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  1. Does anyone know what file the Arsenal loadouts are saved to? I'd like to know so I can organize them better.
  2. laverniusregalis


    Still the wrong place.
  3. No patches applied, I downloaded AllInArmaStandalone_2014_03_02 via gameupdates.org https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2659902/editor.pbo Perhaps that's the problem? I'd suggest making a new updated torrent with all the patches applied.
  4. arma3_2014-08-04_12-37-30.rpt http://pastebin.com/V0VcNUKe
  5. Getting an error in the main menu: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A1/Single.StandardSound'. Getting an error and crash when I try to load maps for the editor: Include file ca\editor\data\scripts\dikCodes.h not found. Any ideas on how to fix?
  6. laverniusregalis

    Female character models

    As I said before: Why is Altis full of only men?
  7. laverniusregalis

    Female character models

    It's because Altis is a goddamn sausage-fest, okay?
  8. laverniusregalis

    Saved Arsenal loadouts location?

    Alright looks like it's stored in the <profilename>.vars.Arma3Profile file. Now if only I could read a thing from it.
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    thx bohemia can t play anymore with my friends !!

    Somehow I think this is your fault, not theirs. No offense.
  10. laverniusregalis

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    Remote control function stops working if you don't use it for an extended period of time. Also if the mission goes on for long enough the end mission/ordinance functions also stop working.
  11. laverniusregalis

    Bohemia on the right way with Arma 3?

    FYI I'm pretty sure your legs can still be broken in ArmA 3.
  12. laverniusregalis

    User Mission Request Thread

    Lots of these requests probably suit Whole Lotta Altis or DUWS...
  13. laverniusregalis

    Zee Identity Pack

    Do women normally wear lipstick into combat?
  14. I'd be down for that.
  15. Isn't the NATO we see on Stratis and Altis supposed to be badly equipped/ a reserve unit? That could explain the equipment differences and the dialogue about the Hunters being ancient scrap metal. But I usually play AAF/CSAT so I don't have a big opinion. Still whenever I do play NATO, I prefer the SF helmets. I kinda dig the one with the hex pattern all over it. Blends well with CSAT uniforms so if I want to look a bit less future-y I can just use it instead of the Protector helmet.
  16. I guess this is the right place. Looking for quite a few (10+) voice actors with good quality mics who can do Greek accents. Message me on steam or PM me.
  17. laverniusregalis

    Female character models

    Do go on.
  18. YES. It's like I'm having a seizure now.
  19. laverniusregalis

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    No, they're still being silly about "YOU ONLY GET THIS FEATURE WITH GOOD PERFORMANCE IF YOU USE AN NVIDIA CARD OTHERWISE YOU'LL HAVE 5 FPS WHEN IT'S IN USE". I have to cut out a bit of pausing I did, but my editing software is being stupid. Might take a bit longer than I expected.
  20. laverniusregalis

    revamped the CSAT PLZ !! :(

    I swear, if you people get the OPFOR uniforms changed somehow... There's a reason I play OPFOR: I might not like the Farsi (Russian best OPFOR voice in game) but I love the uniforms. They're properly baller, even if a bunch of people are yelling about them. Let's be honest: ArmA3 plays like a smoother ArmA2, but it just has a different cosmetic look. Big deal, enemies have a different uniform than what you're used to and use the KH2002. Big. Deal.
  21. True, that was only present in those showcase levels so far. I want to see another good tank mission series like what we had in Cold War Crisis.
  22. laverniusregalis

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    I started a YouTube channel recently, I'll tackle it real quick on my alt account.
  23. What? Patrols had vehicles, as well as the last few missions. Not as much as I wanted but it's still there.
  24. laverniusregalis

    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    I really want to like ArmA 2 more, but I just can't stand the blandness of how it looks, the terrible animations, and how robotic soldiers feel. I can actually do something in 3, but in 2 I feel like I'm disabled somehow all the time.
  25. laverniusregalis

    Bootcamp / VR Discussion (dev branch)

    Loving it all so far, just hope for some more apparel and weapons to use with the virtual arsenal and whatnot. Perhaps an expansion on the side mission system that's in the first two chapters of the main campaign?