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  1. You lost the argument pages ago. Now you are getting desparate O_O

    "Uh oh all those different vehicles dont count because...uhm...they have the same values...and that Apache is only an upgrade..Yeah".


    Like I said though, if we don't count the re-skins or modified-turret-on-that-humvee vehicles, we end up with, for ArmA2:

    10 Armored.

    27 Wheeled. 14 of which were civilian

    19 Air, not counting parachute.

    6 Sea.

    Now let me count ArmA3's vehicles real quick just to compare

    34 total at the moment. 3 Civilian. That brings the score to: 31 ArmA3, 48 ArmA2, without counting civilian vehicles, most of which were minor differences on a sedan. It's a difference, but not as big a one as everyone is imploding over.

  2. I wish Arma 3 had as much content as your post has rhetoric. Then it wouldn't need you to defend its number and variety of assets compared to Arma 2.

    Comparing ArmA 3 to A2CO/Reinforcements isn't fair, just as a note.

    Did you seriously just try to talk away all the vehicles that were included in the release of ArmA 2? Here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Vehicles

    That shit was all in ArmA 2. Vanilla. We had FIVE different Jets for fucks sake. Not speaking of all the other planes -_-

    What I'm trying to say is this: ArmA2 might have more vehicles than A3, but if I count the unique vehicles in each category:

    10 Armored.

    27 Wheeled. Lots of which were civilian sedans.

    19 Air, not counting parachute.

    6 Sea.

    The end result is that while A2 has more overall vehicles than ArmA3, it's mostly due to 14 civilian vehicles, the aircraft, and trucks.

    Did you seriously just try to talk away all the vehicles that were included in the release of ArmA 2? Here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Vehicles

    That shit was all in ArmA 2. Vanilla. We had FIVE different Jets for fucks sake. Not speaking of all the other planes -_-

    I did, because of all the different-turret-on-a-humvee vehicles, what, 10 similar looking sedans, and the HUGE VARIETY OF TRUCKS THAT LOOK ALMOST THE SAME. Also, the SU-34 and Harrier, weren't they in ArmA1? Didn't they look mighty similar? Eh?

  3. content... I mean i'm still in awe at the balls these guys have in releasing a game with basically nothing to do other than multiplayer. I'm so desperate for content right now i'm trying all the crappy player made stuff.

    Now you not only insult Bohemia, you insult the people who pour hours into missions for you to play as well?

    You disgust me. We've got 12 scenarios, the first part of the campaign that will be released within 2-3 weeks, and hundreds of scenarios to play made by the community. Stuff like DUWS, Whole Lotta Altis....

    Think you're such a great judge? MAKE SOME GREAT CONTENT YOURSELF.

    Now then, my ratings:

    1. Stable / Optimized core game engine: 7.5, optimization isn't the greatest but I haven't had a single crash through the entire alpha to release.

    2. High performance multiplayer / server setup: ? I can't rate this, as multiplayer performance is dependant on the server itself.

    3. Playable sized maps with corresponding missions for single player, coop and multiplayer: 9. Altis is a masterpiece to me, and there are several multiplayer co-op levels, as well as multiple singleplayer scenarios, (like it or not they basically ARE scenarios) AND player-vs-player while not included stock with the game is EASIER than ever to make.

    4. Professionally written single player campaign: ? Time will tell.

    5. Professionally coded multiplayer gametypes: 4, we could do with more. The included missions are decent. As noted above, it's still easier than before to make PVP.

    6. Gameplay training tutorials (boot camp): 8, the showcases and in-game tips show the ropes well.

    7. Complete and functional 2D and 3D mission editors: 8. BIS never said they would give us a 3D editor, so stop having a fit about it. I swear, BIS customers are the most entitled pricks ever.

    8. Comprehensive server and admin tools: Can't comment on this at the moment.

    9. Mission and scripting development documentation / tutorials: ? Hasn't been provided for ArmA2 anyways, so stop bitching. At least A3's editor is easier to use.

    10. Well written documentation and support for all of the above: 8, the field manual is a great place to read up on tech.

  4. How?? By releasing an unfinished product? By removing half the content and leaving place-holders in place? Reskins and Frankensteins instead of diverse armys?

    Deadlines. Besides, let's see what ArmA2 VANILLA had.... Two guerrilla factions, both using almost the exact same gear and barely different models. Basic infantry for USMC and Russia. Comparable to ArmA3, sans the semi-automatic shotgun.

    Let's compare USMC to NATO. "two" harriers, only difference was weaponry. Harrier and SU-34 were both updated from A1. F-35 was a new unique model. Two Abrams tanks, one of which has extra polygons and more protection. A bunch of humvee variants. A truck, a tractor for an aircraft carrier, and two derpy bikes which shouldn't have been added in the state they were in. Two APCs. Several static weapons. A truck. The static arty in A3 was replaced by a mobile SPG. So, what does ArmA2 have on A3 comparing NATO and USMC? Well, a few aircraft, an extra helicopter and more slight variants than NATO. And as for CDF? Most of their assets are borrowed from OPFOR and reskinned. And before you tell me about the Apache, it was in an update. It wasn't stock.

    Ahhh and because we are a community we should be fanboys that mindlessly praise everything BIS does? Fuck no, Im a customer. I paid money and received an unfinished product.

    Be constructive then. Don't just bitch.

  5. The assumption here would be that what is in the game now, the base, works very well.

    The failure is that it does NOT work well.

    Basically, we are getting a Beta with no content. Crashes, slowdowns, low FPS.

    I have a mission with 30 AI fighting in a town. FPS drops from 60 -> 10 or 20 FPS instantly. So no, not even SP works.

    Just for reference, I bought the Alpha. Never played it, it was just such a pile of dung. In Beta it started to be playable.

    For me, BIS has always provided the base product. For the good product, I turn to mods.

    But when the base product deteriorates to this standard...no mods can save it.

    You computer is a potato?

    Nah, I have an average PC, I can have fairly big firefights in CQC and maintain 30FPS on medium-high settings. I have never experienced a single crash yet, in my 150+ hours of play, either, but I haven't been playing Wasteland or Life. Usually the only thing that troubles me is bigger forests.

  6. You(singular) still don't get it, but i won't bother anymore with the fact that you took it to yourself to write your own(singular) opinions in the name of a larger group in order to have more weight in.


    I never called you a fan. You are a consumer, just like a lot of others here.

    Again, i will say this again: you bought the game post release date, yes? You had the option for digital distribution, as well as hard copy. It is up to you to make up your mind and be informed about what is the state of a product before you buy it.

    You choose to accept the fact that steam doesn't really have a return policy and go ahead and make the purchase.

    mature indeed. Another plural from your part. It's getting funny indeed.

    No one said that. None of the people who replied directly to the garbage you are writing here did. You fail to see the difference between someone who points out the flaws of your arguments (and calling the post you made arguments is such an over exaggeration in itself) and someone who is saying your are wrong about the fact that BI made a cockup out of this release (which is something i agree with)

    I don't understand why i bother with your sort anymore, you're definitely a waste of time.

    Another two plurals.

    It is still just a video game, and you are talking things way too personal (at least from where i am standing).

    LOL what? Another set of false presumptions, based on the simple fact you know little how things work around here. Most modders i know are actively working on bringing their A2 addons in A3, or working on new content for A3...ACE lads included.

    two more pronoun plurals.

    What do you bite back? I am definitely curious...

    When he says bite back he means have a hissy fit on the forums. I'll bet that at least half of A3's players are NOT pissed about it. Not speaking for them, I'm just estimating.

  7. I think you people should also show some love for Stratis at times ;) I've been playing on it again yesterday after some weeks of extensively exploring Altis and it's also a damn great map...I've missed it a little

    Stratis is still a better map for hill/forest combat IMHO, and Kamino suited my recreation of the Jackal mission from A2 perfectly.

  8. It's w/e. The same nonstop complaints, repeating over & over & over again. The faks, the medical system... the missing bicycle. FFS, and when you present a very valid solution, it isn't good enough.

    Exactly. Just to tell them again:

    FAK: We've been over this, should take you all of 30 seconds to make a looping script to rid yourself of them.

    Bicycle: Honestly it was stupid and glitchy in ArmA 2, I don't miss it.

    Medical system: I'm not sure of their motives. We may see it in time.

    Copy paste guns: Deadlines. Also Greece f*cked with A3's development.

    So basically if you want to blame someone, BLAME GREECE.

  9. Is it actually possibly to become you guys satisfied? ArmA1 was called a Desaster because of the released version...the patches turned it into a great game...ArmA2 was a desaster in release as well...but at the end they turned it into a great game too...and even better....Now they decided to make it official...started an open Alpha and an open beta with discount....they also mentioned that it wouldnt be possible to put the Campaign in the release Version to avoid a Desaster like ArmA2...and what happens? Some people feel attracted to complain nonetheless...so I ask again...is it actually possible to satisfy you guys?

    by the way, I have a bad connection as well and I am not crying like the thread starter

    You nailed it with this one. Way I see it they release the campaign in parts to prevent it being unplayable for weeks because of bugs. Seems like BIS customers are the worst customers to try to make happy/most pessimistic customers I've ever seen.

  10. Ive been here since Alpha and im not saying that as a bragging point, im sure numerous if not most of the people on this forum have been here since the Alpha, and there's not much improvement, All thats been added is a Satellite Map copy paste island which contains little to no variety, Two original vehicle bodies that have been copied pasted for all 3 armies, One turret body, one HMG and One static AT launcher with 3 different paint schemes. Super soldier AI that require mods to keep them from 1 shotting players in PvE. Forgive me if im expecting variety when looking at a military clash between 3 Military powers of different economic and militaristic camps.

    If the majority was happy, would there be THIS many threads bashing/ chastising the game?

    The happy people aren't on the forums as much as the pissy people. Also, if you don't like Altis you shouldn't have bought A3, because Altis is fantastic.


    They needed to meet these deadlines, so they released the game and immediately continued working on the campaign. They're working hard to get this done for us, give them a break. You don't have RIGHTS to this stuff in reality, it's like pre-ordering the next Call of Duty because they say they're going to innovate. The difference is that Activision copy+pastes, and BIS has to work hard to get it workable on release and RIGHT a month or two later.

  12. @ steamtex: Right now FAKs do indeed only heal up to a certain amount max.

    I was suggesting they don't just instaheal to 80%, but rather if a player has 100% health, and is shot down to 10% health, they use a FAK which only heals say 20-40% health right away, stops bleeding if that is added on higher difficulty, and can't heal to 81%+ health.

  13. What I love about A3:

    Graphics are simply fantastic. I prefer them easily over Battlefield 3/4's graphics, all BF has at this point is flashy lens flares.

    Physics feel a bit more real. Sure, they sometimes derp out like they did in A2, but I still love them. Driving offroad is fun now!

    Weapons feel punchy and just right. Sounds are better than in A2.

    Base content is somewhere between sweet and adequate.

    AI isn't as dumb. Still has trouble in CQC but it's getting better.

    Altis is fuckin' gorgeous! So many unique places, so little time!

    Underwater content is nice, and the seafloor looks sweet when the sun beats down on it.

    The cons:

    Copypasted machineguns/AA+artillery turrets, driver position in tanks, some weapons weigh too little (Titan for example), some vehicles don't have enough ammo.


    A few new weapons for each faction, perhaps one could be an AR-16 design, a change in model for the IND/OPFOR autonomous vehicles, civilian clothes being more unique. Ambient faction module could be cool! Civilian module would spawn civvie vehicles in a radius defined in the module, or if synced to the player the module "follows" the player. Same for factions, spawn dynamic units for a specific side around the player. A unique HMG for OPFOR would be nice, and female civilians are kind of a thing we want: Mk4 battlefield distraction, woman in a bikini! :p Would be cool if woman models were added with a voice or two for West and Altian female speakers, and the women got their own animations for weapons/unique civilian clothing models. To keep anti-female-player-people from having a fit take away their weapon slots initially. Community would mod them to have weapon slots, everyone's happy.

  14. I'll toss in my thoughts on the letter.


    I feel like overall, the way movement works in ArmA3 is a great step forward. The only thing I disagree with is how the soldiers feel weightless, and don't start sprinting a bit slower then speed up as they continue running, but I have no other gripes.


    I think the main problem is how some things are too light. Otherwise, I love the new inventory.


    FAKs should, in my opinion, only heal some of the player. Let's say he has 100HP. The FAK item should, in my opinion, heal him back to 80HP max, and only heal a total of 40HP. And it would be interesting if, on higher difficulties, players would bleed as they take damage and the FAK would only stop the bleeding.

  15. Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to start with civilian models with their own animations, and a voice or two, perhaps MAKE animations for weapons and the like, but to start don't give them weapon slots. Then, the community will give them weapon slots, probably, and BIS would sort of indirectly avoid the topic since the community would technically be the ones who made it usable.

  16. You can't loot FAKs in my missions. FAKs don't exist in my missions. Not on the enemy. Not on the player. It took every bit of 10 seconds to write a snippet that returns all units on the map and takes away their FAKS. Vehicles included. Add in one of the few first aid / revive (bleedout) scripts currently available and you're good to go in that aspect.

    It's very simple. If you don't like FAKs then take them out of your missions or don't play missions with FAKs. There's seems to be this fear that someone else will use the FAKs or put them into their missions. That's just silly. And if that isn't the case, then why worry so much about FAKs? Worry about what and how you play, don't worry about what others do. I don't see the need for concern regarding FAKs.

    THAT'S THE POINT I'M TRYING TO MAKE! If you don't like FAKs, disable them in your missions, and the problem is solved!

  17. Oh right because you know sequels aren't about moving forward from what was achieved, it's about moving backwards.

    Also FYI in OA BIS has stopped adding any new content in patches and in A2 it was only AH64. Even without AH64 ArmA2's library is much much bigger and more varied than ArmA3 with its two APCs and two turrets.

    First of all, you're implying UNITS AND GUNS ARE THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. The two devs that were imprisoned in Greece were working on Altis, so that ended up delaying their efforts. What has BIS been working on, you ask? Altis, Stratis, control improvements, but mostly Altis. And in regards to your signature - that only applies if you have found an unlimited source of first aid kits. Last I checked, FAKs aren't unlimited.

  18. But he has some good points tbh.

    The post may be abit "over the top" but he is spot on all the issues in the game currently.

    Fingers crossed for future updates.

    Good reading mate, i agree with about 80-85% of it.

    Over the top? That's a huge goddamn understatement! I think A3 needs work but the OP sounds spoiled from all the content A2+OA, A1, and OFP:CWC+R offered after TONS of patches! The only MAJOR things that rustle my jimmies in A3 are the lack of women, the civilians looking like tourists, lack of a unique GMG/HMG for each faction, T-100, and lack of aircraft.

  19. I know everyone seems to be having a FIT about ArmA 3, but seriously, folks. Why? It's not like ArmA 2's launch was any better, since the campaign in A2, while there, was a ridiculous mess. Have some faith, BIS will deliver. They've supported most every game much longer than anyone who buys an Activision or EA game could hope for. What, is there some kind of secret group that is paying people to post negative-only topics on the forums? If there is, TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE SO I CAN GET SOME DOSH AS WELL. ಥ_ಥ