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  1. Later that night the killed person was found and made it straight to next day news @IFA3_lite_AIO EXTRA
  2. Lythium Map, Spartans Six MK14, Hidden identity V3. Millitary Gear Pack (Tier 1),
  3. First time with Photoshop ROAST ME. Private addons, Military gear pack, TRYK
  4. ShiftyzZ-98

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    How did i got here ? Never heard about this topic, Thanks @Laqueesha
  5. Give me smokegrenade and it will look like stuff you really cant do in Arma :D Mods: RCMP vehicles (not sure if legit ..was laying around on Steam Workshop)
  6. Zigaretten ? WW2_units, IFA3Life, mushroom cigpack, Custom "camo" face
  7. (I know, the mask is no use without gloves but i used what i could ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) (And yes i could use IFA3 for gloves) US Smocks, US Military mods (90s,80s), RH M4/16, Hidden Identity, RHS, GK Hummve retex, Pook camo
  8. RHS,Bnaes weapons, Isladuala,Aspis retexture,Millitary gear pack, private addons
  9. ShiftyzZ-98

    [WIP] Static animations pack

    How you mean use ?
  10. RHS,VSM,75th Rangers,OP4, custom anims,
  11. IFA3, FOW, Custom poses by me Sadly few failed pictures
  12. Contractor group ran into an ambush RHS, VSM, NIarms, RH M4/M16, TRYK, private addons
  13. VSM, TRYK, (The AK is RHS! custom retexture)
  14. VSM, SMA, 75th rangers, TRYK, private addons Iam back from the dead (AKA, end of afternoon shift)
  15. SOTG operator practicing fire from Unorthodox positions Bounding Mods used:VSM,SOTG,Direones animation pack and few private addons
  16. I would like to call this album "Operator Operating Operationally" thx Ditch :P VSM,RH Pistols,SMA, private addons.
  17. ShiftyzZ-98

    [WIP] Static animations pack

    i just messed up my Blender somehow, can somebody help me and tell me how the hell can i get rid of the triple evil views on bottom?