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    What's wrong with my description.ext?

    Trying it now. Yep, it worked. I feel dumb now.
  2. It's probably something stupid I overlooked, but I just started working on a mission and wanted to give each soldier an identity. When the description.ext is in my mission folder, I get an error which tells me I'm missing a ' } ' at one of the last lines. I didn't get this error before trying to add identities, what's going on? http://pastebin.com/V6V1Mwe8
  3. laverniusregalis

    A2 vehicles a solution or A3 lack of content?

    1. DayZ is the plague of the ArmA series, when I played ArmA zombies were mod units you placed on Sahrani for the INDFOR faction. 2. He didn't even mention that. He meant the coilgun tank T-100 that BIS axed and smart munitions.
  4. laverniusregalis

    A2 vehicles a solution or A3 lack of content?

    We need to mix it up. The people who want to stay in 2010? Hell with them. I think it's time we move forward. Each game so far covers a different time period: Cold War Crisis? 70s, 80s. A1/2/OA? 80s-2010. A3 jumps forward a bit, I welcome it. NATO doesn't tout AR-15s everywhere they go. There are other countries in NATO besides the US, don't you know? If you're having such a hard-on for 2000-tech, wait for the next ACE mod to be released, and that'll take care of your concerns. Sorry, ranting. I'm kind of angry BIS axed the railgun tank.
  5. laverniusregalis

    Relax... just breath...

    The devs will deliver, don't be so harsh on them, hooligans. Release dates are why it's happening over time like this.
  6. laverniusregalis

    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    I would like each faction to have at least one transport, attack, and fighter aircraft, but it won't make me cry. Personally, I was getting damn well SICK of using the 1970-2010 tech, it's just getting so bland.
  7. laverniusregalis

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    Interesting. Just a thought that popped into my head: When you're in first person view and look through the optics while using a holographic sight, maybe the crosshair on the sight could be moved forward slightly, giving it that effect you're talking about.
  8. laverniusregalis

    Iranian troops need to be heard!

    The game is fricking fictional. Not everything about the storyline has to go directly from what's happening today, it's not like there's an airbase on Agios Efstratios in real life, is it? What if a different president was elected in the ArmA 3 storyline?
  9. laverniusregalis

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    Yeah, I'm getting sick of lugging around AR-15s and AK- weapons and only seeing the Abrams and T-90 as tanks, and Longbow as chopper. Time for a change, I welcome the RAH-66, new tanks, and MX weapons.
  10. Is this possible? I need a trigger to activate when a player is no longer in a specific vehicle.
  11. So the Titan should be..... noticeable, to say the least? :V
  12. I found that they're much more likely to function properly and show up on the in-game map if they're placed very close to the 'create task' module they're synced to. Just something I noticed...
  13. laverniusregalis

    Why no NVG in Night showcase?

    If you want it so much, dePBO the mission and add the NVGs and suppressor to the init file so you can optionally equip them during the briefing.
  14. If you want something simple, to play the sound-track, I prefer making a trigger, setting the condition to 'true', and setting the effect to be the track which you want to play. Always cool to rock out to 'ON THE ROAD' while inserting via heli.
  15. I'm making an armored mission, and I want to set the mission up to fail if three or more of the player's Marshall APCs are destroyed. Is this possible?
  16. I'm not sure how to do this yet. Is there a way to make a briefing constructed with Intel modules show before the mission starts?
  17. laverniusregalis

    ArmA 3: Module briefing show before mission start?

    Thanks, that fixed it. Next up: Find an easier way to make .PAA images...
  18. laverniusregalis

    ArmA 3: Module briefing show before mission start?

    I tried exporting my mission and playing it from Scenarios, but it still won't show the briefing.
  19. laverniusregalis

    ArmA 3: Module briefing show before mission start?

    Yeah, can't figure out how to do it when using Module briefings and tasks.
  20. laverniusregalis

    How would I create this mission?

    Spawn a chopper for your faction, such as an AH-9 Prawnee. Spawn a module: Support Provider - CAS Helicopter (not virtual) and sync the Prawnee and CAS module together. Spawn a Support Requester, sync it to the player. Then sync the CAS Helicopter module to the Requester module. You should be able to call for the chopper then. I haven't found out how to call for reinforcements like in the Supports showcase yet, but I've found the next best thing: Spawn a trigger, set it to 'switch', set it to activate on Radio Alpha or similar. Then give your reinforcement unit a waypoint about 5 meters in front of them. Sync the switch radio trigger to the waypoint, then lay down several more waypoints for your unit. When you start, the unit will move to the first waypoint and wait. Activating Radio Alpha will cause the unit to finish the waypoints you've laid, allowing you to delay their advance until you like.
  21. I'm trying to make a mission where BLUFOR are attacking at night, and I want a patrolling Ifrit to stop its patrol and drive to the Transmitter Tower in Agia Marina whenever a trigger goes off. Is this possible? And if so, how would I do it?
  22. laverniusregalis

    Size of final map.

    Holy crap. I can't wait for A3 to release, just one more reason to be giddy for it
  23. laverniusregalis

    Why no NVG in Night showcase?

    Well, geez, the enemies in the night showcase are blind as bats for me, it's a fairly easy mission...