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  1. removeAllAssignedItems this;

    But that would remove their map, radio, etc as well.

    Also, a handy code from 2nd Ranger:

           if (side _x == east) then {
                   _x unassignItem "NVGoggles";
                   _x removeItem "NVGoggles";
    } foreach allunits;

    You can substitute 'east' with your faction of choice, and NVGoggles with your item of choice.

  2. Jackal can be completed on Veteran and Expert with only one save game without too much trouble, but much tense crawling. Enemies are patrolling around, so it is likely one spotted you on your side of the wall. They are on high alert, and will spot you by hearing you, not just seeing you. You can plant all charges and leave the area up the slope before you blow them. No need to shoot anyone inside the base other than one or two of the tower guards far from the main gate on your approach. This is a stealth mission and will keep you quite busy for a few hours.

    Interesting point. At the time I was detected, I was crouched and moving slowly (Not the low run thing) towards the gas station, and when I was spotted I just detonated and made a run for it. However, there weren't any patrols nearby, or else they would have been shooting at me from the left/right.

  3. I was wondering who else finished this mission successfully, and how they did so. I planted charges on the tanks, snuck out of the base and across the street so I could plant charges on the gas station, and before I got to it, I got spotted by an AI while I was hiding behind a wall. Detonated the charges, base went boom, and I hightailed it out of there while they were firing at me. I still find it amusing that even without NVGs, the AI was able to find me through a wall, even after I shot out the lights in the base.