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  1. Update #3 If you're looking for a unit that is active on a weekly basis for just a few mission here and there then you should join us! Our community is very friendly to new players and patient. I am very grateful for the community we have. CzCn ArmA has an understanding and democratic administration. All members are entitled to a vote when it concerns them. One of our members has begun recording our activity and will be creating content for our channel so if you'd like to see yourself in action on youtube you may want to sign up! Join our brotherhood as we go through hell and back, providing protection to those who are too weak and aid to those who need it. We have adopted ArmA 3 into our future plans using the same milsim behavior. Go to our forums to register now and partake in our activities.
  2. CAWG is filled up! 490th has its first Air Crew filled up! 261st Now needs you! Our dedicated server is now running and final touches are being made to assure quality gameplay! Join now by registering at our forums! Link:
  3. New informational video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nQbIROdhRc
  4. Update #2 Our Operator roles are almost all filled up. We have about 2 slots remaining so if interested in SF operations join up now! Our CAWG now has 6 members and we do 1 operation weekly. We are looking into getting a dedicated server for our MSO's. Still many spots open for our reg infantry and SF aviation branches. If you are interested but unsure how to acquire all the mods we use I can personally walk you through it and get you set up within an hour. PM me if interested and I can get you set up ASAP
  5. Group name - [CzCn] Crazy Cannuks ArmA Milsim Group Squad names within Crazy Cannucks - 490th SOAS, CAWG, 1st Battalion 261st Queens Infantry Regiment nicknamed "Crazies" *All 3 open for application* Check out our BI Forum thread here! Timezone/location - Eastern Group gamemode preference - Co-Op/MSO Contact email - bvops@hotmail.com Website address - http://czcnarma.enjin.com/home MSO's will revolve around 490th SOAS, Canadian Asymmetric Warfare Group (CAWG) Operators, 1 Infantry Regiment - C Coy/1st Battalion - 261st Queens Infantry Regiment (nickname: Crazies or Crazy Cannuks) Therefor callsign will sometime vary but company and battalion numbers will remain the same with he exclusion of Operator Groups. Check us out! We're new and looking for applicants so if you're looking for a fresh start and easy ranking, now would be the time to apply!
  6. ACR Coop Missions Pack

    These are pretty cool, its unfortunate not many people like to play ACR...
  7. ** UNDERGOING MASSIVE RECONSTRUCTION ** The majority of our gameplay is single missions that usually last anywhere from 30m - 2h. Giving mission makers the chance to test out their creations and giving each member a chance to command a mission so that they may move up to more important roles in MSO's. Who are we? This group is for moderately to very serious milsim players. HOWEVER! We are noob friendly. Constantly busy and finding it hard to fit in time for ArmA? No Problem! We are busy man friendly! We understand life can get busy. We will be offering courses to help you better your experience. and contribution on the field if so needed such as JTAC, Med-Tech, Rotary Pilot and much more. Group Info Group: We play a multitude of gamestyles such as: 1. MSO's, Last no longer then 3 weeks 2.COOP missions for variety and map changes. These are short missions that are accessible on the server 24/7 while an MSO is not in operation. 3.TVT (Team Vs Team) Otherwise known as PVP gives our members a chance to blow off steam against one another and practice our skills against human players. These TVT missions are included in the 24/7 Single missions that run when an MSO is not operational. ACE + ACRE: Utilized Timezone: Eastern Main language: English Apply here: Mods We use a collaboration of mods which can be collected through PlayWithSix easily by searching for our server name and creating a collection of the mods the server runs. Installation is fast and easy. Multiple officers are willing to help you with the process! A guide to installing our mods can be found here: http://czcnarma.proboards.com/thread/16/czcn-arma-mod-install-guide If you are going to apply you must: 1. Be above the age of 17 and own ArmA2 + OA. (If you are 16 a TS interview is mandatory) 2. Have TS3 3. Download and Install the mods required for compatible gameplay. 4. Have a mature understanding of milsim or will to learn. Military tactical knowledge is a bonus! Apply here: