and think their work will be stolen and that modding should stay free.

    Not realizing that with 500,000 euros at stake meaning I can guarantee there would be a myriad of checks and balances, and that the contest is completely optional, and that there are only 7 possible winning entries. Nobody is going to steal your work, and if they do they'll be brought down.