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  1. Hello iam long fan of Invasion but there is one thing what i hate and i would like if there is any chance DELETE THE DAMN EXPLOSION BLAST RADIUS BS that you can knock out somebody through the Solid building ,would welcome any response but this things its really geting on my nerves
  2. ShiftyzZ-98

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Thanks iam happy somebody is with me lets hope we will see something like this ...because it will be Awesome if you playing ACE or something and one of your guys Step on IED and the guy was Medic ..And after some time you will just see 2 Blackhawks from what will jump out PJs :D
  3. ShiftyzZ-98

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Hello Yura i really like your Blackhawks and i respect if you dont have even time to answer on this idea :I just have one request ,cant you kinda Eddit the MH-60L in tho US Air Force Combat Medevac (its like Medevac with 50.cals as gunner [that thing i will really welcome 50.cals] what is transporting PJs in to hot zones and picking up injured people from battle ...There is Video like what i mean it :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH5ET974CCc
  4. Just if somebody can spoiler me how it will be with glider ?...if it will be somehowe liftable thanks by C-47 or just in editor you can just spawn it "Flying" ?
  5. Two maybe stupid questions :1) Cant be somehow edited I44 like if it will supporst Squad.xml ? (too see logo on Jeep or tank etc) 2)Cant be added like some special section with MP armband and to Airborne uniforms Medic Armband ..i would really welcome this ....as big fan and player Invasion 1944
  6. and M1919A4 its same like M1919A6 (A6 Paratrooper version..missing Stock and Bipod)
  7. If will be in new Update the Gliders..would i be scary about if i will hit a tree with wing ,if i will explode or the wing will "cut of "..second thing about gliders..did you maked Glider like only you much set in Flying or you maked the Glider will be attached to C47 or orther plane ?
  8. Will be in 2.7 more Armors ? like:M7 priest,Wolverine,Grille...etc. ?
  9. ShiftyzZ-98

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Can you pls Upload somehow in LEA(loadout) or write Classname of the Norinco M14 ? i love this weapon
  10. PacUK do you will put in I44 the Gliders what was been on pictures ? (or maybe is in it but i didnt found it )