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  1. Running a dedicated server and since the update, no one can connect with mods enabled. Instead of the server showing green status, or a key if it had a password, it just shows red. If we all disable all mods we are running, we can connect to the server. I have re-installed the server numerous times. This has all occured since they released the latest update with the heli DLC.

    My server provider cannot see the problem either. Never had this before.


  2. Arma 2 I will forever use JSRS. I did use JSRS in A3 however leaning way more towards SOS. I don't want to compare as they are both good in there different ways, however for me I like the realistic feel SOS gives over JSRS. JSRS to me is a sound mod for the game where as the SOS feels like a realistic sound mod for the game, if that makes sense.

    Still, both good :) Looking forward to future updates Bigpickle and great job so far.

  3. or if you have time you can try reinstalling the system. just don't forget to backup your data:)

    Oh man, If I can avoid that at any cost, way to much on here.

    Now, a lil update, we're getting somewhere. I installed this http://news.softpedia.com/news/Download-Free-Media-Feature-Packs-for-Windows-7-SP1-RTM-N-KN-186490.shtml and now I can load the game up. Now hear's the tricky part to explain. I can see the whole menu, however my cursor disappears exactly half way down the screen O.o. So for example I can see the Exit tab in game but I can't click it, my cursor doesn't show. The Bohemia logo is cut in half as well, as my screen is only displaying half. Messed up.

  4. OK I'm going to try safe mode and I have just tried mediaplayer classic and still not luck with that. I looked at that link as well and that is the media feature pack for the 32bit, I'm on the 64bit. Windows 7 Ultimate N x64 is my OS.

    Just to add to my last post, I said that this thing would never install, there must be a way but I meant so far it has never installed. I re-read it and it sounded a bit uhm yeh, the way I phrased it.

  5. try reinstalling windows media player, maybe that will help

    I'm on the N version of Windows 7. I don't have windows media player and the amount of times I've tried to download that from Microsoft and other sites, just doesn't happen. I'm also aware that the download for that for my version of windows is the Windows media feature pack, which just does not install at all, ever. It's annoying.

    Give you an example http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=16546 That will NEVER install on my system. It simply hangs for hours, longest I have left it for was 10 hours and didnt move at all. Don't know why, just wont have it and so many others I've seen having the same problems with it as well on various forums. Seems like a dead end for that lol

  6. What file was missing? Please give some info so we can help you fix it.

    OK so I installed the game and tried to launch via steam, the little steam window flashed up and then closed. I then tried to load the game from the TKOM.exe and it told me I was missing the WMVCore.DLL. I already had that file on my system. I had this issue yesterday for a while so thought I would try find a new version of that file. I did, and it got me a little further when I loaded up the game via TKOM.exe with a new file that was missing, which was WMASF.DLL. I downloaded that file and did the install of it as required.

    I have also done steam restarts, system restarts, re-installed the game multiple times, re-installed the game to another directory and also done the "Verify integrity of game cache" via the options in the steam library. I also added a ticket yesterday for this issue.

    Now I have done that the game loads with just a black screen, no sound or anything, just a black screen :(

    On a side note, I would like to add a thanks for the support, it's more annoying that I want to play so badly lol and not mad at the devs, all help is appreciated and I'm aware this will take time to overcome these issues as an early release.

  7. I tried what you mentioned Shadows however nothing for changed for me. I was playing around yesterday with the file I was missing, found a new one and seems to load up, problem now is all I get is a black screen. This is annoying now, so I'm going to sit this one out until some patches or whatever come our way. Nothing more I can do.