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  1. laverniusregalis

    Arma 3 Region Restriction

    Yes, yes, let the hate flow through you.
  2. laverniusregalis

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    It's all harder than you think it is. But, they're still working on it, and the only massive difference so far between ArmA2 and 3 was that this time they didn't just update stuff from the previous games enough for people to mostly ignore it, and they also ended up doing an odd kind of 2025-tech thing.
  3. laverniusregalis

    Vehicle variety & copy paste

    Except for that part where the camera was hilariously broken inside of vehicles...
  4. laverniusregalis

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    I am impressed. Very impressed.
  5. laverniusregalis

    So, where the F£$€ is my nice new aircraft?

    Seriously, OP? You're supposed to get your gear at the armory and then drive to the hangars and hop in your jet.
  6. It does not. There is a new showcase for aircraft which is surprisingly similar to a mission I made back when Altis was first released, though.
  7. laverniusregalis

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    So, BIS tries to do something different besides just a few improvements and some new islands from game to game, with mostly recycled/upgraded content like OFP->A1, A1->A2. Instead of being interested in how it turns out, people are still acting like the only saving grace for this game will be mods, and that BIS is now EA.
  8. laverniusregalis

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    We can speculate, though. Lend-lease, perhaps? The US force on Altis and Stratis all seem to be rather oddly equipped with quite a few different vehicles/weapons seeming to be lend-lease.
  9. laverniusregalis

    Realism in player models.

    In short, you want new faces that look younger?
  10. laverniusregalis

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Just noticed the new M2A4 Slammer UP. It's awesome. 12.7mm HMG on top of the turret, finally.
  11. laverniusregalis

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    The performance in ArmA3 is better for me than in ArmA2 Chernarus... Also, the setting is a matter of taste. I hate deserts with a passion. But, if the AH-64 and deserts are your thing,
  12. laverniusregalis

    Arma 3 like CnC

    Probably, with some modding it could work quite well. Resource system is already in, maybe we can make a sort of system not unlike Warfare where certain buildings, if built by Zeus for resources, allow Zeus to 'train' new units.
  13. laverniusregalis

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Sync a Zeus GM to a soldier, sync a "set editing costs" to the GM module. You can use the "ping Zeus" button to switch.
  14. On the whole, it'll probably be easy now.
  15. laverniusregalis

    Adapt: the supply convoy

    I took two explosive charges, planted them about ~50-75 meters apart, and when the Ifrits were just about on top of them I detonated them. It damaged the truck enough that if we had waited longer to repair it, it would explode, but I killed the driver and quickly had it repaired.
  16. laverniusregalis

    Tipping point mission

    People have trouble with this mission? I just hug the beach and keep running.
  17. laverniusregalis

    Signal Lost: Great Mission or Mean Spirited?

    The first time I tried, I got flanked by the road patrol, they broke my legs, and then killed me. But, I completed the mission my next try by
  18. laverniusregalis

    Any way to disable head bob entirely?

    I never even notice it after turning it all the way down. Also, I don't think there's any way to further reduce it. If it's still nauseating, something is wrong.
  19. laverniusregalis

    Rate the second episode!

    It was the one where E: just finished the whole episode. Who are you, mister Miller? WHO ARE YOU REALLY?
  20. laverniusregalis

    Patrol Missions

    I know on Altis you can do some little side-missions by going on patrol...
  21. laverniusregalis

    Rate the second episode!

    You got to kill a character who you play as in a showcase. I approve.
  22. laverniusregalis

    Complete sandbox experience - not there yet

    You know we can smash out the lights in street/floodlights right? Also, no kidding it isn't finished, it's made by BIS.
  23. laverniusregalis

    What Difficulty settings do you use?

    Regular with multiple saves.
  24. laverniusregalis

    VILAS addons release thread

    There are a very vocal minority of people who are acting like children about the whole thing and think their work will be stolen and that modding should stay free. Not realizing that with 500,000 euros at stake meaning I can guarantee there would be a myriad of checks and balances, and that the contest is completely optional, and that there are only 7 possible winning entries. Nobody is going to steal your work, and if they do they'll be brought down.