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  1. Jalio

    Game not launching

    Same here, to be fair the game has literally just come out lol, maybe giving it a few hours may help, awh I know I'm desperate to :(
  2. Jalio

    Game not launching

    Thanks, just edited my last post. I do have the DLL on my PC. Still doesn't load. I've submitted it to the tracker.
  3. Jalio

    Game not launching

    I can't start due to being on Windows 7 Ultimate N. I'm missing the WMVCore.DLL from my computer. Meh, I've had this problem so many times with other things on my PC. I also do have WMVCore.DLL on my PC.
  4. Ooh it even has Steam Achievements :D ---------- Post added at 14:27 ---------- Previous post was at 14:24 ---------- Go to your Steam library and then activate product. You'll see it there somewhere however I use a different Steam skin so mines a bit different to the standard, but that is the tab you want.
  5. I'm about to start the tea drinking ^^
  6. I've already recommended this game to nearly everyone I know, well to those who play games that is.
  7. Count me in for that! in fact a few have mentioned that in the Arma 3 forums as well, many would like to see this. And thank you Dram for the reply.
  8. Awh now that would be good! Just imagine :)
  9. Such a fantastic mod, thank you for all the hard work!
  10. Pre-ordered a few days ago now. Can't wait. Look's really good so thank you for the effort :)
  11. Jalio

    WIP British Infantry

    Great stuff, pic looks mint.
  12. Jalio

    pop up targets

    Great, many thanks.
  13. Jalio


    Thank you :)
  14. Jalio

    British Forces WIP

    Nice Bigpickle. Any chance of RIFLES patches being done? or for my former Battalion 1 RIFLES which is the 3 Commando Dagger? LIke this https://www.dropbox.com/s/608cyrguanp0xjx/394083_10150514870591066_629401065_11100379_325435923_n.jpg Anyway good to see British things entering the scene.
  15. Jalio


    Thank you. Was using it and started to crash about an hour and a bit ago.
  16. I agree, however any chance of doing one with and without respawn/revive. So one of each? If not then it doesn't matter, still a great mission and still enjoy playing it. :)
  17. Would be awesome if this pulled off xD
  18. I played it, it's good but any chance to get a respawn in it?
  19. Jalio

    Compass + Watch Enlarger

    Thank you, so helpful :)
  20. Thanks, off to test this out now. Sounds good.